5 Things I Remember About Worlds 2019

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NOVEMBER 13, 2019.



Written by CLAUS STAAL

Today's column is about Worlds 2019, but has absolutely NOTHING to do with Star Wars Destiny. It has to do with some of my experiences of the people there. If you are looking for Destiny related content, then check out some of our 1.000.000 other articles on that particular subject, but if you don't mind losing some minutes of your life - that you'll never get back - reading my pseudo-philosophical ramblings on my 6 day trip to Worlds 2019 in Minneapolis, then please, enter my sick mind.

ALSO ... this article is not going to be edited in any way whatsoever. I'm literally just emptying my head. SORRY. It's not pretty. I'll most definitely be regretting most of what I'm about to write.

Ah ... I should also say something about the prizes at Worlds. I didn't grind pods, participated in only 3, didn't collect a lot of loot, but the people I talked to were very happy with the stuff they managed to scrape together. I liked the black bags, so-called blind bags, they were a neat touch to the event.

1. GOING 2-3-DROP:

Well, I guess the main thing I should be remembering is my appalling tournament result: 2-3-drop, but I'm trying really hard to forget ... BUT ... I shouldn't. I should try harder to remember.

I performed horribly in the tournament, and while I honestly think my match-ups weren't particularly bad, my attitude and performance was way below what I had expected of myself.

Worlds list1jpg

I've told myself countless times after Worlds 2019 that my deck was bad into the Worlds meta, which is true, but behind that excuse is the much deeper problem of my problem of attitude going into the tournament. There just wasn't any KILLER INSTINCT. You know, that drive that makes you perform under pressure and get the most out of every single action. That just wasn't there. I clearly remember the conversation I had with Mads Utzon outside of the venue, at that time I was 0-2, and I said that exact same thing, "I don't have that killer instinct", and if I had been a bit more astute and aware of my state-of-mind at the time, I'd probably have realised that I wasn't about to regain it (at Worlds at least).

The fact that I went on to win my next two games, to go 2-2, before being utterly crushed by Jonathan Magnuson to end my day on 2-3-drop, is just a testimony to the fact that Destiny can be a fickle game: One of the games I won, for the 2-2 score, was incredibly undeserved ... I felt bad winning that game - another indicator of me not being possessed by that sweet sweet killer instinct.

The competition at Worlds was fierce, the fiercest I've yet to encounter in any tournament, and my preparation for the tournament was just not good enough. Couple that with a deck that sits poorly in the meta and it's no wonder that I didn't manage to qualify for day 2. Well ... I didn't even manage to finish the day. 2-3-drop. I don't even dare to be disappointed.

Prior to Worlds 2019, I had done Karaoke twice in my life ... that number was doubled after just 3 days in Minneapolis. I'm not a good singer. I'm now 0-4-might drop.

My first night of Karaoke was after the Worlds Meet-Up 2019 (more about that later) sponsored by the majority of the content creators in the game, and masterly arranged by Sean Aguilar from the Artificery Crew. The meet-up took place after my horrible 2-3-drop experience, and I had two missions that evening:
  1. To talk to as many people as possible.
  2. To get masssively drunk.
I have no recollection of how many people I got to chat to, and almost can't remember what conversations I had, other than talking with Jeremy Zwirn, who joined us there, Agent of Zion and his sad announcement that he was going to Guam for 2 years and thus might be out of the game altogether, which is sad because he's a cool guy. I had a chat with something food-related with Joe Colon, were busy handing out raffle prizes at the event (including a one-of-a-kind YOUR Destiny Playmat) ... put a drink in Drew Warren's hand, another one in Nicolas Cuenca's, and lots of chats, while smoking cigarettes, with Blake Moody ... all of this, especially the blank spots in my memory, just reinforce my trust in me achieving, at least, my second goal of the night.

That night DEFINITELY ended up with me doing karaoke with a bunch of great people at a bar I've luckily forgot the name of ... something with sports, maybe ... there's a video somewhere of Nicolas Cuenca singing "Baby's Got Back". I shiver at the thought of a video of me singing. Ah, how I long back to the days when one could make an ass of oneself without the risk of being recorded.

ANYWAYS ... my second night of Karaoke was (ALSO) never meant to happen. That one took place after The Hyperloops meet-up at a bar in Roseville ... I clearly remember that a game was shown on the screens in the bar. It was baseball, if I'm not mistaken, and it was Houston Astros vs. another team. It was a team with bats, caps and stuff. Astros won and it was a big deal.
I was a bit tired after the escapades of the previous night, and really just wanted to get a good nights rest so that I could be a great supportive team mate for Mads Utzon, who qualified for day 2 (you can check out our deck analysis of his deck here), but two-time UK National Champion Greg Pike, who crashed out of day 1 with a 5-3 score, looked like he needed company to quell the disappointment in alcoholic beverages - and well ... I volunteered.

Now, THAT evening proves one point in particular. You should never judge people solely by their online presence. I mean, you should ALSO judge them by their online presence, but that image is just really incomplete. I've locked horns on several occasions with quite a few people on various discords, even though I try and stay well-behaved, and I gotta admit that I'm generally not a fan of how people appear to be online, but maybe it's just because I don't get social media. I've been trolled several times by two of the people that I ended up karaoke'ing with on this particular evening. I'll leave out their names here, but man ... I had an excellent time. We stayed until the bar closed and I could not have asked for better company. Like ... that evening was just PERFECT! It had Jon Bon Jovi, "It's My Life", Metallica, "Enter Sandman", more songs, Bourbon, Whiskey, IPA's and whatnot. You know who you are: THANK YOU!

bon jovi helmet worldsjpg

One of the best things about Worlds 2019 were all the conversations I had with loads of different people and while many - too many - of them took place with me in an embarrassingly inebriated state, I found many of the best conversations were those that had absolutely nothing to do about Star Wars Destiny.

Like my lunch with Lake Quittmeyer, who has been a part of our team since Worlds 2018, but whom I never really had a chance to talk with outside of a strictly Destiny-related setting, and just listening to his stories about life in Birmingham, Alabama. Or my talks with Agent of Zion on bullying and the importance of standing up to people and in defense of other people. Or all the small breaks with Blake Moody, double Australian champion, who is easily one of my favourite people. Chill, always laughing, and with such a positive outlook on life. Blake, if you ever happen to be in or around Denmark: Mi casa es su casa!

I also got a bit of time to chat with Nicholas Nelson on how he got into Destiny, marshaling, etc., and was happy to meet the judge team at Worlds, many of whom were already familiar names - and now also with faces to them!

The best talks just seemed to appear out of nowhere, like the interesting chat I had with Cody Williams outside of the Worlds Meet-Up venue. Great guy btw. or the guy, who can best be described as an old version of Spike Lee, selling horribly overprized Miller Lights at the Convention Center bar, who talked about his minimum-wage job and how he was so surprised to see all these people gathered to play Star Wars games. I tipped him several times.

And of course, getting to spend some much needed quality time with my bud Mads Utzon. Due to work obligations, family life, etc., we haven't had much time together in the last 6 months and just getting to philosophise on all things related to Destiny, life and the crazy world we live in, was a soothing balm for my soul!


I cannot even start to explain how surprised I am at all the people who came up to say thank you for the content we provide for the community ... and while it is pretty hard work and tiresome at times, it is still very undeserved to receive that kind of praise. A few times I felt totally out of place - and didn't know how to respond to properly show my appreciation - when praise was heaped on us for the work we do at YOUR Destiny.
vader helmet worldsjpg
I was also pretty worn out after Worlds. I'm generally a social person, but also in great need of privacy. I need to be able to retract myself completely from any kind of company. Just be myself. Being at Worlds did not allow for a lot of space for that ... and it took quite a toll on me.

5. THE TEAMS ...

Teams in Destiny is a weird thing. Which is a weird thing for me to say considering that I'm the architect behind one such team. There's sort of a friendly competitive spirit behind the whole team thingy, but I just don't really fully understand it. BUT, it was an absolute pleasure meeting up with all the guys from various teams. None mentioned and none forgotten.

Well ... I guess I should give a special thanks to The Destiny Council people, first and foremost saluting Andrew Rothermel for conquering the World Championship, but also the rest of the team for keeping me (and the other Danes) company on Wednesday night for a great dinner and chat that included all kinds of profanities ... yeah, Danes are always eager to prove how damn liberal we are - when we are in fact an incredibly socially conservative people - usually by talking loudly in public, and usually involving nudity and bad jokes. Sorry guys!

Also a shout out to Joe Colon. Dude ... you are my favourite Destiny player and one of the most helpful people I've met. Cheers to your team, The Hyperloops, for your great showing at the event! I ended up meeting Joe and Andrew Cox in the airport early in the morning when I was boarding my plane heading towards Bogotá, Colombia via Orlando, Florida. Andrew - I wish we had more time to chat. We have stuff to talk about!

Straight after Worlds I went to Colombia for 2 weeks, and stayed, amongst other places, in this remote village close to Venezuela. Was absolutely AMAZING. Well ... and so was Worlds 2019. I'm not going to promise that I'll be at Worlds 2020, but if I am and you are as well ... come find me ... I'd love to talk!

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