5 Things I've Learned From YOUR Destiny!


The "5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny" is our regular weekly segment here at the YOUR Destiny website and meant to be a column on what has been going on, either, in Destiny generally, or in the head of the columnist specifically.

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Today, we'll be looking at the last 365 days of YOUR Destiny and I'll will be going over "5 Things I've Learned From YOUR Destiny" looking at some of the most memorable things that has happened in the last one year of running the YOUR Destiny website!

JUNE 19, 2019.



Written by CLAUS STAAL

It's really crazy, but today - as I'm writing this column - the website www.yourdestiny.dk has been  online for exactly ONE YEAR! It sounded somewhat more impressive in my head than when I see it on paper. Sure ... 1 year might not be all that much, but man it feels like a lot! And I've tried to gather just 5 things that has been particularly memorable about this year!

Generally, I've learned a lot from these 365 days of mad content creation. Skills I never thought I would need. I've become a decent user of InDesign and Photoshop, although most of what my computer is capable of and mostly NOT capable of is still a mystery to me!

The big question following the first 365 days will be "what's next" ... well ... tomorrow will be day 366 and then we'll see how long it continues.

NOTE: Throughout the article, I'm interchangedly using first person singular and first person plural. It's mostly because I'm getting confused. This website was designed by me, but it exists due to the work of a lot of people. YOUR Destiny is becoming more than just the work I put into it, so it has also become a "we".

1. 525.600 MINUTES ...

Just to make it look like more than 1, even bigger than 365, I've split the time this website has been active into minutes, and honestly, 525.600 minutes looks a whole lot better:

525.600 minutes

Obviously - LUCKILY - not all of it has been about YOUR Destiny or Star Wars Destiny, but quite a lot of it actually has been. My very rough estimate is that I've spent at least 3 hours daily either writing/editing articles, mulling over video editing or updating the website. That's quite a lot. Over the course of a whole year, that's actually 1095 hours or 65.700 minutes. Phew.

In total we've managed to publish 255 articles, including our trademark Deck Analyses, Weekly Columns and Tournament Reports as well as Set Reviews and plenty of articles relating to Game Theory and much much more. That's basically an article every weekday for the last year. Most of our articles are around 1700 words, which then means that we've typed somewhere around 433.500 words during the last year. That's almost a word per minute. And some of you out there read most of it ... kudos to you guys!Your Destiny 1 yearjpg
Sure, it's been pretty hard at times, but at the end of the day it's been possible to keep going because it's been great fun. It's also meant that I've been able to work on something which I enjoy tremendously, namely Star Wars Destiny.

One question that you should never ask yourself when investing this much time into a project is "whether it's been worth it". That's almost never going to end in the positive. It's always going to be difficult to assess "the value of time". Do I at times feel that I spend too much time on this project? Sure, of course I do. That's just life I guess.

Generally, I don't suffer from fear of missing out, so I've put lots of work into the website with great joy, and never felt that it meant that I'd miss out on something important. If that had been the case, I'd have stopped immediately. But as is ... I'd do it all over again.

It's extremely flattering and very encouraging to look at the messages we receive from readers of the website or listeners of the podcast, who tell us in the most appreciative terms how they always read our articles or let us know how they brought a deck we've analysed to an event and did exceedingly well, maybe even won the event, or people who just want to thank us - the YOUR Destiny crew - for creating content for the Destiny community. Your Destiny 1 year stormjpg
I'm really just repeating myself, but I'm of the clear conviction that the Star Wars Destiny community is one of the most inclusive, caring and awesome gaming communities around. Maybe it's due to its relatively small size. Or maybe it's just simply due to the fact that most Star Wars Destiny players are mature men and women, who either just loves everything Star Wars related or play Star Wars Destiny, very much like me, as a relaxing outlet from the stress of everyday life.

When we started the website I had no idea what to expect in terms of number of readers, but because I'm curious by nature, I decided to track traffic on the website from the beginning and the numbers speak a very encouraging language. We've had 416.116 clicks (numbers cleaned for bot activity) on our website in the last 365 days, which means that the website is being viewed an average of 1140 times per day. There's absolutely no reason for us not to be proud of this number. It proves - to me at least - that we have been on the right track almost from the beginning.YOur destiny READERS website jpg
We are of course also well aware that our website does not provide content that can satisfy EVERYONE nor should it. Spreading yourself too thin is never a good idea. We almost daily get input on how we can improve the website and our content, and while we don't have time to respond to everyone - although we do try - we appreciate every single bit of feedback we get. And have in fact changed quite a lot because of the feedback we've received, so please keep the suggestions coming. More than anything it demonstrates the fact that people care and have taken some kind of ownership of the whole idea behind YOUR Destiny.YOur destiny map europe website jpg
One of the main motivators for having kept the YOUR Destiny website up and running for the last year was actually the almost total lack of content creation from Europe. Recently, more podcasts and written content from European content creators has started emerging, and we'll all be better off because of it, but just a year ago there really weren't that many options. Maybe a lot of the content was localized, but it was a big ambition for us to report regularly from European tournaments and maybe through this help the many smaller local/national communities become bigger. And although our readers are from everywhere in the world, I'm happy to see that YOUR Destiny has definitely grown to become one of the pillars supporting the European Destiny scene.

Maybe, in some way, like The Hyperloops, The Artificery, Team Covenant, I Rebel and all the other great US based content creators provided a home for many Destiny players in the states and beyond, we made a place for Europeans ... even if the UK want to secede ... and that's all we are going to say about that.


patrons we salute youjpgI cannot thank our many Patrons enough. Previous and current patrons and anyone who's considering supporting us in the future. I've always been cautious when it comes to asking other people for money, which is essentially what we do by running our Patreon. It's always a huge responsibility to administer someone else's hard earned money, but I hope that our many Patrons share my vision for the website and the content we publish for the public and understand that it is due to your Patronage that the website is possible in the first place. It pays for the expenses in relation to the website, while allowing us to run streaming events from around the world and provide us with an incentive to continue even when the going gets a bit tough - and it definitely does at times.Your Destiny 1 year storm2jpg
I hope that you as a Patron feel that it's worth it. I know that other content creators run other patron schemes, and while we do not make alternative art cards or provide a lot of benefits, we would like to think of our website and podcast (erhhmm ... shhhh ...) as a kind of public service. And you dear Patron is the main reason why it's possible to provide that service: To maintain a near constant flow of high quality content for everyone to enjoy. I can safely say that if it was not for the many patrons this website would have closed down a long time ago!YOur destiny patrons website jpg
We have in the past created Power Action tokens to celebrate the Christmas holidays and our Expert Tier Patrons all get a custom playmat and will soon be receiving a special gift to commemorate these first 365 days of YOUR Destiny, but this is not considered a quid pro quo, but rather a small token of appreciation for the support you offer us! It's not a lot - I know!


Since I originally designed this website and worked on the first templates for the website itself and the articles that would eventually form the main bulk of it, the philosophy of it has been pretty clear (at least in my head). Ensure high quality above all else. High quality content in a high quality shell. How we present our content has always been as important as getting the content out there. I'd never wanted to compromise on this - even if it at times has meant some very late nights to get it done ... and done right! YOur destiny map scandinavian design website jpg
I guess, it's the Scandinavian heritage making an impact. It was actually a point once made by a user of the website. He literally said: "It just looks very Scandinavian". I opted to think of it as a compliment. The unwillingness to compromise with our design philosophy has also caused quite a lot of frustration. It's not always easy wanting to get everything right. Especially when that's destined to fail more often than not.

I also wanted the website to be simple and easy to navigate and although the website keeps growing in content, simplicity remains part of the primary philosophy. I'd rather have too little than too much.

I'm not excluding the possibility that we'll do a major renovation of the website some time in the future, but for now I'm pretty happy with it as it is.

Before creating this website, I had absolutely no idea how to stream. I used to be a pretty decent photographer, which has helped a lot, but all the technical stuff was way above my league! My good friend Angelo Gonzalez, a moviemaker by trade, has helped me out loads in this regard, while all the advice and input from Sean Aguilar from The Artificery as well as Jason Brame and Kim Breeze from The Chance Cube has made my entry into livestreaming so much easier! Your knowledge and experience has helped me out a lot! THANKS!!Your Destiny 1 year storm3jpg
I even felt confident enough to write an article on how to stream Destiny events and in case you are a budding streamer, I'd recommend you read that one. It might save you a bit of headache.

We have been streaming quite a few events over the last year: At least 4 National events, 6 Regionals, 5 Galactic Qualifier, plenty of Store Championships and whatnot. This would of course not have been possible without the help of Jan Drangmeister, who's now himself becoming quite the stream-Wiz! Expect a lot more goodies from him in the future.

It's also my clear ambition to improve the quality of our streamed events. Generally I'd like the largest events in the world, i.e. Grand Championships, Continental Championships as well as the major Galactic Qualifiers to get the attention it deserves! If there's any way I can help out I will ... now, let's see how that media application for Worlds 2019 fares ... I'm not too optimistic, but you'll never know. FFG are you reading this? Probably not.

There are a lot of people who have worked tirelessly with us to make this website happen. Currently our team of writers and editors consist of:

Lake Quittmeyer, Jan Drangmeister, Simon Willis, Luke Magnuson, Mark Lockett, Filippo Bosi and Mads Utzon.

They all put in great work to keep our social media, YouTube Channel, Twitch Stream and article database running and relevant! Couldn't have done this without you guys!YOur destiny writers website jpg
Throughout the last year we've had several guest writers. All of whom have contributed with one or several articles. It's always great looking at Destiny from different perspectives and it has been greatly appreciated that you have wanted to chip in. THANK YOU! We will also in the future encourage people to write us with ideas for articles. While we don't accept ALL articles, we promise that we will look everything over and get back to you. You can reach us at yourdestinypodcast@gmail.com

The list of writers include in no particular order whatsoever (and please let me know if I left you out of the list):

Dustin Wilson, Mike Christiansen, Tobias Winter, David Levi, Christine Hölz, Tim Meads, Kasper Juelsgaard, Mathias Melgaard, Winton McKay, Brendan Dewitt, Paul Scalise, James Adams, Danny Adlem, Wade Hayes, Simon Smithson, Steve Thompson, Andrew Eyles, Joe Masilotti, Igor Treskunov and Menion Croll.

I'm also going to extend a HUGE thank you to all the content creators out there who daily produce loads of content for Star Wars Destiny players to enjoy. It's because of you this game is still alive.

I would like to send a special THANK YOU though to the guys from The Hyperloops. It was largely their content that got me started myself and I've had great chats with Joe Colon, Mike Gemme and Nick Cuenca about all things related to Destiny and quite a few personal things totally unrelated! You guys really rock!

LASTLY a BIG SHOUT OUT to Christopher Monk from Monk's Gaming Battlefield who has probably liked EVERY single of our Facebook posts in the last year ... Like every single one!


LEGO is a contraction of the two Danish words: LEG + GODT = LEGO, which translated into English means Play Well or paraphrased: Enjoy Playing. I thought it to be very appropriate for this column. Also, I grew up in the Danish village of Billund just 100 meters from the original LEGOLAND. I used to go there several times every year. Somehow, my return to gaming via Destiny reminds me of my childhood. Carefree and full of fun! Some things change, but still remains very much the same!
YOur destiny vader website jpg


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