5 Decks You Should Be Playing For Regionals!


The "5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny" is our regular weekly segment here at the YOUR Destiny website and meant to be a column on what has been going on, either, in Destiny generally, or in the head of the columnist specifically.

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The assignment for Mads Utzon was pretty simple ... Find 5 Things that are HOT about Destiny and 5 Things that are NOT! And this is what Mads Utzon wrote back:

"This week I thought we should try things a little differently and give you five decks I think are hot,
and next week five decks I think are not" ....

JANUARY 9, 2019.



QGJ1jpg This deck is MUCH better than what you might expect; I’ll start with the most obvious synergies:

Qui-Gon’s passive ability and shields. It doesn’t matter if you choose your opponents Battlefield, get to claim, play Heightened Awareness, trigger Shoto Lightsabers, Qui-Gons Lightsaber, Dagger of Mortis or resolve Yoda/Qui-Gon's dice, as long as you can keep 3 Shields on Qui-Gon he is one of the best characters in the game.steadfast bitterjpg
(Just a bit) less obvious is the synergy between Steadfast and Bitter Rivalry, making it very easy to play Steadfast round 1 for maximum effect. Negating some of the handicap provided by Bitter Rivalry and turning it into a strength of the deck (especially against mill or other decks that do no normally deal damage round 1) and also providing Steadfast/Riposte draws that can deal a lot of damage regardless of dice rolls very early in the game.

Qui-Gon's passive ability also works wonders with cards like Become One, Destiny and Overconfidence.qgj3jpgAs mentioned briefly above, do no underestimate the synergy between Heightened Awareness and Qui-Gon or Riposte. Add Destiny to the mix and you are looking at A LOT of potential damage out of hand and your dice even when starting a round with 0 shields and 0 resources.

This will make it very hard for your opponent to navigate throughout the rounds, and will lead to "easy wins". This list is a modified list of the one featured in our Gauntlet, which went top 4 in the Czech Nationals 2018, but that doesn’t mean the list is perfect. The raw power and synergy is there, but there is plenty of room to work with. Cards like Caution, Synchronicity and Pacify are worth considering.

It is also worth mentioning that this pairing could be played with Solidarity instead of Bitter Rivalry, which would make you less dependent on Steadfast and wont give your opponent an extra card. A Solidarity  would look something like this:QGJ2jpg

At first a wasn’t too impressed with Darth Vader - Terror to Behold decks! Big/small aggro decks doesn’t reward you when things go right, but they certainly punish you when things go wrong. That is until I saw this list:Vader greedo listjpgThe list that Andrew Rothermel from the Destiny Council won a Regional event with looks super tuned and hits all the right spots. It is not just a fair and mindless big/small aggro deck. This deck can do some powerful things. Theed Royal Palace alongside a 2 Resource side on Vader is a hard cast Vader's Fist round 1. This is crazy for a big/small aggro deck that does not normally run a resource ramp strategy.

Friends in High Places is easy to setup and leads to some busted draws and is at a staggering 79% chance to hit a two cost cards or better. Keep in mind that this deck isn’t clunky and built around Friend in High Places! It just slots beautifully into the deck and will be very solid four out of five times you play it.

It also happens to put A LOT of pressure on your opponent fast with some big Price of Failure/Boundless Ambition/Maul's Saber/Vader's Saber rounds.

The featured list is also in our gauntlet and looks super tuned, I wouldn’t tinker too much with
the card choices, but feel free to make changes for your local meta game.

Probably the best middle/middle deck in the game right now. Anyone who listened to the YOUR Destiny Podcast Episode 29 recently will know of my love for this pairing. It just looks very solid!han qira2jpg
The No allegiance plot comes with a lot of deck building restraint, but Qi'Ra's passive ability allows you to play the best villain, neutral AND hero yellow events, to make it a really solid deck with great mitigation and tempo. This deck also comes with a massive health pool:  24hp is almost as much as alot of 3wide decks. My take on the deck looks like this: han qirajpg
The lists out there varies greatly, this is just my take on the archetype. Other players have incorporated Infamous and/or Never tell me the odds combo. This deck has access to A LOT of great events, and much can be gained by tweaking your event suite to your expected meta game.

No HOT LIST would be complete without an Armored Reinforcement deck.

Armored Reinforcement is still my pick for the best card printed so far. Do not sleep on it. This list abuses the tutoring effect to build a FAT Shadowcaster and resetting it to devastating effect. It also plays a very strong control game, playing a bunch of good mitigation, N-1 Starfighters to deal with opposing vehicles and Shield Generators to protect its own. This is Dustin Wilson's deck that took down the North Carolina Regionals and it looks very good:Yoda hired Gun Gunganjpg
Last but not least is another Armored Reinforcement deck. This time on the villain side. Again if you've been paying attention to our podcast, we have been praising the combination of Armored Reinforcement and Firespray-31 for a long time.

To sum it all up: Armored Reinforcement + Weapons Factory Alpha = Turn 1 Firespray-31, use the Power Action to play a Mod Upgrade 0 resources, and now you've got (up to) 6 resources worth of supports and upgrades from action two, and you haven't even resolved a dice.FAT Firespray2jpg
The consistency of Armored Reinforcement also opens up for some extreme deck building choices, you can play A LOT of mitigation and modifications with almost no vehicles, making your deck do the same thing every game: Tutor out a vehicle, play modifications and mitigation, and use Ciena to reset your FAT Firespray-31 making your investment in the Firespray pay out double.

This list took top 4 at the recent Ottawa Regional and looks pretty solid:fat firesprayjpg

Rounding it all up, these 5 decks aren't the end all be all of Destiny decks, but they are all solid
choices for your next Regional Event, I will be playing one of them for sure.

Remember that it is almost always better to tune your deck for your local meta game IF you have a good idea of what it looks like, while it is almost always better to play the tuned list from other players if you have no idea of what the tournament is going to look like.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we give you 5 decks that are NOT. Good Luck.

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