5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny!


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NOVEMBER 28, 2018.



It love the thrill of the competitive game! As most of you are probably aware, I'm a sucker for competitive Destiny. It's not that I don't like the casual kitchen table games once in a while, I just don't really seem to have the time for that anymore, but what really makes me love Destiny are the complex thrilling games at Premium events!

The battle of wits, struggle to optimise plays and figure your opponent out before he figures you out is exhilarating! That cannot be compared to any TTS game - EVER. When, at some point, I am to sleeve up my cards for the last time (more on that later), I'm going to miss that the most ('ish).Hot or not2jpg
SIDE NOTE: The defining highlight of my day at the recent French Nationals 2018 was destroying a decked out Shadow Caster with my AT-ST to end the game in 5min, closely followed by my top8 game, which I eventually lost, but a stern reminder as to why it's important to keep your head in the game: ALL THE TIME! Win or lose though - competitive games are HOT!

I've only ever met The Hyperloops guys, Nick, Joe and Mike, once at Worlds 2018. And we actually only spoke ever so briefly at the event. I randomly met Mike Gemme after his 6-0 exploit at Day 1a of the event and congratulated him - that was it.hyperloopsjpg
But being a content creator myself and often in contact with other content creators in the game, following Worlds 2018, we (Mads Utzon and I) started chatting on Discord and in an impromptu Facebook chat with the three loopers, and they are really awesome! They bring loads of passion, knowledge and a refreshing edge to the game, and are generally just nice people. hyperloops2jpg
Everything from the strategic discussions to messages encouraging each other during competitive events and even more personal talk is one of the unexpected side effects of this fantastic game. I hope to stay in contact with them way beyond the demise of Destiny!

Mads Utzon and I talk Destiny - a lot! And I love discussing Destiny. Going deep into the game, discussing various plays, deck tech, doing meta analysis and probing the minds of other great players is just really HOT!

Prior to going to French Nationals 2018, Mads and I were discussing the final tweeks to Thrawn/Snoke, and decided on a pretty simple template: "We only want to play good cards". Cards we considered, pound for pound, to outperform other cards and facilitate our win condition in various games. Or simply put, with 1060 cards available, why play bad cards when you can play good ones?Hot or not1jpg
That lead us to a brain storm session where we were going through our choices and rediscovering some old lost gems, that we hadn't played in a while, but really should be playing. That's how Boundless Ambition and Imperial Discipline ended up in our French Nationals deck! And both were red HOT during the tournament! As we move deeper into the Across the Galaxy meta, I propose you do the same!

We receive a lot of messages from players and patrons engaged in Destiny. And while we have a bit of difficulty answering all of them, we do try though, they are incredibly nice to get! It's mind blowing how appreciative players from around the world are of our content, and it's always nice to get a pad on the shoulder or a 'Thank You' note. THAT'S HOT! And I'd like to thank everyone who has been supporting us and taken the time to sit down and write us a small message in one way or the other! THANK YOU!

chess hot opr notjpg1. LOSING GAMES
Everyone loses games once in a while, and I lose my fair share of them (a lot). And it's not losing per se that I'm all NOT about. It's losing games that I should have won that bugs me. Losing a game due to my own mistakes and inability to take the proper time and care to sequence the plays right is so frustrating. I often watch recordings of my own games and can't help but yell at myself at times! That's just NOT okay!

Right now there are too many uncertainties in Destiny. Where is the game going? What are the plans for the future? Set releases? Timeline for the new Holocron Update? When is Worlds 2019? Where is Worlds 2019?vadder hot opr notjpg
This is a "problem" both as a content creator, which also wants to be on time and current, but also as a private person. Most of us are not teenagers, who have endless amounts of time on our hands, but we have jobs, family responsibilities and other things we'd like to - and should - do. Not knowing when and where to fit things in makes life a bit messier and that's just NOT how I like things to be!

In Mads Utzon's column some weeks ago, he raised early concerns on whether FFG's response time to a broken format would be adequate to solve immediate problems! At that time it might have seemed a bit premature for that kind of doomsday talk, but just a week later, the problem materialised right in front of us! FFG's hand was forced, prompted by a hailfire of messages from players around the world, to issue their first "emergency errata":errata hot or notjpg
The crazy process that we went through to remedy a relatively simple wording problem, was - to put it mildly - pretty crazy! The problem got solved, and thank you for that, but the process towards the solution was NOT pretty!

As most competitive gamers, the vast majority of my testing takes place online, and I rarely have more than 1 or 2 decks sleeved up at any given time. One of which is my current tournament deck. I have a system of binders at home with cards in them, and amassed a crap pile of boxes with dice, but man ... I just cannot get used to sleeving up cards.

And having to sleeve up several decks for a gauntlet test session in ASK Gaming Cafe, my local hangout in Copenhagen, is just so NOT! I love to go into ASK and meet up with friends and play my favorite game, but be'jesus, the struggles I go through, the cursing and crying, to sleeve up the decks ... ggrrrrr .... I could definitely live without that hassle.stuff hot or notjpg
I don't know about you guys, but when I realised I was getting deep into a Collectible Card Game, I thought that meant having a small box tucked away in a small corner of a deep closet somewhere in the basement ... It never occurred to me that all the cards and dice and mats and .... would be everywhere. Not figuratively speaking, but literally everywhere. It seems as if there's no place where there isn't a Destiny card, die or sleeve hidden away. Open a kitchen cupboard and boom! Man, storing Destiny stuff is just NOT an easy task! And what's on the picture is just the stuff that I use - everything else is ... well everywhere else!

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