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DECEMBER 26, 2018.



sharing is caringjpg1. SHARING A COLLECTION
The value/purchase ratio increases exponentially sharing the collection with friends: 2 card playsets (rather than 3-4 card playsets like in other games) allows easier sharing of the collection! This also benefits multiple formats such as the Sealed and the Draft - increasing the chances of having a complete playset (or sometimes an elite character) in your tricky improvised decks. For example both me and my wife play Destiny competitively and we're pretty lucky because we are able to share a collection, therefore the purchase of every single pack or card has value for TWO players! This concept usually flies under the radar, but in addition to focusing on buying singles, do not underestimate the power of POOLING resources into a common collection with friends.

Destiny is an easily scalable game, suitable for both casual and super-competitive players. Both the Star Wars fan who wants a beer & pretzel game (using the 2 player base set and the basic theme decks) as well as the veteran of a thousand tournaments can each find their dimension in Destiny. The important thing is (on the retailers' side) to often vary the offer of events. Try multiple formats, indulge in homebrewing rules for your weekly game night! You won't be disappointed.ABSOLUTESjpg3. CAN BE CHEAP!
Common and uncommon - except EXTREMELY rare cases from the first block - basically cost nothing to purchase. Most rares on the secondary market can be found in the €0.50 and €2 price range. The localized versions (versions in languages other than English) in particular offer - according to the laws of the secondary market and basic offer/demand ratios - obviously lower prices as the availability of product tends to be overabundant if compared to the player base. ENGLISHjpg
What do I mean? I mean that by carefully selecting your deck, you can participate in any event by spending only a few dollars to build a fairly competitive deck, for example, the 5dice Villain or the new Battle Droids! (Check some of the YOUR Destiny budget decks published on this website). In other words, we could also embrace the assumption that if you look carefully in the international groups, you might snitch a non-English-printed legendary for a cheaper price!

The game is strongly thematic, above all from Legacies onwards. The introduction of character-specific upgrades, specific vehicles and cards in general that work well with every character, but MUCH BETTER with their named character has added a new dimension to the game. In addition, the theme decks (eJyn/eCassian, eMaul/eSavage, Qui-Gon/Anakin, Nighsister Salad) now have the potential to be truly threatening in the game!Jyn Cassianjpgsavage mauljpg
The rotation
will bring a big refresh to the meta game, flushing out some cards that have defined the competitive scene for almost 2 years as Force Illusion, Ancient Lightsaber, Overconfidence, Feel Your Anger, Force Speed, Second Chance and so on will be out of Standard and Trilogy Format. Having a format like Trilogy gives us the opportunity to try out part of the "future meta" well in advance - do not miss this chance! Community leaders: remember that formats are your friends! hot or not2jpg
As currently structured, the rotation offers very different life spans for various sets. The Awakenings Expansion Set has been on the market for 2 years now, while the Empire at War Expansion Set will rotate out after 14 months (approximately). Although it is important to keep the basic sets in Standard as much as possible, the disparity of longevity of a set can paradoxically create problems for the players and compromise their desire to invest in a certain set!
The 5-card booster packs are annoying! While I understand the production costs of this game - only 5 cards in a booster pack feels pretty absurd. A booster pack contains 3 Commons, 1 Uncommon and 1 Rare/Legendary. With only five cards in a booster, there are practically TWO sets of rares in each expansion (1 set with dice: Rares, and, 1 set without dice: Uncommon)! Sometimes it felt harder to find a Force Illusion than an Ancient Lightsaber, especially on the secondary market! It would be very nice if (compatibly with production costs) the booster packs contained 1 extra common and 1 extra uncommon!

The Rules Reference Guide and Balance of the Force refresh rate is too low! We want a dynamic game, playable characters and thematic fights using as many cards as possible of all those we have purchased. So why not use the Balance of the Force more persistently to fix all those (sorry...) unplayable cards (i.e. Luminara Unduli!) collecting dust in our bookcases? I'm not saying in the Standard format - which being the main format is obviously the most delicate .. but at least in Infinite format !If even there were disturbing interactions .. it does not matter!holocronjpg
Some players claim the problem is that the NOVICES would become confused by these changes: the point is that many novices do not even know the existence of the Holocron documents (or even the Rules Reference). If they do not aim to participate in official events (dammit, you lazy sofa players...) then the problem vanishes. But for all the other players, the moment they are introduced to the existence of the document, it will not be difficult to metabolize it!

The Organized Play pyramid:
Season Kit > Champ Store > Regional Champ > National Champ does not work, especially because of the kits. This issue has been reported by multiple content creators, but I'm confident Fantasy Flight Games will fix this. The latest Regional kits are a HUGE improvement in my opinion, offering playable cards, fantastic playmats and sweet spotglosses.want to win a regional1jpg
At the very least, it is unthinkable to use the exact same structure and size of kits throughout the world, where the size of gaming communities is so profoundly different! For some retailers (i.e. Italians), a 32-player kit, as well as being very expensive, is almost useless, because they have playgroups with 6-8 competitive players!

It would be great to have an Organized Play circuit characterized by goals for the players, who in pure "gamification" style of the OP - like Keyforge, maybe? - can achieve wins to earn fantastic exclusive promos: The more you play, the more you win! No more getting 6-10 copies of alt art Guard ...

I hope that Organized Play will see a change similar to what happened with X-Wing: League (and cheaper!) Kits, no more store/regional/national pyramid, and BETTER prize support. This would justify formats SO MUCH MORE than just Galactic Qualifiers! If you think about it, outside of the GQ's, Trilogy has been almost non-existent to date!opjpg
My personal issue has always been trying to force the Organized Play pyramid into every game system. I had recently a discussion with Sean Aguilar from The Artificery Crew, and I agreed with him that the changes introduced with Legend of the Five Rings (another of FFG's popular game systems) have brought a good shake. Therefore I hope Fantasy Flight Games has learned from this experience and will foster similar changes throughout the other game systems. More than wide capillarity of Organized Play Kits distribution, they should aim to LOCAL community building and maintenance kits.

The latest Wave Deluxe kits for X-Wing, even if they arrived with good 3 months of delay, are a magnificent example of this. They contain prizes for customers awarded just for purchasing products and prizes for at least 3 events. All of these prizes are completely different and encourage players to come back every time to earn something different and valuable. Previously, in many cases, I have seen retailers throwing seasonal kit promos at a player just because they ordered so many that they didn't know what to do with them!

The environmental impact of a single Destiny Booster Display is BONKERS. Leaving aside the obvious impact of production and transport of booster packs, the biggest problem is PACKAGING! For collectors like me, who still want to challenge their fate by buying more than one booster display, 36 booster packs produce a lot of waste that just as it enters the house ... goes into the trash!plasticjpg
The boxes themselves is easy to recycle, but how good would it be to have a booster box WITHOUT all the different packs and 36 small PRINTED black cardboard things? Also, those cardboard things are meant to hold the die in place, but I've literally NEVER seen a die in its slot when opening a pack. This proposal will perhaps seem silly and not very sensed, but if we can not avoid the packaging... it would be awesome for it to be a little more environmental-friendly.

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