5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny!


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DECEMBER 19, 2018.
TODAY'S COLUMNIST: Simon Willis aka Sith Holocron



We have a HOT wide open meta. Across the Galaxy has been out a little while but it hadn’t stopped Thrawn and Snoke dominating the tournament scene. However with the point increase on Snoke, the pairing has fallen out of favour and brand new decks are crushing. Vader/Greedo, Jyn/Cassian, FAT Firespray, Han/Biggs, FAT Shadow Caster resets and even blue heroes are returning next Kit, Yoda, Luke3 and QGJ.star warsjpg
The game is in fine fettle right now and it seems like Destiny is in a strong place right now. As always people jump and say how do we beat these decks, but we as players always find a way to freshen up and create new decks to win.

With the emergence of Darth Vader - Terror to Behold to the forefront and sticks becoming a thing again, older decks that can manipulate dice are still worth exploring. Dooku/Talzin are  looking to become hugely popular. Dooku may well have a better partner, but Talzin's ability to change not only your dice but your opponent's is huge. In addition keeping Dooku’s roll out until after Vader activates to make one of his melee sides a blank is amazing. Even KRAP with the newer mono decks coming out like Rey1/Luke can ruin their battle plans. That’s a winning combo right there.want to win a regional1jpg
Regional season is upon us and that is HOT! We have had several decks climb those heady heights to winning decks and as the month goes on, I fully expect to see decks not even in the swdestinydb for reference win those lovely Darth Vader inspired prizes. As I mention earlier eVader/Greedo has won 3, but eYoda/eLeia3 and eHan/eQi’Ra have won a few as well.

Lando/Wedge and Dooku/Talzin have also won as have Beckett/Talzin and Yoda/Gungan/Hired Gun. If you are heading to a Regional where ever you live, be prepared that even at the top tables, your deck will need to fire against a wide and varied amount of decks to take the title home.

Wow. It’s like Magic the Gathering has went up to Destiny and said try this way to play it’s fun, just not for your opponent... Tutoring, if you don’t know what this term means, is using a card effect to go through your deck, pick a specific card and play it or add to your hand.demonic tutorjpg
Previously the only cards that let you do this were Lightsaber Pull and Start Your Engines to find a Blue weapon or a (wait for it) podracer! In Across the Galaxy we have cards that let you play it (Tie Fighter) then search your deck for another copy. With the TIEs and enough money you could play them all and then just shuffle your deck.FAT VEHICLE1jpg
However, Armored Reinforcement allows you to reduce the cost of a vehicle and put what ever huge vehicle into play at a discount. That’s just craziness. In my opinion Armored Reinforcement costing 3 points to guarantee a Round 1 Shadow Caster, Falcon of choice or Firespray-31 makes it the best red starting card in the game. With both hero and villain having reset abilities through R2 Astromech units or Ciena Ree, you can gain so much ground in the damage race, that you never feel behind. I can easily see decks like these being hugely popular over the coming weeks.

Man is this little lady HOT! I have always liked the female characters in Destiny. Rey2, Aayla, Mother Talzin, Nightsister, etc. all were and still are great characters with either great dice or superb abilities. Ciena and Pryce are also staples in a lot of decks hat need that extra punch and are superb support characters in their own rights. But I feel the game designers have struck gold with Luce. Not sold on her? You should be. In the original OTK Seventh Sister deck, a Nightsister would allow you, for one damage to her, to reroll a die... any die.Hot or notjpg
Stop incoming max damage from opponent. Reroll your own to increase yours. That was ok in a deck that you would use the full health pool on her before killing her to reset Seventh Sister with a Price of Failure. Luce does this as well, you just need to discard an odd cost card from hand. She stays unhurt. She has great sides on her dice as well. As in previous articles, a lot of characters and weapons are being replaced and Luce is the Nightsister 2.0, a new and improved one too. And her synergy with certain weapons makes Luce almost an auto include in a villain deck. When Trilogy becomes Standard, she may well become as prevalent as Bala-Tik was in gun decks or Kylo2 was in melee decks. Try her out, you won’t be disappointed!

1. WORLDS 2019 DATE!!!!
As some of you may know I live in Belfast, however the original one in Ireland and not in Maine (US). Most of the Regional and Premiere Event winners that have won reserved seats to Worlds 2019 will need to book flights, accommodation, etc. as soon as possible to ensure our journey costs don’t prevent us from traveling to Roseville ... if that’s even where it’s going to be! No information from Fantasy Flight Games regarding its most premium event is slightly unsettling at best and at worst very scary for wallets.hot or not 2jpg
If they only release dates say 2 months before hand people who want to test themselves against the best in the world may not be able to make the trip and that is NOT HOT at all. Surely if Imperial Assault has its Worlds dates announced (not at FFG Games Center, but Adepticon) then X-Wing and Destiny should have their dates set in stone as well.

Yup, good old Facebook and Reddit went mental. How DARE they do this to cards I have never used? Crazy company are ruining a game I only vaguely care about so I quit. Well... good! If FFG want to make changes to their game because of players creating and using card effects to create decks that either milled or killed you in one turn, I’m glad to see it. It shows that the Organised Play aspect not only cares a great deal, but are in touch with what decks are being used.hot or not 3jpg
They stopped the white frankly stupid Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber with Luke’s Protection and the OG Qui-Gon to ultimately loop infinite damage round 1 before French Nationals. The nerf to Snoke was called for *cough* missed Yoda though *cough* and I think the Holocron was fair. People getting steamed about it and not wanting to play is also fine with me too, because that’s NOT HOT at all.

Been there. Done that. Don’t want to do it again. So I played a lot of Poker, Magic, Star Wars LCG in my life and we all know that when you should win next round and getting blown out by the river card, a huge spell you never expected or your winning dice removed, some players can often go on tilt and make very bad game calls. Your sequencing goes, your head goes and your A-Game now reads F. But how do we stop it?hot or not 4jpg
Well remembering the times it did work, no mitigation and a big W in the positive column. That feels good. All games have variance to them. Suck it up. You lost. Or misplayed. It’s not the end of the world. Grab a coffee or a shake. Tell yourself that in the next game you won’t do that again. We all become better players if we learn WHY we lose. So crying about "I had it won", "He was lucky", etc. doesn’t wash and will ruin your gaming day. Talk to a friend, or whatever you can do at the event and chill before playing again. It can make all the difference between a too cut or going home more on tilt than before.

eJyn/eCassian is NOT HOT. Sorry to all you guys, but this deck seems way too made by FFG for your enjoyment. Don’t think too hard. Two characters from the same movie that can mill and kill to victory and keep doing it. Except they don’t. At all. Remember the Rose and two Jedi Partisan deck? It could use both its vehicles and a mill strategy to win. Except it didn’t win a big event either really. It’s like the saying a game of two halves. What both struggle to do well is either one of those win conditions constantly.Your Destiny web cassian jyn analysisjpg Yes, Jyn Erso is annoying and combined with losing a card, by placing the card you want to die next with Cassian resolve, you stop the big hitters gaming weapons or vehicles. And then Jyn dies round 2 and even a Second Chanced Cassian dies Round 4 anyway. Decks that seem too good to be true are 90% of the time not that good overall. Check last weekends Regional standings. One event had 7 Jyn/Cassian decks and only one made it to the cut. It’s out there but it’s not performing well in the wild.

Finally my last this is NOT HOT is Standard play. Yes, I’m fully aware this is the largest card pool this game will ever have and as such people have access to every card ever printed. My gripe is always rotation. Losing your staple cards is going to put the game in a spin and how people won’t be able to use Ancient Lightsabers ever again or Force Speeds.

I can imagine the Facebook posts already and I’m cringing in anticipation of the outcry! Try at your FLGS or around the kitchen table a few games of Trilogy. See how different yet old school it feels. It’s a great format that will become Standard in only a few short months. Best advice ever given to me about playing any game, be it cards, sports or tabletop was “Be ahead of the curve”. Keep playing and building standard decks of course, but be aware that your game play will need to change, never mind you deck building. Our curve is coming up. Don’t miss it.

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