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MAY 1, 2019.



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Normally, we dedicate our Wednesdays for our column on "5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny", but today I thought I'd give some brief thoughts on the 5 decks I've been contemplating bringing for my next Galactic Qualifier, which was supposed to be the GQ in Malmö (Sweden) on May 18-19! I'm writing "supposed to be" because somehow I got myself into agreeing being the Marshal for the event instead.waldojpg
Oddly enough, I had been wondering for some time who was in fact the Marshal at the GQ, since I had been writing the organisers some questions and never heard back ... anyways ... I'll be sending myself a reply soon.

The 5 decks I'll be talking about are all Standard decks, maybe I'll do a similar list for Trilogy some time next week, first of all because Standard is my preferred format, has two events at the GQ compared to one each for Trilogy and Infinite, secondly because the meta in Standard is really starting to shape up in an interesting way (AND I have no clue about where Infinite is going at the moment - honestly!).

The decks are listed in descending order, the deck I'm most likely to bring first, and while I realise that people are attending Galactic Qualifiers for many different reasons, I'm mostly (in this article) concerned with the quality of the decks comparatively in a competitive field!

Anyone who has read any of my articles since July 2018 when Way of the Force was released will know that I have been playing Snoke since that day! I do believe that Snoke's Power Action is probably due for a revision, lest we just tough it out until the next rotation, because it remains one of the strongest abilities in the game even eclipsing that of Yoda, who's pretty damn good himself.Snoke vs Yopdajpg
The thing is that it's really not JUST about Snoke (it's obviously also about him), but it's about how he enables every single character he is paired alongside! It doesn't really matter if you pair him with Doctor Aphra, DJ, Wat Tambor or Watto. Not every single deck is going to be good, but Snoke will most likely make it better. He can turn liabilities into real threats, i.e. that 1 Discard or Disrupt side which you just don't want to see on your support character, but resolved with a Snoke Power Action they become the real deal! Discarding three cards from hand? Bye bye round ...

This is probably the deck that has had most players excited (or frightened) in the beginning of the Convergence meta. It would also be my favourite to bring as one of my two decks for the Standard events at the next Galactic Qualifier ... (click the image to go to the deck analysis).3wide Snokejpg
The deck is basically the same as the one in the YOUR Destiny Gauntlet with minor cosmetic changes and it is terrifyingly strong! It does everything you need a good deck to do: It's consistent, has the potential to burst plenty of damage as early as round 1, but will probably be firing on all cylinders by round 2, while it combines the Power Action of Snoke with Watto's dice that are protected from removal by events, mixed up with 50% damage sides and access to red cards courtesy of the First Order Storm Trooper!Unholy 7jpg
It has access to all the best cards in the game, including the "Unholy Trinity" and an unparalleled event suite. In fact, if I were to pick one thing that truly makes this deck the best support deck in the format, it would be the incredibly powerful removal cards it plays! Also notice that out of 11 removal cards (not counting in the Riot Shields), 7 of those are 0 cost!!event suitejpg
That's 64% of your mitigation which is free! Add a tech cards like Probe and you have a recipe for destruction! It's difficult not to pick this deck up and sleeve it for your next event ... Ah, and remember that the Slave-1 Power Action can actually remove an opponent's Watto die (nice for those inevitable mirror matches).


Unless you already sleeved up this one! This is the deck that the YOUR Destiny patron Adam Länsberg recently piloted to a Regional win in Gothenburg (Sweden). Adam wrote a lengthy analysis of his exploits on swdestinydb. The few changes I'd make to the deck really comes down to preference and I doubt it would change much in relation to the power of the deck!3wide Talzinjpg
Do not be mistaken for a second ... this deck is a beast and can best the eSnoke/Watto/FO deck any day - even if that deck made the top of my list! It brings consistency to a totally new level, almost guaranteeing a net gain of at least 3 resources every round! Because it doubles up on Watto dice that cannot be removed by events, and adds Mother Talzin's auto-focus (you run 4 even costed cards in the deck and will be mulliganing for at least one of them) as well as Wat Tambor's Focus sides and Resource sides, you are probably going to have either double Entourage, a Vader's Fist or a Planetary Bombardment down round 1!Talzin 3widejpg
And because of Wat Tambor's Power Action you will get double use of all but Vader's Fist (but that gives you a triple resolution anyways ... so bu-hu), which means that your effective gain is through the roof!

There are so many broken interactions in place in this deck and although the mitigation suite suffers from the deck restrictions of Mother Talzin it's nonetheless a well-oiled killing machine!wat tambor power actionjpg
In this deck it makes sense dropping the third wheel of the Unholy Trinity for Planetary Bombardment as the latter is much more effective (than Megablaster Troopers) with Wat Tambor's Power Action and tops it all off with Ambush. The Planetary die is also excellent with Watto's Power Action if your first roll hits a Blank or Disrupt side. Btw. 4 Disrupt doesn't look too bad in the current meta either!

As advertised yesterday, this week is going to be a mini-tribute to Lor San Tekka, and one of the decks I've been the most impressed with is the 6dice Lor San Tekka deck ... The YOUR Destiny Patron Louis Mercier aka Strog has played this deck a bunch and already has a ridiculous win rate with it.3wide Lor San Tekka milljpg
Louis Mercier's deck analysis will be out Friday, so I'm not going to say a lot regarding this deck, other than it is pretty intimidating! The few games I've had with it so far definitely looks promising, and it could easily be the best mill deck in the current format!

One of the strongest arguments for bringing a mill deck to your next GQ is that many of the 3wide support based decks, including the ones present in this list, are pretty vulnerable to mill - and the question is whether a straightforward aggro deck like ePalp/Watto (ePalp/Wat) or eKes/eRex are fast enough to fight their way through your tons of mitigation!


A week or so ago we released the deck analysis of Aphra/Grievous/Sentinel using Armored Reinforcement to bring in an early Hailfire Droid Tank (if needed), and in that analysis I stated that my tests thus far had found the choice between bringing in an elite Grievous die vs. Armored Reinforcement inconclusive ... that has changed now! After more testing, including several mirror matches between the various setups, I find that Armored Reinforcement is NOT worth the sacrifice of the second die (and I'd ALWAYS choose an elite Grievous over an elite Aphra) - and that's been a tough one for me because I LOVE Armored Reinforcement.3wide Aphrajpg
This particular iteration of the Aphra Droids deck has been developed by YOUR Destiny patron Magnús Gunnlaugsson and it looks to be really strong! If I were considering Aphra for my next Galactic Qualifier, and I definitely would be, I'd bring this version!Talzin 3wide 4jpg
The core of the deck is of course the absolutely NUTS draw engine of Doctor Aphra as well as the ability of the Sentinel Messenger to dig even deeper into your deck for your invaluable combo cards, i.e. 0-0-0 and BT-1, topped off with General Grievous Power Action that works on almost every single dice in your deck. Because we now bring an elite Grievous, the choice on who is the primary target for your opponent (Grievous vs. Aphra) is not as straightforward - although they should probably still go for Aphra. The deck just chips away at you slowly, but consistently!

It runs a large mitigation suite and every single event is just GOOD! And although it starts at "just" 27hp across three characters, the Modular Frames coupled with Bubble Shields makes for a much larger effective health pool (up to 37hp), which can be a mountain to climb for most decks!

Recently, Jonathan Magnuson of the Destiny Council recently wrote an article on how he wanted to build a Mace Windu deck which in some funky twisted way ended up being the abnormally you can see below! You can click the image to go to his original article!2wide MacejpgJonathan has already accurately described the deck in the article, so I'm not going to add much, but will just remark that the deck is NOT that easy to play! Martin Nyström, current Nordic Champion, recently took a version of this deck to the runner-up spot at a Regional event, and while I do NOT believe it is at the power level of any of the 3wide decks presented in my list, it is incredibly fun to play and has good to ok'ish match-ups across the field.mace windujpg
The deck is nicknamed "Hero Palp" and it not difficult to see why! It uses Bacta Therapy to keep Mace Windu alive and can potentially heal 5 damage every time, while the Built to Last ensures a discount on all unique upgrades and redeploy on 8 of your upgrades meaning that Satine can even close a game on her own after the demise of Mace Windu.

This mad Magnuson deck would be one of my dark horses - and maybe your only chance of bringing Mace Windu to a competitive event and still do reasonably well!

Also a quick shout out to all our French patrons (and the French Destiny community at large) who have been going through a rough patch with Asmodee France announcing that they will not be distributing cards in neither French or English anymore in France and Belgium! YOU GUYS ROCK!liberty leading peoplejpg


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