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APRIL 24, 2019.



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I've been playing like a chump lately and can really feel that I need to get more games in! It's been pretty bad actually - and the recent Galactic Qualifier was a nice wake-up call for me (more on that later). But whenever things are not going so well, I just remind myself of Kim Kardashian ... she once played a poker game with mirrored glasses! That's right! And it kinda puts things in perspective!KARDASHIANjpg
I of course do not have the same qualities as Kim Kardashian to keep my opponent occupied while I do stupid stuff. And btw. the mirrored glasses are in front of her eyes! EYES!

Finally we got a Galactic Qualifier in the Nordics. It's not in Copenhagen, but almost as good with Malmö just a short 45min drive from Copenhagen, crossing into Sweden (the occupied West Bank as it is sometimes referred to in Denmark).malmo GQjpg
I've been totally hyped on Destiny since coming back from Milton Keynes and I am looking soooooo much forward to GQ Malmö. There are also rumours suggesting that we can expect a small invasion of Brits, most of them our Patrons, which will only make things spicier! I guess the Brits have something to revenge after the great heathen invasion in 793 (the latest one in 2019 wasn't too much of a success).

You should really consider going and can find the Facebook event here or buy your tickets here!

It took me a while to get games in with Lor San Tekka, but after recently having watched a YOUR Destiny TTS League game where he was used to devastating effect, I just had to get in some action with him!

So, initially I wasn't too sure where Lor San Tekka would fit in (although I did give him a 4/5 rating in my Convergence Set Review), apart from the obvious as a support character in either a vehicle or mill deck. Sure, he has some things going for him, including a ridiculously cheap elite die!lor san tekka YOUR Destiny 5jpg
There are in fact only 4 other characters in the game who has an elite die valued at just +2 points: Fenn Rau (11/13e), Jar Jar Binks (7/9e), Satine Kryze (8/10e) and of course the omnipotent Snoke (12/14e). That in itself should be cause for some investigation. Add to this a deceptively strong Power Action that allows him to sift through the discard pile, find 3 good cards and get one of those back into your hand. It's an interesting mechanism that it's your opponent that chooses from cards you've pre-selected. It's a small game within the game itself. And his die sides are not too shabby either!

From what I've seen so far, there are some pretty nasty decks with Lor San Tekka out there, I already tested a few, some of them look pretty strong, and a few of them are just damn HOT! Like Gauntlet HOOOOT!

[EDIT: Jack Broomell from Golden Dice Podcast just made me aware that I missed new Count Dooku (11/13e) in my summary of characters that has an elite die at +2 points ... Jack is also HOT!]

After a full weekend of GQ action in Milton Keynes, with players from all over Europe attending, I'm amazed with the quality of players present (I HAVE to say that as I had my a*s handed to me several times over the course of the two days). I saw loads of high quality action at the gaming tables and feel that the competitive scene is looking really strong! That bodes well for the upcoming European Championship 2019 in Krakow, Poland, which I expect to become a fierce showdown of Destiny talent!

On top of that, the European community is just incredibly welcoming, and while I'm sure that's also the case for other communities, this is the one I get to experience and have dealings with on a regular basis, and I can truly say that I'm honoured to be a small part of it!

We made a competition amongst our Patrons to see if anyone could come up with a great deck for me to conquer the UK with ... that plan didn't pan out well ... BUT, there's still one lucky patron who gets to win a Darth Vader Playmat, and that person is:YOUR Destiny winnerjpgI'll post his suggested list next week along with a recorded test game! I can reveal though that it includes X-Wings and Lor San Tekka!


It has been silly busy times ... like constantly something to do! And I have to admit that I've totally underestimated the time required to run a website like www.YOURDestiny.dk, produce almost daily content as well as record videos, etc. Add to this the production time involved in editing our podcasts and a busy schedule at work for our producer, and well ... then you have no podcast in many months.podcast episodejpg
Do not doubt for a second though, that I love making our podcasts and it's really annoying NOT having time to sit down and just talk Destiny! We are going to get there though - it's a priority now - and will hopefully release a new podcast episode VERY VERY soon!

Proper sequencing is alpha-omega in Destiny. Games are won and lost on the back of either good or poor sequencing. In a casual setting, you can always rewind the clock and redo the sequence, whereas in a competitive environment you really shouldn't. I mean, we do it all the time, but there's really only one way to get your sequencing right and that's by NOT getting it wrong!YOUR Destiny SEQUENCINGjpg I cannot even start to count the number of times I went: "Erhmmm ... I'll do like this ... (proceed to doing it, just to:) ... erhhh ... wait ... no, that's stupid ...". I really need to get my sh*t together ... FAST!

Storing Destiny stuff is really a hassle ... sure, I could make it easier on myself and just store everything in a shoe box underneath my bed (but that space is already taken by other junk), and I do admit that I'm totally obsessed with having everything in order ('ish), but keeping track of your Destiny dice and cards is almost like a third full time job, while being able to afford having space for all of it requires a fourth full time job (the first one pays my bills, the second one spends whatever time and money is left). And no mentioning of affording to buy the cards in the first place!

Wherever I look there's a die hidden ... this week alone I've been unable to locate 1 Ezra die, 2 Leia dice and 1 Entourage die - and those are just the ones I've actually been looking for! Recognise this problem?YOUR Destiny mansionjpg
Maybe I should ask Daren Metropoulos if he has a room available in this fine mansion?! There ought to be a spare room for a small streaming table and shelves to keep my dice and binders nicely collected!

4. SNOKE ...
Most people who have followed my many musings on Star Wars Destiny will know that I believe Snoke and Yoda to be, by FAR, the two best characters in the game (I know, that's not exactly a revolutionary statement!) ... which is actually the reason why Snoke has made it into my NOT list today! Yoda might also have been a candidate, but I honestly feel he's less problematic at the moment than the Supreme Leader!YOUR Destiny Snokejpg
The problem, as I see it, is that Snoke has become limiting to how we approach deck design! He's so good and such an incredible enabler that one of the few reasons to design a competitive deck that does NOT include him is just to prove you can! I'm not saying that there aren't any other good decks out there, because there definitely is, or even that any deck that includes Snoke is going to be great, because they aren't, but you don't really need to go above and beyond Snoke. The likelihood of you striking gold, if you are a decent deck builder, when you start with Snoke and build your way from there is pretty decent!

Add some - or all - of the cards from the "Unholy Trinity" of Vader's Fist, Megablaster Troopers and Entourage, and you are standing on rock solid foundation. It's like mixing a cocktail where you start with Cuban rum, lime, mint and sugar ... I mean, you'll have to work hard to mess that one up!YOUR Destiny mojitojpg
Of course great deckbuilders are always going to try out different character teams and combinations, but a lot will end up with Snoke or go totally "counter", but that in either case still proves the point, and why shouldn't they? He's just that good.

... ah, btw. for your Mojitos, try and add a touch of Champagne! Mama ...

No more words ...

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