5 Decks I'll Be Testing!

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2019.



Written by CLAUS STAAL

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games dropped their new Holocrons for the three Star Wars Destiny formats (and an article from Jeremy Zwirn explaining some of the changes) and while we knew most of the changes already, there was one small surprise in the Holocron, namely the removal of Captain Phasma from the Balance Of The Force. She's now back to her original 9/13e, which excites me a bit!

new holocronjpg

I got so excited that I immediately built two Captain Phasma decks to accompany a few others that I've put together for testing in the next week or so ...

The Holocron is effective as of October 2, 2019, but we'll be running an unofficial side event this Sunday (sponsored by YOUR Destiny) after the main event, Nordics Grand Championship 2019, and will be using the Holocron to give players a possibility of testing their new decks in a competitive environment.

Here are 5 decks I'd be trying out ... Are they any good? Testing will tell!


With CAPTAIN PHASMA - RUTHLESS TACTICIAN off the Balance Of The Force, and ReyLo looking to be one of the top dogs in the new format, she looks in a strong position to partner up with KYLO REN - TORMENTED ONE to take advantage of that. In a rainbow world Kylo Ren is pretty mediocre, but once you start going mono ... well ...

5 decks 1jpg

There are other characters that can occupy the x/13e slot, like Count Dooku, Anakin and Snoke, but that'd make you monocoloured as well, while Captain Phasma gives access to red cards and some pretty sweet cards like Counterintelligence that works well with Kylo's ability, two more 0cost mitigation cards, A Sinister Peace and Measure for Measure, while her die is still pretty dope for 13points! You should be able to reliably to take down mid-health characters round 1. It honestly feels like the core of the deck is pretty pre-made and it shouldn't take too long to settle on the 30 cards to run in this deck! It's aggro - pure and simple!

Looking a bit further for partners for the revitalised (at least hoping she will be) Captain Phasma, I'm pretty keen on trying her out with Jango Fett, who just hasn't received the love I had expected him to when he was first spoiled.

5 decks 3jpg
The deck basically follows the aggro template of the Kylo/Phasma deck, but because Jango is so good at making resources, and I include PROFITABLE CONNECTIONS, I felt that there was space for MEGABLASTER TROOPERS as well, which in turn opens up for ROUT as a powerful mitigation card. This deck aims to kill something early, possibly dropping a Megablaster Troopers round 1, which is doable if you control the Battlefield, or hit a resource side on Jango Fett, or find a BOUNTY HUNTER MASK in your starting five to accompany the troopers. Hasty Exit should probably be something else since you are not claiming often, and the upgrade package needs to be reworked, but I'm honestly just excited to take Jango Fett for another test drive.


Demetrio Bianchini recently took down the 43-man Italian Grand Championship 2019 with this awesome Plo Koon Ewok deck and while his original version ran ARENA OF DEATH as well Across the Galaxy and Short Cut, I think the deck is strong enough to survive without that Battlefield.

5 decks 2jpg
Adding in THEED ROYAL PALACE as well as a few more mitigation cards might not do the trick alone and it could require a bit more work, but I'm super excited to try it out and I love that Plo Koon is back and looking to put in some serious work in this deck. His die is pretty good and his ability is SUPER amazing with both a Hoth Trooper and two Ewoks flanking him. It looks like a very aggressive deck that can take on all comers and might even delete a character round 1.


So, back to the hero Droids. While I'm sure there's still a place for Satine Droids, I'll be testing Chopper Droids first, but since C-3P0 is now 9/11e, we'll need to move the dice around a bit to still be able to run a 5dice start, and doubling up on the C-3P0 dice is not terrible.

5 decks 4jpg

Biggest change is the addition of several supports, FICKLE MERCENARIES, HIRED MUSCLE and RESISTANCE CRAIT SPEEDER, and while you are not going to be a rich deck, you'll probably make more resources with C-3P0 and adding a bit of punch to the deck seems right. Flee The Scene is probably a goner since you are now operating at a slower pace with just two Action Cheat cards, but I'll leave them in for now to see how it plays out.

I've never been a huge Chopper fan, but I feel kind of obligated to try it out.

5. 3WIDE 4-LOM:

So, there's been a lot of talk in various discords on the merits of this 3wide 4-LOM deck, featuring all droids and a hefty 29hp. That's a lot of health! I've been avoiding the deck so far to test out other stuff, but now seems like the opportune moment to see how well it does against other decks in the format.

5 decks 5jpg

It offers plenty of powerful synergies, including gaining resources from NIGHTSISTER LAIR when you play a Downgrade, which works well with 4-LOM's ability, and also with the Sentinel Messenger's additional card draw, while the upgrade and support package is affordable even without that extra resource. It's rainbow, which is always juicy, has a great mitigation suite, and DOUBT should probably be considered here, while it has plenty of damage sides on the character dice ... ah, and a nice free reroll from General Grievous on all your character dice.

This is really just aggression wrapped in droid bodies and that doesn't seem to be a horrible place to be at the moment.


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