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FEBRUARY 6, 2019.



It obviously had to be here, but I'm finding myself getting more and more excited about the imminent release of Convergence, the new Starter Sets and the Draft kit. It's going to be awesome! And the spoilers are a major part of me getting in the right mood.spoilersjpg
I've pre-ordered my fair share of displays from my Local Game Store (of course) and I'm confident in saying that it was kinda an emotional decision, and the number of displays would have been way less if it wasn't because of the arrival of multiple spoiled cards in recent days. We are consumers and we are (also) motivated by exterior things like "hype" ... get it Fantasy Flight Games? Release more HOT SPOILERS ... Create more hype ... sell more cards!

I'm pretty sure that most players who watched the Covenant Masters Livestream of the games featuring lead designer Jeremy Zwirn and his Palpatine - Unlimited Power (paired with Sentinel Messenger and Executioner), were getting just a wee-bit HOT! HOT Mama ... that Palpatine is just awesome!! And I love how the design of Palpatine interacts with your deck construction in very much the same way as Downgrade - Bounties. BUT with Palpatine the effects are much greater and ongoing.palpatine lightingjpg
Some players are pretty annoyed with rotation, mostly because they fear that some of their old cards are going to plummet in value, and while they are (probably) right, I for one am looking very much forward to rotation.

It's going to be a totally HOT new gaming experience within the frame work of one of my favourite games. Losing cards like Force Speed, Force Illusion, Ancient Lightsaber, Sith Holocron, etc. is going to be a great challenge in terms of deck construction, which any player should really relish, and is likely to shake things up quite a bit.rotationjpgI only have 1 Regional left in my current tournament calendar, which means that two weeks from now, I'll be packing down all my cards from Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, Empire at War and the old Starter Sets, and likely not be seeing them again for a while. R.I.P!YOUR Destiny Standard Format GRAPHICSjpg
Also, another great benefit of rotation is that it will offer the best possible time for new players to join Destiny. No more moaning and groaning over having to buy cards that will be almost immediately useless, but every single card purchased from the Legacies and Convergence cycle will be tournament legal in Standard Format until early 2020!

I already have quite a few ideas for welcoming new players into the dirty business of Destiny and I really hope that rotation is going to bring a new crop of budding Destiny players as well as revitalise that part of the player base that have experienced a dip in enthusiasm, whether due to what they considered a stale and unimaginative meta or reservations regarding investing too heavily in cards they didn't feel they'd get too much value out of.

The last couple of weekends have been rife with livestreams from Regional events around the world, which is HOT! Even if it means staying up until very early morning to catch the finals from events played in other time zones. This is a MASSIVE improvement from just half a year back, when we couldn't even get a stream from the North American Championship at GEN CON.

Streams are exciting and different experience from watching YouTube videos. Thank you to all the great content creators and communities out there providing us with streams of increasingly better quality! This includes, but is definitely not limited to: The Artificery, Team Covenant, Golden Dice Podcast, The Chance Cube, Outer Rim Smugglers and many many more ... also a big THANK YOU and shout out to our German YOUR Destiny Podcast crew who are going all in on their livestreaming activities.

Btw. if you are interested in setting up a livestream, I'd recommend you read through this guide we did some time ago on "HOW TO LIVESTREAM" or drop us a line and we'd be happy to tell you about our experiences of "do's and don'ts".OP FFGjpg

We are actually preparing a full article dedicated to the many implications of the restructuring of Organized Play at Fantasy Flight Games. Alex Watkins is the new Global Director of Organized Play, and many of the European Destiny players will know him from his great work with OP Europe (in different capacities). Obviously, the new OP scheme is not a single man's work, but I'm confident in saying that many of the changes we've seen so far is due to the management of Alex Watkins. He's a great guy, and if what has already been initiated of various activities is any indication of what to expect in the future, I'd expect GREAT THINGS!

One thing in particular that I find to be HOT about the new Organized Play setup is the much higher degree of communication! It is essential for the maintenance of the player base, those loyal stalwarts that have been in the game since the beginning, that they feel heard - even if the influence might not be direct in any way!

I've been writing and editing, rewriting and reediting this first NOT several times now. First of all, I'd like to stress that I do NOT consider the incident covered by the "Unsporting Conduct" section in the Tournament Regulation, even if part of that section could be applied to the situation in question. I'll explain why later ... Also ... I'm NOT trying to point fingers at anyone, just trying to understand what went on here.

So, it was a bit weird. Watching the finals of the Seattle Regional on the excellent stream provided by Artificery between Marcelino and Cody was full of twists and turns, and while I don't find the eTarkin/eSnoke mirror particularly satisfying to spectate, whereas playing it is grand, what ensued at the end of the match as a consequence of things prior to the game itself, was nothing short of tense and thought provoking (yeah, I know, my life is boring!).no handshakejpg
At the end of the game, Cody (right) offers his hand to Marcelino (left) for the "post-match handshake!" and is promptly brushed off. No sir, no handshake! That's a NOT! No matter what, you shake your opponent's hand! Just do it! You are not trying to make best friends or secretly say "I forgive you". The handshake is a common courtesy. You don't need to hug, dance and sing Kumbaya. Just shake your opponent's hand. You can always go and sanitize it afterwards if the handshake makes you queasy.

So, why didn't Marcelino shake his opponent's hand? Well. According to the stream chat and the commentators there had been some pre-match talk about Marcelino hoping for Cody to concede the game as to secure his Worlds 2019 Reserved Seat (which only the winner receives). Cody, who already had secured a Worlds 2019 Reserved Seat from winning the Vancouver Regional event, didn't need the win per se, but still wanted to bag the win and the trophy, which is fair enough.

As people who know me well will tell you, I'm not a fan of conceding games. I just don't really like it. It's not in my competitive spirit to do that. BUT, I'd also find it VERY difficult to deny someone the chance of going to Worlds just to get a big acrylic trophy sitting on my shelf to collect dust. As you might know, I did in fact concede my top4 game at the recent Copenhagen Regionals to give my friend Marcel a fighting chance to take down the Regional and make it to Worlds 2019. So, I guess that's also a NOT!libertyjpg
Some people suggested that Cody and Marcelino could just fix the game, i.e. Cody officially conceding, but still play the match for the trophy and the bragging rights, and while I understand the idea behind the suggestion, it's still not entirely the same. When you "know the outcome" of a game prior to playing it, it just plays out differently.

Having said all of the above, individual players are of course at liberty to do whatever they want (well ... almost). And matters hopefully got solved eventually, but everything at the end of that game just screamed "lose-lose situation", which is probably NOT the best place to be! And there's probably a lot to that story which we know nothing of ... So, I'll shut the f*ck up now.

So, I'm getting excited about Convergence, but it annoys me, that we have nothing but hearsay on the release date. When Apple (without any comparison whatsoever) release a new iPhone people they camp outside of flagship stores to get their hands on the products. The date is set months in advance and it creates a real sense of excitement.

Fantasy Flight Games have already improved tremendously in terms of releasing products in appropriate quantities and within the advertised time frames, i.e. first quarter of a year. Now, we just need a properly scheduled release calendar! It's simply NOT cool to put in a pre-order of a thousand dollars and not knowing when to expect the product to arrive. I know that there are a lot of things to consider, but scheduling a release should NOT be that difficult!

I've gone through a period of time in which my interest for content creation for Star Wars Destiny has been on the decline. I still love the game and will definitely stick with playing it, but I'm also very particular about what I spend my time on. I've reached that stage in my adult life where I'm privileged enough to mostly doing things I enjoy doing! And I almost never do things just to do it. Life is too short for that.vader computerjpg
Nowadays, it often feels like I often (just) keep the website going to satisfy other people, and while that's definitely sometimes necessary for us to stick with something, it's probably NOT the best motivation behind a website for a card game. There's a lot of hours put into any kind of content creation, and obviously the people behind it is always going to ask themselves whether or not their time could be better spent on something else - playing for instance! I know, I do.

Anyways ... I'm not out the door yet, and I'll keep churning out stuff ... for now! Also two things:
  1. Writing in English, which is obviously NOT my first language is actually kind of a challenge for me, and it keeps slowing down my work pace.
  2. I'm super excited to see so many new content creators out there, which means I'm confident that if I decide to call it a day, the void will easily be filled out.
A Battlefield which has NO negative side effect, apart from allowing your opponent to take control of it, is NOT a well-designed card.theed nobrainerjpg
I'm so much struggling with keeping up to speed with how to handle all my tech gadgets properly. Whenever I face a tech problem, I try and google the answers, but there's such a massive amount of stuff to be learned that I just don't have the time or in some instances even the interest to do it.

Like the other day, I was recording a "Chat 'N' Play" session in ASK Gaming Cafe and part of the recording ended up being totally screwed due to encoding overload. Having to find out what that was took me another half an hour ... man ... It's so NOT being a tech neanderthal.

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