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MAY 8, 2019.



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Last week, in my Wednesday column, I gave you "5 Decks I Would Play At My Next GQ", and I'll be following this up with today's list of "5 Decks I would NOT Bring to a GQ".  Expressions of darth vaderjpg
As you'll notice the list is dominated by 2-character lists, and it's not coincidental! Everything seems to indicate that the current meta is leaning heavily towards a dominance of 3wide decks and there are only but a handful of 2wides that can consistently fight it out with those crazy heavy support based decks.

I'm also using the phrase "it's fun to play, but ..." (in different variations) to describe quite a few of the decks in my list below, and while I recognise that Destiny is about having fun, then just remember that the raison d'être of this article is to identify decks that I do NOT believe can win a Galactic Qualifier. Like or dislike it ...

You'll also notice that quite a few of the lists that are mentioned are featured in the YOUR Destiny Gauntlet, which then means that even if I'm not recommending playing those lists at your next COMPETITIVE Galactic Qualifier, it's probably still a good idea to get some test games in against them - if not, you could be in for some unpleasant surprises!

The dates for the next Galactic Qualifiers taking place at a venue close to you can be found on the Fantasy Flight Games' event page:GQ eventsjpg

1. eKES/eREX:
The eKes/eRex, fast monored aggro deck is actually in the YOUR Destiny Gauntlet, but with the provision that it is not considered a tier1 deck per se, but is rather included because it does something uniquely powerful. The version listed here is actually DHaus of The Jedi Trials' version, which he recently piloted to a win at a 21 player local tournament. I tested the deck a couple of times and really enjoyed playing it, but at the end of the day it suffers from what all aggro decks suffer from: Inconsistency.

Even Kes Dameron's Action: coupled with his 2 Focus side, arguably the strongest weapons of the deck, is not enough to make it consistent enough to take down the best decks in the format. There will be games where you just dice your opponent right off the table, but do not make the mistake of thinking it the actual power level of the deck. In most games, you'll find it difficult to exceed 5 damage per round, and the payside on Kes is a real nuisance.Not card1jpg
The deck also has difficulty finding the resources to finance all its shenanigans even with Fresh Supplies and Motivate (as a flexible alternative to Logistics) in the deck.Not card13jpg
There's no doubt that Conscript Squad is what makes the deck viable as it adds speed, a decent die and makes Kes Dameron's 3 Ranged damage payside somewhat less of an eyesore! In a time where action cheat doesn't really exist anymore, Seize the Day in conjunction with Kes Dameron's 2 Focus and Action: can be what allows you to to snipe off characters and steal wins that the power level of this deck doesn't really warrant.YouTube Patreon gamejpgIf you want to see the deck in action against top tier competition then there's a liveplay video available in our Discord Channel for the YOUR Destiny Patrons!

I've played FAT Vehicles since the beginning of the Across the Galaxy meta, and while the FAT Vehicle decks are still incredibly powerful it has difficulty keeping up with the pure ramping capabilities of other 3wide decks. The inability to remove Watto's dice is a real pain, while the appearance of more and more BIG Disrupt sides can be devastating to this deck. If you can prevent it from bringing in the Millenium Falcon/Escape Craft until round 2, it loses enough steam to force it into playing catch-up for the remainder of the game.NOT CARDS5jpg
Add to this a possible surprise kill on L3-37 before you manage to get a vehicle in play and you will be absolutely wrecked ... sure, it's NOT likely to happen often, your tech cards are supposed to take care of this (and you can always bring out an N-1 Starfighter), but there have been plenty of games where I've been forced into maximising on all my dice to find the 3 Resources to bring in the Falcon.Not cards6jpg
And while the Millenium Falcon with an Escape Craft attached can be a crazy ramp engine itself, it's just a tad too slow and hits too softly, and unless you get those rounds with multiple resets firing on all cylinders, you'll often be left with loads of resources and little to use them for - or see your few damage dealing dice being mitigated. Even with the Rebel Engineer's ability to dig for the Triple Laser Turrets and R2 Astromechs, your dependency on them can at times feel extremely limiting! Not card11jpg
I'm still unsure as to which of the FAT Vehicle decks I prefer, if I were to run one (which I'm not), but I'm probably leaning towards either the Millennium Falcon or Shadow Caster - even if the Firespray-31 ramps better.not cards12jpg
Another downside, which can easily - as the meta develops - become a major obstacle, is that almost any FAT Vehicle deck basically auto lose to mill decks! Like losing CRUCIFIXION STYLE!

With the arrival of Allies of Necessity, we got ourselves a new aggro character: COUNT DOOKU - CORRUPTED POLITICIAN, and he seems the obvious replacement for Anakin Skywalker to partner up with Kylo Ren in a classic "Lightsabers Bash" deck. I've already seen a few players dabble with this pairing on TTS, and while I do agree that Count Dooku is a superior character to Anakin, with a far better die and excellent Power Action, it does nothing to sway me from my original stance on the archetype ... it's dead for now! Not cards3jpgMany of the things which I stated in my article on "The Demise of Monoblue Heroes" are directly applicable to monoblue villains as well!

Another unrelated question is whether or not Count Dooku can find other partners to make the best of his abilities!

The main problem with any kind of straight forward aggro deck (including the previously discussed monored hero version, though it runs more tricks) is that it plays too fair:
  1. Play a 2cost upgrade,
  2. Activate character(s),
  3. Resolve dice ...
  4. Claim or pass.
Star Wars Destiny is just not played this way anymore and hasn't been for almost 8 months now, and while some might long back to those hallowed days of Jedi Knights and Sith Lords swashbuckling it out for glory, today decks like this one are gimmicky, although they can be made incredibly thematic, but doesn't stand a chance against the power of 3wide rainbow. Few 2wide decks in fact do.NOT CARDS4jpg
Another thing that really hurts Kylo Ren - Tormented One is the almost total absence of monocoloured decks in the format. He could even do reasonably well against bicoloured decks, but his ability is all but nullified against rainbow decks. Losing those 2 damage per round severely limits his power level! Add to this the loss of cards like Close Quarters Assault, Force Illusion, Rise Again, Force Speed, Ancient Lightsaber, etc. courtesy of rotation and you have a recipe for the total rout of a once mighty villain.Not card10jpg
If, in a moment of insanity, you were to go with eKylo/eDooku3, I'd definitely add both Twin Strike and Treasured Lightsaber! We might live in a post-Force Illusion world, but there are plenty of Shield shenanigans going on while Riot Shields are present a plenty! Between No Mercy and Twin Strike you might be able to spring a nasty trap!YouTube Patreon League gamejpg
Check out this game from our YOUR Destiny Patron League to see eKylo/eDooku3 in action against Snoke's Unholy Trinity!

Generally, I think that Palpatine is better with Wat Tambor, even if the ePalp/eWatto version is by far the more popular of the two. I'm in principle NOT a fan of decks where one character is required to do all the heavy lifting, although Palpatine can bench press the sh*t out of your opponent! And the addition of Vader's Fist in this version - which is the same as in the YOUR Destiny Gauntlet - tries to rectify this problem by adding a support that can help carry the win even after the defeat of Palpatine. I can see how this can lead to some pretty tough choices if you draw the Fists early in a game, but they could become invaluable late game.Not card14jpg
Palpatine - Unlimited Power is very susceptible to dice removal - even if he can roll an Upgrade Ability die back into the pool with his Power Action - and relies, like many 2-character teams, on a few dice to perform well. We all know the stories of a single Force Storm completely annihilating every single opposing character out of nowhere. Don't expect that to happen in every game!

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I normally see with Palpatine decks is to clog the deck with BAD upgrades just to add that 1 health to Palpatine. I'm quite certain that's a losing strategy. Malice, no matter how you turn and twist it, is just a bad! Go for quality not just quantity!Not card15jpgWhile there are plenty of good arguments for pairing Palpatine with Watto, I thought I'd just chip in and add that being able to include Probe, The Best Defense... and Wat Tambor himself with focuses and plenty of Resource sides are not entirely bad reasons to go with a blue/red Palpatine deck! Just saying!

This was one of the first decks I put together after Convergence had landed (the deck list used here is made by Big_Campy and differs from the list we made a deck analysis of, although the premise of the decks remains the same), and it's pretty straightforward and tons of fun to play. It's fast and can output butt loads of damage ... but it's also fragile on two strands:
  1. It does basically nothing when Padmé is dead, and without her to convert all the Focus sides to Indirect damage sides, its maximum damage output is severely reduced (as in basically non-existent) and relies on very few dice (i.e. Force Wave) to deal all the damage.
  2. Despite a pretty high ceiling for damage, the actual damage output is pretty mediocre.
I find POINT 2 to be the most problematic because you have plenty of tools to avoid an early kill on Padmé including shielding up, healing and mitigating dice, while there's not a whole lot to be done about the kind of mediocre damage output of the deck.Not cards7jpg
There will of course be the games where you use Attack Run to activate a decked out Starship along with Padmé and find 11 Indirect damage straight from the get-go, but if you consider that normal, you're probably going about it wrong. More often than not you'll need to spend some of your precious focuses to maximise on the rest of your dice and often fighting through mitigation, which means you'll often average no more than 5-6 Indirect damage per round, which is actually well below average in the current meta.

Alternatives to the ePadmé/eYoda list would be ePadmé/eSaw or ePadmé/eLeia3, of which I believe the latter to be by far the most viable in particular because it performs relatively well against 3wide decks.Not cards8jpg
IF YOU DO DECIDE TO PLAY ePadmé/eYoda, then these are probably cards that should be added immediately to the deck! All of them are extremely good and has performed well in my tests of the deck! This is probably the BEST deck for Aerial Advantage!

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