5 Decks I'll Be Trying Out With SoH


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JULY 10, 2019.




Spark of Hope is here! The arrival of a new set always starts the brain wheels turning - what new combinations of characters and cards can I try? What new cards are waiting to be broken? Will the tried and true decks stay on top, or will something new take the mantle? So much to explore (and so little time with Gen Con right around the corner!). And so, in today’s "5 Things Article ...", I bring you 5 decks I’m going to be trying out with the arrival of Spark of Hope.5 things card fanjpg
1. DROID ATTACK! (eChopper/eR2/C3PO)
The R2-D2/C-3PO combo is getting a lot of publicity, and for good reason! These guys are absolutely bonkers together. Since eSatine/eC-3PO/R2-D2 + Fateful Companions has been getting the most talk (talk about ramp!), I thought I’d point out a different version I’m excited to try. Even without the plot, this deck gives you all kinds of passive effects: focus from R2-D2, pump from C-3PO, and a resource from Chopper.5things1jpg
You have high damage upside right out of the gate (especially if you can drop a mod on Chopper and a weapon round 1), and can run very fast if you want to pressure your opponent early in a round. Plus, this deck has great disruptive capacity - if you get a Salvaged Arm on Chopper, 3 Discard and 3 Disrupt pumps off of C-3PO activations can cripple your opponent. Oh, and an upgrade centric droid deck like this isn’t susceptible to Desperate Measures!5 Things deck list 1jpg

I think Jango is one of the best characters in the set (outclassed only by the aforementioned droids). With two resource sides and a passive ability that also gives you resources, I suspect he will be a resource engine unto himself (similar to Aphra). This should allow you to spam dice pretty quickly, and he can also easily get you up to Megablasters money round one if you want (especially if you draw a Bounty Hunter Mask).5thing22jpg
I’ve always found Tarkin to be an interesting character to play with and someone who loves dice spam, so this is likely to be the first Jango deck I take for a spin. This is also a great option for a deck that can run Desperate Measures but is not susceptible to the card itself, which could be a big plus early on in this meta!5 Things deck list 2jpg

No new characters in this pairing, but it’s my favorite deck for my new favorite card: Admiral. Resetting characters is super powerful, and both of these characters - with consistent dice and focus sides - are really good off of resets. Mace’s ability is also hugely important in guaranteeing you draw Admiral when you want it, as you have a 9 card reach. Padme and Mace are two of my favorite characters in Destiny right now, so I’m excited to see if the addition of Admiral is the boost they needed to really compete!5 Things deck list 3jpg
At 19 points, Thrawn doesn’t have any great partners, but Luce makes for a decent 4dice start. I’m not sure if Thrawn will be tier1 competitive oir not, but as with the last Thrawn he should be a very satisfying character to play - using your opponent’s events against them sounds wicked fun! Cards like Counter Intelligence (and Misinformation if you’re playing with a yellow partner instead) add to the fun by putting cards you want to play on top of your opponent’s deck.5thing23jpg
And don’t forget that with Thrawn having a 3 melee side, this deck does have an upside of 10 direct damage round one just from character dice, which is quite high. I’m only cautiously optimistic about Thrawn as a character, but you can bet I’ll be taking him for a spin right off the bat!5 Things deck list 4jpg
5. eIG-88/eHASK:
This is my sleeper pick (or maybe it’s not really a sleeper? hard to say this early) for best pure aggression deck of the set. A 5dice start (if you win the roll off) with some big damage dice, plus the potential to do Area or Effect damage once you get some bounties down. I really enjoy the Bounty Hunter synergy introduced in this set, and I think IG-88 is the best Bounty Hunter in the game so far.5thing21jpg
I also absolutely love Nightsister Lair in decks that run Downgrades - a free resource round 1 can be bonkers good! Drop that Wanted round one and turn the extra resource into an IG-2000 and you’re looking at 10+ damage round 1 easy. And besides, who better to knock out some pesky little droids than a droid designed for assassination?

There you have it! Five decks I’m going to be trying out with Spark of Hope (though surely not the only 5!). What about you? What decks will you be sleeving up once you get your hands on the new set?


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