5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny!


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NOVEMBER 14, 2018.



Hot or Not6jpg1. JEREMY ZWIRN
Fantasy Flight Games has taken a lot of flak lately (including the NOT section of this article), but credit should be given where credit is due. The lead designer of Star Wars Destiny, Jeremy Zwirn, is an incredibly talented game designer. FFG has a lot of faults and is definitely lacking in some departments compared to their competitors, but there is one area where FFG is light years ahead and that is game design. They are producing incredibly fun games as well as expansions and Across the Galaxy is no different. What a fantastic set! Jeremy keeps pushing the boundaries of the game and I think that is very important for the future of the game!

(I know, it sounds like a pop band or a weird sitcom), but it is in fact THE German power trio. I met these guys last December at the Galactic Qualifier in Madrid, then at a small Regional in southern Germany, again at Worlds 2018 and Euros 2018, and they are HARD CORE GRINDERS and good people.

They go to every tournament possible and they really put up amazing results. They just split the finals of the Belgium Nationals 2018 between them, and locked up their last missing reserved seat for Worlds 2019. Keep an eye out for these guys. Blitzkrieg is coming to Minneapolis next May!
Hot or Not1jpg
What a hit! As mentioned earlier, this set really pushes the limits of the game for the better and has been incredibly fun to play so far! In light of current events (or lack thereof) it was important for the players to be reminded why exactly that we put so much effort and money into a game. I think Across the Galaxy does just that! Also, it came out within the exact time frame FFG had promised, which gives me (some) confidence for future releases.

No other game have ever given me the same sense of a community as Destiny. Not only the community at my Local Game Store: ASK Gaming Cafe, but also online through Facebook and the YOUR Destiny Discord. Being under the Star Wars franchise, Destiny attracts a certain kind of nerds, one that I happen to like very much. So far I’ve been very impressed by the community and its ability to stay focused through all the heartache Fantasy Flight Games is giving it.Hot or Not7jpg
My good friend, travel buddy, editor, mentor, idol, etc. While it might sound like we are tooting our own horn here at YOUR Destiny, it is important to note that Claus does almost all of the work. He is a one man army when it comes to producing content, keeping the community alive and informed. Destiny in Europe would not be the same without him. Furthermore he is an incredible talented player, I had the pleasure of commentating on Claus' games in the Finals of the Nordic Championship and the guy is a stone cold killer!

The match can be found on https://www.twitch.tv/yourdestinypodcast/videos and it is worth a watch.

Claus have also been producing articles daily on the YOUR Destiny website and it is really starting to pay off. His knowledge of the game and the format is unrivaled right now, and I won’t hesitate to call him one of the best players in the game as it is!

How a company the size of Fantasy Flight Games can release a set expansion of this size and impact and not have the rules updated to follow is an enigma to me. How many mods can I give my vehicles? How does stifle work? These are things we needed to know before the set came out. How am I supposed to buy a product if I don’t know what is? Get your head in the game FFG!

The game looks to be growing. If you run the numbers, almost every single Nationals was bigger this year compared to last year. Still if people see one guy from their LGS leave the game they panic and posts on Facebook or Reddit how the game is dying. The game is alive and well. Stop crying 'wolf'.Hot or Not2jpg
How can we expect to attract more people to the game, if all they read is about how the game is supposedly dying out? If you cant find the community you are looking for at your Local Game Store, go online instead. It is very much alive and well there.

For anyone interested in how they can help the game grow, go and read Filippo Bosi's great introduction on "Community Building 101".

Jeremy have been pushing the limits of the game and while that is good, I fear Fantasy Flight Games can't keep up. If the game at some point breaks (by breaking I mean one deck proving to be truly overpowered in such a way that you simply can't play something else and expect to win), I fear FFG will react too slowly, the hivemind and combined intellect of Destiny players have yet to break the game, but it will happen eventually and when it does FFG needs to step up to the plate and take action fast. Hot or Not3jpgAt the moment FFG seems very out of touch with their player base and this might be an issue in the future.

To me this is the best way to enjoy my game. Watching the best players play it out with on point commentary. Fantasy Flight Games does nothing in this regard (don’t ask me why) so it is up to the community to pull the weight. It is not enough to set up a stream of the games (though that is better than nothing) you really need commentating, live-deck techs and interviews with players throughout the day. We need people devoted to doing just coverage, and we need the community to support them. The Chance Cube are losing money every time they do coverage of an event, even though they have a Patreon and hundreds of viewers. We all need to step it up!

How do you introduce new players to this game? So far I’ve pulled out my Rey/Poe vs. Kylo/Phasma set and played a couple of games with it to introduce the mechanics of the game to aspiring Destiny players. Then I get the question, so can I buy this box and show up with my Kylo deck next game night? And then I have to inform them that this deck is only 23 cards, so it is not quite legal for them to play with, and that they have to buy even more product.Hot or Not4jpg
Having Starter Sets that people can't rip open and immediately play with, and forcing them into buying more product is a greedy way to approach new players. They will buy plenty of product once hooked, but nobody is going to get hooked if you try to cheese them out of a few dollars before they even get started. Make some playable 30 card starter decks with iconic characters (FFG do have that part locked down though) and simple mechanics. It really isn't that difficult!

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