5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny!


The "5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny" is a new weekly segment here at the YOUR Destiny website and meant to be a column on what has been going on, either, in Destiny generally, or in the head of the columnist specifically.

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In the beginning I wasn't really convinced by his Special ability and his die wasn't particularly impressive either comparative to other characters in the points range. Honestly, I had demoted him to my casual play binder, and for those of you who know me, I don't get a lot of casual plays in. DJ and I just weren't compatible. It's not HIM, it's ME!af24e773-18a7-4514-891d-29e8738b3efdjpg
But then Tim Meads wrote this article about a mad idea he had and this deck he had brought to a Store Championship, eventually winning it, and he claimed that it was the real deal: DJ/Aphra/Battle Droid. It's a deck with 5 dice, including both characters, upgrades and supports. FIVE!

I had to test it out! Got some TTS Games in, followed by liveplay testing in ASK Gaming Cafe and you know what ... it's pretty awesome and I LIKE IT!

It's like this girl you've seen around for some time, but you never really fancied her, but suddenly a friend of yours takes an interest in her - and suddenly you take an interest in her! Your friend wants her and at that very moment you know that you want her. That's what the French/American philosopher René Girard calls "Imitation of Desire". You don't really know what you want until someone points out to you what is desirable! DJ, man, you're HOT!

We are in the middle of Nationals Season in Europe and have recently seen the Polish Nationals and Spanish Nationals exceed expectations with 87 and 122 players in attendance respectively. Prior to that the UK Nationals had 102 people attending, the Italian Nationals 64 players, and even the relatively small Belgian Destiny community managed to put together a 46-man tournament. a3b1671c-92f4-4c91-96d4-58dcfce6f0e5jpg
Sure, the numbers are not staggering, but it shows that the competitive Destiny scene is alive and kicking!

To me it seems as if the European Destiny Scene is running red HOT!

I KNOW ... we are not supposed to talk about TTS Leagues due to intellectual, image and property rights, and while I'm very much behind supporting artists and companies and offer in particular small-timers protection against exploitation, I still LOVE TTS LEAGUES!

The Artificery Crew has been running TTS Leagues for a long time now, and have perfected the way to do it, while we at the YOUR Destiny is in the middle of our first Patron-only TTS tournament. We have 22 players from 7 different countries and a slightly changed format! I honestly think it's awesome! The players get to play their favorite game and can do so even if their local community is small and prohibitive to larger events. Call me dangerous, but I think it's HOT!

4. AT-ST
Sure, the only reason why the AT-ST is finally playable is because of Snoke - and we all hate Snoke. But, man ... I remember when I opened my first Awakenings booster and pulled the AT-ST, I just couldn't believe it. I mean, a vehicle with 5 Ranged damage! FIVE!!! Little did I know at the time that I would actually never get to play it. It did go in a few decks in the beginning, but was then eventually left to its own devices together with cards like Commanding Presence.e41be66e-5b03-4dab-8fa0-58cc0b181c0djpg
It's pretty cool to play around with the AT-ST though! I can literally hear Ewoks being incinerated as I send volleys of laserbeams at my opponents - and that's HOT!

Alright, alright ... calm down good people! Yes! I think Luke Magnuson is HOT! I still think the Aphra/Executioners deck that Luke brought to NOVA 2018 and managed to record a 7-1 streak with, and go top of day1, is one of my favorite decks in the Way of the Force meta.439243b5-c92f-4951-b3fb-5ce59f2103ccjpg
And Luke does look pretty sassy! It's his Scandinavian ancestry for sure! And as we all know, Scandinavia is also HOT!


317c1e4a-b7f4-4b4d-9d95-9eccf0022735jpg1. REDDIT "DISCUSSIONS"
Don't get me wrong - I love a good debate. Reddit is just not the place for it! The way that media and debate platforms work today, you need to grow pretty thick skin, and I don't consider myself delicate, but g'sus, some of the debates in the r/swdestiny sub forum are really crazy. It seems as if some people just get a kick out of bashing other people ... that, in my book, is so NOT!

I'm not a huge fan of spoilers, as some might remember from a previous article I wrote, but I hate that there's no consistency in how and when the spoilers are being released. I like consistency!

It would be great if we knew that cards would be spoiled twice or three times per week, and that we as content creators could prepare a bit for it ... I guess that's not likely to happen, but damn, that to me is just NOT!

It's always a pity seeing people drop from the game. I mean, it's normal in any game that some players lose interest, find new interests, hope to recoup the money they spent, etc., but the game is in a very precarious spot right now, and we really need to keep the game going forward. By "we", I refer to content creators, players and obviously Fantasy Flight Games.3d829a1b-4cd8-4606-a3c0-6cabde2c2a32jpg
The game is wonderfully designed and by far one of the most enjoyable games I've ever had my hands on, but it also has a lot of challenges. Some of them has been addressed by various people from prize support, Organized Play to stale metas. And while I do not agree with all of the criticism, quite a lot of it should spark discussion - just not on Reddit (!)

For whatever valid reason people are dropping from the game, it's just NOT!

Yeah, he had to go in here. I like Snoke though, I guess he's my guilty pleasure! but it seems mandatory to hate on him ... so, today, Snoke is NOT!

Last weekend (Oct 13-14, 2018) the Spanish Nationals 2018 went down and Mario Moral claimed the crown as the new Spanish Champion, CONGRATS!, which means that my good friend and part of the YOUR Destiny crew Miguel Villaroya is no longer ...ca829786-bf54-4e51-9e7c-2b9d1cf8e560jpg
Miguel is probably one of the best Star Wars Destiny players I know, has phenomenal understanding of the game and is just one of the nicest people around. I still remember the first time I met Miguel Villaroya at the Galactic Qualifier in Madrid 2017, and he slowly approached Mads Utzon and me, stretching out his hand, smiling: "Miguel, Spanish National Champion", the fact that he's not anymore is really NOT!

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