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APRIL 17, 2019.



Written by CLAUS STAAL

Of course I couldn't leave the announcement of SPARK OF HOPE, the eighth expansion to Star Wars Destiny, out of the HOT list! I'm honestly not particularly impressed with what I've seen so far from the set, although I always do love me some spanking hot Thrawn, but that's no reason not to be excited about the new release.Spark of Hope card fanpng
There are a lot of things that's going to be interesting to see if the design team will follow up on, most notably:
  • How will they build upon the success of their design space of "subtypes", both Kylo and Rey are "apprentice", while Thrawn is a "leader" and all the Ewoks are ... well ... "ewoks".
  • Will they add more mod upgrades and make the subtypes of "engineer" (Rebel Engineer and Rose) and "pilot" (Poe Dameron) important subtypes with an impact on the game, which could possibly again make fullblooded vehicle decks viable.
  • Will the set introduce new characters that will end the dominance of a few powerful support characters, i.e. Snoke and Yoda.
  • How many players will rage quit if Lightspeed (the yellow event in the upper left corner of the card fan) turns out to be a Hyperspace Jump 2.0!
We will of course be doing an in-depth analysis of all the spoiled cards from Spark of Hope, but that's for another article!

2. EUROS 2019
The European Championship 2019 is looking to be one HOT gathering of European Destiny talent. This week the ticket sale started for EUROS 2019, and while players across Europe will need to negotiate with their families and financial advisors before tickets can be purchased and travel plans finalised, there are plenty of things to be excited about! (Click the image to go to the official page):euros Your Destinyjpg
The European Championship 2019 is widely expected to be the largest tournament held on European grounds hopefully eclipsing the previous EUROS by a wide margin! The fact that the venue has changed to Krakow (Poland), rather than the UK as has been the case the two previous years, makes for a welcome change, that will hopefully make the tournament more affordable (prices in Poland are generally low) and more accessible with Poland being in the heartland of central Europe.euros3 Your Destinyjpg
It's also going to be awesome for me personally, as I once again enjoy the privilege of marshaling the event, and cannot wait to have the best of the best in Europe descend upon Krakow (a truly beautiful city if touristy stuff is your thing as well).

Finally, the tournament is also going to include a Galactic Qualifier pre-event on the Thursday prior to the European Championships itself, the absolute best start to four mad days of Star Wars Destiny! Players will of course be anxious to see whether Spark of Hope will be released in time to make the tournament even HOTTER!euros2 Your Destinyjpg
With the amount of top notch supports around, including the unholy trinity of Vader's Fist, Megablaster Troopers and Entourage, and their dominance of the game at the moment, anyone who can should include Vandalize in their decks. vandalize 5 thingsjpg
Being able to rid yourself of an opponent's support early might be exactly what you need to eke out a win in those tightly fought top games. It is normally not a particularly good strategy to be the reactive part in a game, you really want to be the aggressor, but with the ramp ability of a card like Entourage, the sacrifice of 3 character dice might be well worth it to halt that tide of madness coming your way!

The acetate spotgloss cards are just beautiful, and I can't wait for the first Convergence spotglosses to make an appearance! I know that for some they'd much rather want to sell their swag, or need to, but not me.

I'm in a very fortunate privileged position where I can allow myself the indulgence of putting spotgloss cards into binders with absolutely no other purpose there than for them to look pretty. I know, I like pretty shiny stuff. I still have some way to go to make a full collection, but I also still have a few more Galactic Qualifiers planned (up next is the Nordics Galactic Qualifier in Malmö, Sweden followed by a trip to sunny Bologna, Italy).spotgloss Your Destinyjpg
And while it may seem like a total waste of binder space and money for some, like Adriana, I like them nonetheless! They are my PREEEECIOUS. Also, the newer cards, i.e. Luke Skywalker, are printed in a slightly better quality and look absolutely gorgeous.

When Luke Magnuson did his deck analysis on the ePadmé/eLeia deck he really showed the way with his use of Mean Streets. It is currently my favourite Battlefield for a number of character pairings, not just ePadmé/eLeia, but also other speedy decks spotting at least one scoundrel!mean streets 5 thingsjpgBeing able to claim the Battlefield and play powerful "time walking" cards like Snuff Out or In the Crosshairs, will not only let you get ahead on initiative, manage your resources, but also reduce the current gap in power level between aggro and support based decks! Just watch out for those Probes! They'll sting like hell!


For those of you who have been with us for a while will know, in particular if you've been listening to our podcasts, ASK Gaming Café has always been our local man cave and the focal point for many of the activities that we have been engaged in. Our Gaming Café has now unfortunately closed down and we are now a podcast without a home, but it's also truly a sad day for the Destiny community in Copenhagen, which for a long time was one of the most vibrant in Europe.002c95cb-623b-4257-8494-1e902317ee38jpg
We'll need to see if the Copenhagen community can recover from the loss, while we will never again be able to say "... as always recorded live from ASK Gaming Cafe in the heart of Copenhagen" as we round off our podcasts. I'm going to miss that place! It's given me countless hours of fun ...

There are always those small parts of a game of Destiny that you clearly remember. Moments where things either go really well or horribly wrong. They are small parts (even if extremely impactful) because a lot of events normally lead up to enabling that particular moment its importance!

One such moment struck like lightning in the first round of the Standard event on day 2 of the Galactic Qualifier in Milton Keynes, where I was facing off against Sentinel/eGrievous2, not a daunting task by any means, and as I was getting ready to clear the table with my Gungan Warrior, Enfys Nest's Marauder and decked out Firespray-31 ...16 damage Your Destinyjpg
My opponent had other plans and played a Tactical Mastery into a Grand Entrance activating General Grievous with a weapon in each of his 4 claws promptly ending the game with 16 damage showing. I had made plenty of mistakes up until that moment to deserve such a result, but was still shocked! So shocked actually that I didn't even realise that my opponent HAD TOO MANY DICE IN THE POOL!

Star Wars Destiny players, remember to keep track of board state or you might find yourself taking 16 damage to the face, a well-deserved fate for not being focused on the game.

Mads Utzon is one of my best friends and for the last two years he's been my traveling buddy for events around Europe, testing partner and co-host on podcasts, videos, etc. He's also incidentally one of the best Destiny players in the world! I do not know anyone who has such a phenomenal grasp of the game as Mads. He sees plays that most players would overlook, and is a "ruthlessly calculating player". He'll almost always choose the mathematical optimal play - and he wins plenty of games due to this strategy.Mads Utzon Your Destinyjpg
Mads Utzon is a competitive player by heart and at the moment he's grinding Magic The Gathering: Arena like a madman, and he has done so since the release of it. It's difficult for as talented a card player like Mads to keep interested in a game like Destiny that constantly peaks and subsides, but more often hits lows than highs, and it's not just a loss for me personally and the YOUR Destiny podcast generally, but also for the Destiny community at large. His insights are often invaluable, and I do hope he'll find the spark (of hope) to get his head back into the game.

No worries though ... he will be at his most predatory self before EUROS 2019, he just can't help himself. He's that kind of guy! A freak of nature.

Do you know this routine of packing up your stuff, meticulously going through every deck to make sure that everything is set before a big event? Counting dice, adding extra sleeves, putting in an extra battlefield in case you lose it, and recounting it all over again? Yes! I normally do that, and I did it for the Galactic Qualifier in Milton Keynes.dice missing Your Destinyjpg
I know, when you look at the picture of my Infinite deck for the tournament you're immediately thinking, that can't be right ... well ... the deck was actually ok, but look closer ... CLOSER ... CLOSER ...dice missing2 Your Destinyjpg
Yep, that's right, those dice do NOT go with Palpatine's Lightsaber, but with Darth Vader's Lightsaber. It gave me quite a run for the money at the event when I realised that HUGE mistake and had to find two dice to go with my Palpatine Swords. Not quite how I thought I'd spend my first break between rounds. And a lesson for all (most of us have been there) ...

A HUGE THANK you to Georgie Reeve and Bert-Olof Lundin who helped me out when I needed it the most!

I'm going to make this real short ... the Q-KITS from 2018 have still not arrived in Denmark.
Shipwreck Your Destinyjpg

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