5 Things That are Hot and Not About Destiny!


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OCTOBER 24, 2018.
TODAY'S COLUMNIST: Mathias Melgaard



Ever since Way of the Force hit the streets I have been curious about where Ezra Bridger – Aspiring Jedi would find his place. Wauw, that ability! At that cost! With minimum effort you get the ability of consistent card draw – what’s not to like? Even his die sides weren’t too bad with a rare blue hero discard side to complement his disruptive theme. I found him intriguing.Ezra Bridger 5 hot or notjpg
Unfortunately, the Aspiring Jedi never managed to make much of a showing for the first part of the WotF meta. Though I did see him pull some tricks at some well crafted decks at our local ASK Gaming Café, he never found his way into a competitive deck at larger tournaments.

That of course was until just last weekend when David Jose Iglesias aka Big Cojones Dave, stepped up the hero game at Spanish Nationals 2018 piloting eYoda/Ezra/Rey (or as I like to call it ”REY’s Cojones”) to second place in what for me is probably the most intense Destiny Final in some time! (Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, go watch it ☺)

I for one, have already dusted off the young aspiring jedi, and right now, he is already running HOT screaming #BlueHeroesWillRise(Again)!

Not too long ago, there were several complaints about live coverage failing at large Destiny tournaments. As we all know, Fantasy Flight Games aren’t exactly pro bono when it comes to… well much of anything really, so there was an outcry for content creators and fellow Destiny players alike to step up the game, take matters into their own hands and bring live Destiny to the hungry masses.

I for one, think it has gotten a lot better! Not only, have we seen streaming from several Nationals, but the format, with live commentary is a joy to tune in to! I still believe there is some way to go, but watching live coverage, nail-biting competitive Destiny on Twitch or YouTube, half way around the globe is definitely HOT!

As we are approaching a new format with Across the Galaxy, and as of current, a lull in competitive Destiny in some areas, what better time to dust off your old binders, sleeve some whacky cards and give it a go with some crazy deck ideas!

I, for one, always have a bunch of “unfinished business” with a set. When the set hits, all these crazy ideas pop up, but seeing as everybody is heading straight into figuring out the new meta, I never really get around to the whacky ideas, as they admittedly are just that, too whacky!
But hey, if you don’t have any big tournaments ahead in your local area, who can claim that swinging Mace Windu with a Darksaber for 13 damage ain’t just RED HOT FUN

Recently becoming a father of a little baby girl has left me somewhat off the band wagon when it comes to staying updated with the recent Destiny content (aside from the ever present YOUR Destiny team).

With some of the “old” content creators seeming to have gone off the radar (reportedly because of the acclaimed “lull” in the meta), I just recently started listening to Arrow Brook Gaming's podcasts.

For me it has been a breath of fresh air. Being a group of very skilled players, they not only bring interesting strategic insight, but also puts forth a positive attitude toward the state of the game, regardless of how far in the meta we have come. If you haven’t done so already, do check it out! It is HOT! A big shout-out to the guys at Arrow Brook Gaming keep up the good work!

Hot Damn! What’s not to like?? 2 cost, ambush, and with an ability making Thrawn/Snoke want to squeal like a happy porg! As until Across the Galaxy, only heroes have been fortunate enough to have powerful 2cost supports (looking at you Resistance Crait Speeder!) to properly utilize. TIE FIghter 5 hot or notjpg
Now, with the Tie Fighters (the real ones!) entering the game, villains finally gets access to a proper 2 cost support. Granted the die is not as strong as the Crait Speeder (especially with Rose tagging along), but the ability to consistently pump out 3+ Tie Fighters in one round is gonna be crazy.

Imagine setting up with a Hailfire Droid Tank round one, popping out 4 Tie Fighters round two, and finally come swinging with a Planetary Bombardment round 3 for a 10 damage total, just by playing the cards! Add on top of that the dice themselves with a ceiling of 16 indirect + 14 ranged damage by third round – that’s gonna be HOT!

Or should I say lack thereof. Yep, sad old song, but that doesn’t make it any better. Regional season is almost upon us, and still, several places in Europe has no listings for Regionals events. I believe the same goes to some extend for the US.

A lot of players (myself included) have work-schedules setup for months in advance, so when FFG’s distributors finally get their act together and let the stores know when the kit will arrive, it is often too late. Not only does this lack of information bar some players from playing competitive Destiny, but it also bars players from meeting up with this great community! Lack of information is definitely NOT hot!

Being a prominent debater (some would even say provocateur) in the Destiny community, many people have opinions about Mike Gemme aka BobbySapphire. I for one, have respect for the man. Aside from being an undeniably skilled and honed Destiny player, he also sparks debate, builds phenomenal decks and together with the rest of the Hyperloops guys form one of the strongest competitive teams out there.Mike Gemme 5 hot or notjpg
Currently he is missing in action, prioritizing family which I am certain he has good reason for! But for me Destiny without BobbySapphire is NOT quite as hot Looking forward to his return. And congrats to Mike with his new daughter.

after a long night-shift… As a now, experienced Thrawn player, I have nothing but praise for our sharp thinking Chiss. I love the card design and the way he rewards players for knowing the meta; reading your opponent, spoiling his plans while laying down your own master plan!Thrawb 5 hot or notjpg
But him being sharp minded, and myself NOT so much after af 17 hour night-shift on our weekly Destiny Tuesdays at ASK Gaming Cafe unfortunately doesn’t make the best conditions for a master plan. As much as he can be rewarding to the skilled player, he can be utterly devastating to the sleep-deprived player after once again, completely forgetting what was in your opponents hand. Before you know it you have voluntarily walked yourself into your opponent’s poorly concealed trap (much to the amusement to the buddy across the table).

Maybe it’s not Thrawn being NOT hot, maybe it is just me!

Well, what can I say, I thought he said he would become the new Spanish Champion…. I guess NOT!

Of course I am excited for the new spoilers (gonna leave most of those for next weeks columnist), but having been giving away all my third copies of uncommons and rares throughout the past year, I feel somewhat saddened by Double Down. That Plot is NOT hot when you no longer own three copies of anything!

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