The YOUR Destiny crew consists of content managers, writers and editors. Everyone working with YOUR Destiny are volunteers and do this for nothing but their love of STAR WARS and Star Wars Destiny the Collectible Card Game. We are all competitive gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts.

Claus Staal (host), Mads Utzon (co-host) and Adriana Tovar Velez (producer)

Claus Staal (commentator), Mads Utzon (commentator), Angelo Gonzalez (producer)

Claus Staal (editor, writer and designer), Kasper Juelsgaard (editor), Mads Utzon (writer), Jan Drangmeister (writer), Lake Quittmeyer (writer), Simon Willis (writer), Luke Magnuson (writer), Filippo Bosi (writer).

Claus Staal (DK), Mads Utzon (DK), Danny Adlem (UK), Sam Miles (UK), Leighton Pointer (UK), Jonathan Moss (UK), Christine Hölz (GER), David Levy (GER), Tobias Winter (GER), Jan Drangmeister (GER), Mathias Melgaard (DK), Christian Apetri (DK), Loke Andersen (DK), Marcel Jørgensen (DK), Dimitris Papadogeorgopopoulos (GRE), Miguel Vilarroya (SPA), Christoffer Wahlsten (SWE), Lake Quittmeyer (US), Simon Willis (UK).


Claus first got involved with Star Wars Destiny in the middle of the infamous "Awakenings-Shortage" time ... yes, those were dark times! Realizing there were no cards to be bought, he finally managed to procure a collection for sale. After having built his first deck, he signed up for a tournament at the Local Game Store, and alas, only 4 players showed up. After several attempts at getting a decent player base assembled for regular play, he encountered Mads Utzon, a former Magic Pro Tour player, who ran Analog Spilleklub (eng. Analog Gaming Club), ASK, together with his dad. Mads offered the club as a venue for future Star Wars Destiny gaming nights and events.

After having promoted the game a bit we finally managed to assemble 6 players for our regular Destiny Tuesday, then 8, then 12 and suddenly at the end of 2017 we were 25 players meeting up regularly. The club has had its ups and downs, but it is now the base of the YOUR Destiny Podcast crew. We record our podcasts from there, and this is where Claus and Mads are getting most of their IRL games in. ASK also served as the venue for our Destiny Christmas celebration, BBQ party - you name it!

In December 2017, Claus and Mads went to the GQ in Madrid on a hunch. Not only did Mads win the event, but we also met Christine Hoelz, David Levy, Tobias Winter and Miguel Vilarroya, with whom we kept contact. They would eventually form the foundation of our TTS test group, which we named "The European Gauntlet". The European Gauntlet has since grown and continues to do so with the best players from around Europe and beyond joining its ranks.

We are now running a podcast, a YouTube Channel, a Facebook page, a Patreon, a Twitch Channel with live streams, a Discord Channel and this website, while we've been succesfully winning tournaments in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, UK and the United States of America ... and we are not done yet! This is just the beginning of the story!


We are quite active on FACEBOOK and are posting news from the world of Star Wars Destiny and do try to respond to questions as fast as possible.

Our YOUTUBE CHANNEL is where you can find all our recorded and commented TTS games and live-streams from members of our "European Gauntlet".

Our PATREON page has articles and videos that are either released early or exclusively for our patrons! We are incredibly humbled and grateful for your support.

We record live via TWITCH on Tuesdays from our Destiny gatherings in ASK Gaming Cafe in the heart of Copenhagen. Here you can get a glimpse of the CPH meta.

SOUNDCLOUD is where you find all our YOUR Destiny Podcast episodes! If you like what you hear, why not subscribe there or on iTunes.

If you have any questions or requests you can always EM@IL us. We will try and reply as fast as possible, but we do get A LOT of mail so please be patient.

We run a DISCORD CHANNEL for our Patrons and it's the hangout for our testing group "The European Gauntlet". We also use it for our training sessions.

ASK (eng. Analog Gaming Club) is where we meet to play Star Wars Destiny in Copenhagen. It's located in the center of the city! Please come and join!