5 Cards You Should Consider For Worlds!

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OCTOBER 9, 2019.



Introduction by CLAUS STAAL

I first met Mikolaj Sikorski at the European Championship 2019 in Krákow, Poland. He was together with his team mates from Sith Order (a Warsaw based Destiny group in Poland). Throughout the tournament he kept impressing me, not just with the results of his games, but also with his super positive attitude. He in fact made the top cut at the main event as well as managing to pull a 6-0 and a 5-1 at the two Galactic Qualifier events taking place the day before the main event. That's pretty good for a young teenager!

So, when I was talking to YOUR Destiny team mate Piotr Molski to make the trip to Denmark to play at the Nordics Grand Championship 2019 and he suggested bringing Mikolaj along on the trip I was naturally thrilled. And Mikolaj definitely exceeded expectations, making it into the top4 of the main event as well as the finals of the side event on the Sunday. No doubt, one of the most talented young Destiny players out there! If you ever sit across from him at an event, be prepared for a fight to the death!

Anyways ... I asked Mikolaj to share some of his thoughts on the new evolving meta and thankfully he agreed. Here's 5 cards he thinks you should consider bringing for Worlds 2019!

1. R2-D2:

R2-D2 (support version) is one of the most powerful hero supports with an incredible Special that allows you to draw an extra card and focus another die! In ReyLo decks that little guy is a must include, where his Special can chain beautifully with cards like Niman Mastery, Kylo, Rey, Treasured Lightsaber, Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber, Ezra Bridger’s Lightsaber and Yoda's Lightsaber.

But I also think he deserves consideration in Chopper Droids decks. In those decks he'll add the benefit of still setting up the powerful C-3P0/R2-D2 combo even after your R2-D2 (character) has been defeated. Being able to spot R2-D2 keeps C-3P0's ability online, allowing you to resolve a die increasing it's value by 1, can really be clutch! It also works for your Fateful Companions plot!

Another reason why now might be a good time to include R2-D2 in your decks is that we aer seeing fewer Desperate Measures in play with decks like eJabba/Wat/Sentinel or Aphra/Wat/Sentinel/GD falling out of favour. That means that your R2-D2 investment should be relatively safe!

This card hasn't really seen any play in any decks before, mostly because it was pretty bad, but now after the new RRG, Galactic Deception (together with other Shield hate cards, i.e. Frighten or Intimidate) could become one of the best tech cards to play against ReyLo.

For 0 resources your opponents cannot give Shields to characters for an entire round which could be a game changer as it effectively wrecks an entire round for ReyLo. But this card is also great against decks using Diplomatic Protection, i.e. Ewok Swarms, or simply to negate the side effects of cards like Pacify.


Recently, in a YOUR Destiny article, Claus Staal wrote about the art of drawing cards, in which he wrote: ''If you could draw your entire deck in the beginning of a game you would win!'' - that is really true. Maybe it could be modified to, "If you could draw all the cards you need in the beginning of a game, you would win".
drawing cards set review THUMBNAILjpg
That's the first reason why I consider the Treasured Lightsaber a card that you should play. Drawing additional cards is important to a deck like ReyLo because it synergises with Luke's Protection to give additional Shields and allows you to dig deeper into your deck for mitigation or tech-cards, while also setting up its own Special.

Treasured Lightsaber is not only awesome because it replaces itself, but the die is also pretty good (as long as you can find the base Melee sides to go with it) and the Special can really be amazing in some match-ups.

Unblockable damage seems to be super important at the moment when more decks utilise Shields to keep their characters safe and 3 Unblockable damage from a Treasured Lightsaber might just be what you need to kill off a shielded character or Captain Phasma hiding behind a Riot Shield.

It also feels like Upgrade and Character dice with Specials have gained value after Niman Mastery was introduced because it makes it so much easier to trigger the Specials, and while there's no doubt that it has a pretty solid home in ReyLo decks, I'm pretty sure that the Treasured Lightsaber could fit effortlessly into a lot more decks.


Lots of articles have already been written about Kylo Ren since people realised that Kylo2/Phasma2 was a thing again due to to Phasma coming off the Balance Of The Force and the expected prevalence of ReyLo in the developing meta. Couple this with his ability being absolutely insane against monocoloured decks, since you have almost 100% chance to deal 2 damage with it, made people turn to Kylo Ren - Tormented One as their primary ReyLo tech.
Reylo imagejpg

Looking at some of the deck lists for various popular meta decks builds, here's a suggested template for using Kylo's ability and get the most out of his ability (these are of course open-ended numbers and are by no means definite, but are meant to be indicative):
Kylo Ren - Tormented One is a fast and aggressive character and he feels pretty effective against hero droid decks as he is able to hit them where they are the most vulnerable, namely when they lose a character early. If you hit with Kylo Ren's ability you can easily spike enough damage to take down a droid round 1. Phasma also feels like the ideal partner for Kylo Ren because she herself has an aggressive die and can add speed with Tactical Mastery or Seize The Day. I pretty sure that we will see plenty of this character pairing at the World Championship 2019.


As Shields or cards that block damage are becoming more popular, I also think re-examining cards that allow you to deal Unblockable Damage is needed. I particularly like I PERFORMED VIOLENCE that allows you to resolve a Character or Droid support dice showing Melee damage increasing its value by 1 and additionally making it all unblockable.

In a hero droid deck, i.e. Chopper Droids, this can easily spring a nasty surprise on your opponent by defeating a character who lacks 2 to 5 damage (not including shields). It can even be boosted by one or two Salvaged Arms. It doesn't only work well against ReyLo, but also against decks utilising Riot Shields, i.e. Kylo2/Phasma2. Lots of decks use Shields to keep low-health characters alive. I even think that it's a great tech in the mirror match.

I Performed Violence even has Ambush, so it allows you to resolve mixed damage sides as well, or set up other great combos. The upside of resolving a die increasing its value by 2 if it's a Mr. Bones die definitely should make you consider adding him to your deck as well to maximise value of it.

You obviously don't want that card in your starting hand, even against ReyLo, but it's a great finisher that allow you to defeat characters unexpectedly. It does look like support hate is less prevalent, as previously mentioned, which is another argument for running Mr. Bones in your deck. You don't necessarily have to play both, but why not.


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