5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny!


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NOVEMBER 7, 2018.



hot or not 3jpg1.VADER'S FIST
A few weeks ago our author Tim Meads said in his Wednesday Column that Vader’s Fist was NOT hot, and while I am open to different opinions, I’m straight out saying he is 100% WRONG! This card is everything a support should be, high costed, hits like a truck (3 times the round it’s played and twice after) and is going to make blue villain decks horrific - unless like me you play blue villain and build decks to gain resources and smash people to death with it. Snoke and Yoda are amazing because they are fantastic characters with great dice and abilities. If we can play 6 cost upgrades round 1, this will hit the ground running. Hot? It’s magma.

So yeah I’m all in (pardon the pun) on Fist. Big time. But how do we stop it? It will ruin Destiny! Nonsense it won’t at all and if Darth Vader becomes as prevalent as we think he will, we already have three cards to stop it stone cold in its tracks already.hot or not simonjpg
If you play hero it’s time to bring out the N-1 Starfighter. That special to exhaust or discard a support. Sorted. Are you a villain player? We have you covered with AT-ST. Goodbye Vader's Fist. Thanks for playing. Sure it costs 1 more but if you have prevente them resolving the die 2-3 times it paid itself twice over. The third is of course good old Rocket Launcher. Rest easy there is hope!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We of course know that Simon is just joking .... N-1 Starfighter and Rocket Launcher can't remove Vader's Fist because it's not a vehicle :P ]

In Europe we are in Destiny dream land. While the rest of planet Earth is falling asleep, we have had so many Nationals that for little money and a weekend trip away we could have 10 chances at a paid trip and tickets to Worlds 2019. I flew from Ireland and finished 5-1 and 4th overall in Swiss at the recent Nordic Nationals 2018, but fell short in the cut. The best thing about competitive play in our wonderful game is meeting new players, seeing new decks and having fun. Belgian and French Nationals are up next and GQ season starts just around the corner. Plenty for us all to look forward to, especially with a new set dropping as well. Only our bank accounts will suffer!

I really enjoy Destiny. The whole thing has me smitten. I see a card and think wow that’s amazing. How can I fit that card into a deck to make the most of it? How can I ensure its maximum efficiency? When and where is the next big event?Discordjpg
This is where Discord comes in. Some, like the YOUR Destiny and Hyperloops Discords involve a small monthly charge, but as these guys are content creators it’s nice to spend a little to gain a lot in return. General chit chat, deck tech and thoughts, planning trips and hotels and other giggles everyday help us build a community which is already superb. If you haven’t joined one yet, I would strongly suggest you look into joining one.

Asking questions with dedicated players can only make you a better Destiny player and isn’t that what we all want to be, even if we only play casually?

Man oh man is this little lady making a triumphant return to the meta. If you are playing vehicles and not using her something is dangerously wrong. Combining her with Snoke turns her resource sides in to 3 for free, that’s better than a Chance Cube! Get those ships out and keep making money for more. If she manages to stay alive however well then let the Bank of Ree pay you back with interest. Readying a support of our choice late game with Ciena is an ability I have found that most people forget she can do. If you can use an AT-DP or AT-ST twice in one round it’s a game winning move. Any vehicle. Bonkers. If only Planetary Bombardment was a vehicle!hot or not 4jpg

So I’m going straight into the deep end. My YouTube channel is Sith Holocron, after my favourite card from the opening set and still seeing play in tier one decks now. I can see it changing to Vader’s Fist soon, but that’s another story!hot or not 9jpg
My point is I never play heroes. EVER. Hero players have only one game plan. Shield me up. I take more shields. Get through my Illusions and Pacify my own dice after a Caution. Give me a break! Here is a Vibroknife, I don’t care for your apparent happiness, please die already. Luke3 and Yoda or Grumpy Gits won Nordics 2018. How? Well it’s a damn good deck. It is. Just boring. Well played it’s superb. Just not my bag. Backup Muscle and other past the shield cards just don’t care. I’m hoping villain becomes really strong and takes their rightful place at the top of the Galaxy.

Now before I go off on another “What?!!” rant, I actually LOVE Trilogy (actually, I just wrote an article about it!). Destiny played without Second Chances, Force Illusions, Cubes and Holocrons, never mind Force Speeds and action cheating is amazing. Remember kids that after Across the Galaxy, Trilogy as now will become standard, so getting ahead of the curve could be a big step in increasing your chances of success in the future.

My gripe is hardly anyone is playing it. A new set? New cards! Let’s play win the last set with every card available. How broken can I make this? But in only a few months, those top decks will be gone! 50% of the cards that made them tick are obsolete and we have to start again. And where is the FFG OP support to make us play Trilogy decks outside of a Galactic Qualifier? We as players can test, but either very little official backing, I’m sad to see this format not played more regularly. Let’s fix that if we can.

The first time I played this game was when a game designer and organiser of our local gaming night asked me to try out a new Star Wars game from FFG. As a X-Wing player I said yes straight away. The cards were ace, the tokens looked great...then I saw the dice. Those huge, made for children, clunky awful heavy dice. I almost said no. It’s not repeatable what I actually said. Thankfully I did play and the rest is history. What my concern is about, is the dice themselves. How many of us keep using the same characters or upgrades? Many of us do. Many never play a character at all (Luminara I’m looking at you sister) Her dice is pristine. My Heirloom dice are losing their shine and more than worryingly are losing their graphics to scuffs and general use. CCG games are not cheap, Destiny more so because of the dice element. I hope as the game grows the dice become better because in general this is becoming a bug bear for me.

Qi’Ra. Mithel. Luce. Val. VAL??? Come on this is stretching things a little. Yes we got a new Darth Vader, Han and Lando, but those three are iconic Star Wars characters. Where is the new Chewie if you are picking characters from the Solo movie? Surely we need a new C-3P0, not Millenium Falcon number 23. If we want new players our game attracts Star Wars fans.hot or not 7jpg
Give them people they know. Ackbar so they can yell “It’s a Trap!” when he rolls out. A playable Maul would be awesome. Same for Mace Windu or Ashoka. In the power creep game those old cards will never be played so bring us new ones to replace them. You have done it before so please do so again. While you are at it can I please ask for an Ewok? Anything is better than Jawas... OK so someone recently opened a full box of AtG and we got some cool characters like Boushh and L3-31, but not main ones!

There aren’t any. Anywhere. We play too. So do Australia and Brazil and other places and very little if any have OP support or official tournaments.hot or not 8jpg
That isn’t good enough when you allow us to buy product and want to play like minded Star Wars fans to the death (over cards and beer, but I digress) I will always have to fly to make top level events which I’m lucky enough to afford to do several times a year but many people can’t. Helping us grow the game in the country you play in only makes them more money, so surely that’s a win/win situation right?!

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