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NOVEMBER 20, 2019.

For today's column I thought I'd make a few quiz questions. You know for giggles. Some of them are pretty easy (for some), while others may be a bit more difficult. Remember it's just for fun. I might, dependent on how many answers I receive, decide to throw a bit of Official FFG loot, alt art cards, etc., at a randomly selected person (from the answers submitted).

You can find the answers to the questions at the end of the article ...  (obviously) try and answer the questions before peaking at the answers though!


Fantasy Flight Games announced their eighth expansion, Spark of Hope, for Star Wars Destiny on April 13, 2019, and it was released in the US on July 5, 2019. In their announcement they introduce the set with: "Even in the darkest of times, the spark of hope can be found in the Star Wars galaxy, lit by those who dream of a better life ..."
  1. Which character(s) were displayed on the display boxes for Spark of Hope?*
  2. The card: "SPARK OF HOPE" ... what does it do?
*You get one point for each character you guess correctly, and it is NOT included characters displayed on dice or advertisements for starter sets on the box.

spark of hopejpg


Designed as a Protocol Droid specialised in etiquette, customs and translations, he is fluent in more than 6.000.000 forms of communication. He is easily one of the best hero characters in Star Wars Destiny due to his ability to resolve a die after he activates, increasing the value with 1 if you spend 1 resource or spot R2-D2.
  1. What is the flavor text (the short italicized text at the bottom of the card) on C-3P0 - PERFECT GENTLEMAN?
  2. How many times have C-3P0 been affected by a Holocron Update (and what were these changes)?**
  3. In Standard Format, What is the highest amount of unblockable damage that can be dealt using one upgrade or support and C-3P0's ability once?
**You get one point for guessing the number of Holocron Changes correctly and an additional point if you correctly guess what changes C-3P0 was subject to.

With the introduction of REY and KYLO - BOUND BY THE FORCE, we are seeing a return to Shields being a common means of mitigating damage. The ability to deal unblockable damage then becomes a very powerful tool to render Shields useless.
  1. In Standard Format, how many UPGRADE - WEAPON can deal unblockable damage (only count Upgrade - Weapon(s) where unblockable is written on the card)?***
  2. How many of these UPGRADE - WEAPON can potentially deal 3 or more unblockable damage (to one or more characters - you may add the damage together if it can deal damage to several characters and assuming your opponent has the maximum amount of characters possible in Standard Format)?***
  3. What is the maximum amount of Unblockable Damage that can be dealt with any UPGRADE - WEAPON in Standard Format (to one or more characters - you may add the damage together if it can deal damage to several characters and assuming your opponent has the maximum amount of characters possible in Standard Format)?
*** You get one point for each correct Upgrade - Weapon.
jango quotejpg

JANGO FETT - ARMED TO THE TEETH is one of the favourite bounty hunters in Star Wars. Unfortunately, he doesn't see a lot of play in Star Wars Destiny.
  1. What's the points cost of Jango Fett - Armed To The Teeth (normal/elite)?****
  2. In Standard Format, If you play Jango Fett - Armed To The Teeth at elite cost, what is the maximum collective starting health pool of a legal character team?
  3. In Standard Format, how many Subtype: Bounty Hunter characters are there?*****
**** You get one point for each points cost you guess correctly.
***** You get one point for each correct Subtype: Bounty Hunter.


A few days ago we released an article analysing the Prime Championship Results. The article was published without the results from the last weekend (6 Prime Championships were added afterwards).
  1. According to THAT article which character team had won (first place at the event) the most Prime Championships?
  2. How many Prime Championships, out of 35 at the time of writing the article, has this character team won? (You can add 2 wins to get the most recent numbers from 41 Prime Championships played and reported on).
  3. Which character team has won the 2nd most Prime Championships?
You can always find an updated list of Prime Championship results on I Rebel - A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast's amazing website.

1). The characters displayed on the Spark of Hope box were:
  • C-3P0 (front and top lid)
  • R2-D2 (Card displayed on the back),
  • Ewok Warrior (back)
  • Kylo - Bound By The Force (side)
  • Rey - Bound By The Force (side)
There were also images of the Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous Starter Sets as well as dice showing Thrawn, Han Solo, Maul and IG-88.

2). I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually play the namesake card of the set: "Spark of Hope". Mostly because it's bad.


1). The flavour text of C-3P0 - PERFECT GENTLEMAN reads:
  • "R2-D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer"

R2D2 quotejpg

2). C-3P0 has been affected 2 TIMES by a Holocron Update.
  • (1) He was put on the RESTRICTED LIST
  • (2) His points cost was changed to 9/11 from his original 8/10.
3). C-3P0 can resolve a die to deal:
  • A maximum of 4 Unblockable damage resolving an Electrosword die.


1). Standard Format allows the following UPGRADE: WEAPONs that can deal unblockable damage:
  • (1) DX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol
  • (2) Electrosword
  • (3) Enfys Nest's Electroripper
  • (4) Lightsaber
  • (5) Mace Windu's Lightsaber
  • (6) Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber
  • (7) Treasured Lightsaber
  • (8) Verpine Sniper Rifle
  • (9) Yoda's Lightsaber
2). The following weapons can deal 3 or more Unblockable Damage:
  • (1) DX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol if it modifies another Ranged damage side.
  • (2) Electrosword.
  • (3) Enfys Nest's Electroripper Special against 3+ wide teams.
  • (4) Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber if attached character has 3+ Shields.
  • (5) Treasured Lightsaber if controller has 5+ cards in hand.

ewok swarmjpg

3). The maximum Unblockable Damage that can be dealt by a Weapon - Upgrade is:
  • 7 damage by an Enfys Nest's Electroripper against a 7wide Chirpa/Ewok swarm.
  • I assume you'd also be able to argue that the maximum is 9 Unblockable Damage from an Obi-Wan Kenobi's Special attached to Yoda - Mystical Mentor with 9 Shields (6 Shield maximum and 3 additional Shields from 3 Defensive Teachings made possible by including a yellow character and Double Down).


1). Jango Fett - Armed To The Teeth's points cost is:
  • 12/14
2). The highest collective starting health pool should be:
  • 29 Health using eJango (11), 2* Enfys Nest's Marauder (2*9)
  • 29 Health using eJango (11), Savage Opress (13), Nightsister Zombie (5)
EDIT: So, apparently I forgot about PLOTS ... so, highest starting health should be: 31 ... eJango (11), Savage Opress (13), Greedo (7), Allies of Necessity. STUPID ME!


3). The number of Subtype: Bounty Hunter available in Standard Format is: 10
  • (1) 4-LOM
  • (2) Asajj Ventress
  • (3) Boba Fett
  • (4) Dengar
  • (5) Greedo
  • (6) IG-88
  • (7) Jango Fett
  • (8) Ketsu Onyo
  • (9) Quarren Tracker
  • (10) Zuckuss


1). Throughout the 2019/20 Prime Championship season, the most successful character team has been:
  • Chopper Droids (both 4 and 5dice versions included)
2). Chopper Droids have won a total of:
  • 9 Prime Championships (12 including the week that was not included in the data used for the article).
  • The 4dice version, including Fateful Companions, is the most winning of the two versions with 7 wins (10 if including the week that was not included in the data used for the article).

new gauntlet Chopper Droidsjpg
3). The second most winning character team is:
  • eGrevious3/Aphra/Sentinel with a total of 5 wins (that number did not change if including the week that was not used for the original article).

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