It's a bit of a tricky question. Currently there are 4 Starter Sets, a Two-Player Starter Set and 5 full expansion sets released for Star Wars Destiny. The game is advertised as a Collectible Card Game (CCG), which essentially means that when you buy a booster pack it will be randomized what cards you will pull from the pack. If you are a collector at heart then Star Wars Destiny is not going to be cheap, although not nearly as expensive as some other Collectible Card Games such as Magic the Gathering.

There are currently 900 cards printed.



It depends on what you want! For the purpose of advising you on your next purchases, we'll be using 4 categories:

The CASUAL PLAYER is here defined as someone who likes to play once in a while. Maybe you would like a deck or two for you and your group of friends to pull out in between roleplaying sessions or as an alternative to long boardgame evenings. You are probably not going to play more than a couple of games a month, and there might even be longer in between.

If that is an apt description for you, then our recommendation is to buy 2 copies of the TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET, maybe add 10 assorted Booster Packs. That should leave you with 95 cards and at least 4 different characters, which will easily be enough for you to construct two full decks with just enough variety to make it fun. You could then swap decks in between every game. If you are confused about some of the Booster packs being black and others white, then read our introduction to "Rotation & Cycles" in Star Wars Destiny.

If you are a REGULAR PLAYER, you've probably gotten addicted to the game, and like to play regularly, maybe once per week in your Local Game Store. Maybe you already invested in the TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET, and you realize that the limitation to what decks you can build, and how powerful they are, is starting to bother you. You want more possibilities, and would like to be able to build several strong decks on a weekly basis.

The first recommendation would be to start off by looking at the secondhand market. In any game there will always be a fluctuation of players leaving the game and new players entering the game. That's just how it is. Securing a larger collection, even if it's not a full collection with every single card released, you might still secure a nice base of cards that you can use. The advantage of buying on the secondhand market, and in particular if you buy collections is that you'll often get a hefty discount compared to if you had to buy the same amount of cards in Booster Packs. On top of that you know exactly what you get. No surprises! You can always buy Singles, either from Stores or individuals to secure those specific cards that was not included in the collection you purchased. Start on the various Facebook pages dedicated to sale and trade of Star Wars Destiny cards.

If it didn't work out finding a collection for sale at a reasonable price, then you could go to your Local Game Store and pick up some Booster Displays. A full display holds 36 Booster Packs and are normally sold at a discount compared to buying individual Booster packs (if you don't want the full 36 booster packs, maybe sharing a display with a friend could be an option). We recommend that you only buy cards from the newest cycle of cards, which is currently the Legacies cycle (which can be recognized by the predominantly white packaging). If you don't know about cycles in Destiny, then you can read our guide here.

For a wide selection of cards, we recommend that a regular player buys around 4 Booster Displays, which would be 720 cards in total. The two current expansions in the Legacies cycle are both excellent value for money. 4 Displays: 2 Legacies and 2 Way of the Force, are probably going to cost you around 400$ (dependent on where in the world you are located). On top of this it could be an idea to buy 2 each of the new Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker Starter Set as well as the Rivals Draft Set. This is obviously quite an investment by now, so if this is the route you're going, you might want to make sure that there are a group of players that regularly play in your local area.

Some of us are COLLECTORS by heart, and no matter what game you've ever played, you just need every single carded printed. If that's you, then things look a bit different for you. We'll give you the same advice as we did for the regular player. Start out by looking at the secondhand market, and consider if it would be a possibility for you to buy a collection. That'll be a good starting point for your new collection. Then add singles for the cards that were not included in your collection.

An expansion set, i.e. Way of the Force, is normally 160 cards, split into 4 different rarities:

  1. COMMON (144 / 57)
  2. UNCOMMON (36 / 43)
  3. RARE (30 /43)
  4. LEGENDARY (6 / 17)
The YELLOW numbers in the brackets after the rarity indicate how many cards of each type, YOU WILL RECEIVE in a full Booster Display. The numbers in BLUE indicates how many of the given rarity are in the entire expansion.

The Collectors we've have spoken with, have reported that they in average purchase 6 Booster Displays of a new expansion, and that will give them ALMOST an entire play set, that is 2 of EACH common/uncommon/rare/legendary, and then normally they'll miss some legendary cards that can then be traded with their spare legendary cards or simply bought as singles.

COMPETITIVE PLAYERS, although some of them are also collectors, generally don't care about which cards they have in their collection. Some of them don't own a collection, but rather a box of cards which is not really sorted out in any way. The co-host of the YOUR Destiny Podcast, Mads Utzon, is your archetypical competitive player. Mads has never bought a single Star Wars Destiny Booster Pack, yet has won almost every major tournament he's participated in. Mads, as is the case for most competitive players, buys singles, and only buys the cards he need for specific decks. Sometimes he just borrows the cards from others before a tournament.


Star Wars Destiny is an amazing game! It's fun and has some brilliant game mechanics. It certainly also has its flaws, but it is still one of the best games we have played. So, from that perspective it is a great investment. From a monetary perspective it's a horrible investment. If you were to buy what we recommend above, whether you are a casual, regular or competitive player, you'd probably not be able to recoup all your spendings from a sale.

With the principle of "Rotation & Cycles" in mind, then also remember that by early 2019, the three first expansions: Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion and Empire at War will only be playable in Infinite Format!


The cheapest way to get cards that you don't own, but feel that you need for a particular deck, is to trade with friends or other people from your local play group. You can also see out some of the Facebook pages that we linked to above, where single cards are not only sold, but also traded. Normally, there will be collectors with loads of commons and uncommons that they'll either give away for free or almost free, and Destiny singles bar Legendary cards are quite inexpensive.

It's always difficult to evaluate the value(s) of cards, but most Star Wars Destiny players use the Chance Cube Price Watch, which is a collated price list from stores around the US and a few outside as well. It's a good indication as to the "market price" of a given single. It says absolutely nothing about the actual value of a card.


There are so many things that can purchased for a game like Star Wars Destiny. Sleeves for your cards, deck boxes, dice trays, etc. It is really only the size of your wallet that will limit you. The following products are used by members of the YOUR Destiny Crew. We are not sponsored by nor do we receive benefits from them. We recommend them because we've tried and tested their products. You might not like them, but we do!

Having traveled all over the world for tournaments, I can say that Feldherr foam storage keeps your cards pretty darn safe. They also make bags that fit the foam inserts.

If you are into shiny acrylic tokens and didn't win any at a tournament, then consider the ones from Buy-The-Same-Token. They are great quality and affordable.

Normally you are required to sleeve your cards at tournaments. Dragon Shield is one of the world's largest distributor of gaming sleeves and the quality is really impeccable.

Where should I buy my cards and other merchandise that I think I need for Star Wars Destiny? You should always purchase from your Local Game Store.