5 Things That Are Changing at YOUR Destiny!


The "5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny" is our regular weekly segment here at the YOUR Destiny website and meant to be a column on what has been going on, either, in Destiny generally, or in the head of the columnist specifically.

The column will be written by our resident writers and their opinions are obviously just opinions - you might disagree, heck, we'd almost be disappointed if you don't disagree! Feel free to participate in the discussion on our Facebook Page!

For this Wednesday, I'd like to dedicate the column to "5 Things That Are Changing At YOUR Destiny", trying to describe some of the changes that the website and all of our affiliated "products", i.e. Podcast, YouTube Channel, etc., will be going through in the coming months.

FEBRUARY 13, 2019.



change ahead your destinyjpg1. NEW WRITER
We have been looking for a new addition to the editorial team at YOUR Destiny for some time. It's no secret that keeping the website up and running and releasing articles, podcasts and videos in the high quality that has become somewhat of a trademark for us takes a lot of time. And with me continuously having more and more things to do, finding someone who could reliably write great content for our favourite game was a priority!

It's therefore with great pleasure that we are able to announce the arrival of LUKE MAGNUSON of The Destiny Council as our newest addition to the team of writers! luke magnusonjpg
Luke Magnuson's philosophy for Star Wars Destiny is so much in line with what drives us here at YOUR Destiny and although he will still be affiliated with The Destiny Council and penning articles for them, we are still immensely proud that he will be joining us and cannot wait for the first article to be published on our website! Judging from what he has churned out in the past there are great things to come!

Also, Luke being a Minnesotan does naturally make him an affiliate of the Scandinavian branch of Destiny!minnesota your destinyjpg
We are incredibly humbled by the people who support the production of YOUR Destiny content through the Patreon programme. It's incredible that people will support us and we do strive to earn your trust and repay your kindness by producing quality content.

Previously, patrons of various levels have had early and preferred access to articles and advanced (and higher) level patrons also recorded test games, etc. This is going to change a bit.patreon your destinyjpg
Patrons have already been advertised of this change directly, but a major contributor to the workload involved with the maintenance of the website (as well as unnecessary stress) has been the production of articles waaaaay in advance for patrons, which in turn has caused some of our articles to be "outdated" when released to the general public. In an attempt to avoid this, we will now be releasing articles immediately after they are produced on our website. This should improve the workflow as well as allow us to always be up-to-date on the developments within the Destiny community.youtube your destinyjpg
(Preview the "Chat 'N' Play" videos).

We will instead redirect our Patron-only content to the test videos (approx. 5 per week) and our new format successful Chat 'N' Play videos (approx. 3-4 per week) as well as various tournaments and training sessions for Patrons. Drop us an email or message if you have any questions to any of these changes, and what it might mean to you specifically, whether you are a patron or not!

For the foreseeable future we aim at producing written content 4 times per week, which means that articles will preferably drop on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, while we normally record Chat 'N' Play videos for patrons on Tuesdays.computer your destinyjpg
There will hopefully be no change to the quality of the articles, neither in terms of content or production quality, although we are always trying to find ways to improve, so please let us know of any suggestions that can make the website and our resources more enjoyable and/or better!

It's been a while since we've released an episode of the official YOUR Destiny Podcast! We actually haven't released an episode since before Christmas, and while we are still very much eager to fill your ears with our BROKEN DANGLISH and ramblings on everything relating to Destiny, work life and other commitments has made it difficult to maintain a proper schedule of release.podcast your destinyjpg
We do aim to get the next podcast episode recorded as soon as possible, but cannot promise that it'll be out next week! We previously tested a shorter format, scheduled for weekly release, to make sure that we could stay on top of the Destiny news feed, but that has proven an unsustainable solution for us. We will most likely go back to bimonthly releases, starting as soon as possible!

Please don't forget about the podcast, it will be back! We are immensely proud of it and it is still very close to our hearts here at YOUR Destiny.

I've been meaning to go through the entire website for some time now, and what better time to make changes than with the first major rotation to hit Destiny and most likely shake things up quite a bit.

Radical change is not always good though, and while I'm not particularly conservative by nature, I'd like to hear your opinions on what could be added to the website, in particular the resource page(s), to make it even more enjoyable, but more importantly: relevant!

I want the YOUR Destiny website to be the users' platform for all kinds of information relevant to Star Wars Destiny players, and I would like it to offers as comprehensive information as possible.improve your destinyjpg Obviously, we can't cover everything, but if we have missed something obvious please let us know! We can't always hit and often miss, so help us cover our blind spots!

Finally, a HUUUUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has read our articles, which are close to 200 right now, listened to our podcast episodes and watched our videos and all the janky stuff we've published on Facebook.

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