5 Things That Are Hot and Not About Destiny!


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DECEMBER 12, 2018.
TODAY'S COLUMNIST: Jan Drangmeister



Spoilersjpg1. SPOILERS
After a couple weeks of silence after the release of Across the Galaxy we received new spoilers this weekend. And a lot of things in this article make it absolutely HOT! The 3-4 month release schedule seems to be holding water, downgrades and the use of subtypes seems to be two very interesting new game mechanics and we got another awesome Captain Phasma! Maybe a little bit too awesome?! Oh, and reprints! HOT!! Read our article about the spoilers here.Wullfjpg
An Ohio local hero, Mike Hill, managed to fight through a bunch of Thrawn/Snokes and took the win with this unusual pairing. He played Kylo Ren/Wullf Yularen despite Ahrinda Pryce being the preferred red partner for Kylo so far. This comes as a welcome surprise and for some even as a relief in a somehow tedious meta. Well done and totally HOT!

Speaking about the meta ... I'm not even going to talk about the new Holocron - it's not hot, because it‘s just about time! Read our article about all the changes here!

In a world of focus and other die manipulation this card is a great meta call at the moment. Play it if you can! Except if your name is Claus Staal or Mads Utzon – then put it in the NOT list just next to Stifle and Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder, but what do they know ;)Artificeryjpg
It's great to have a point of contact for continuous, global and highly competitive games online. Last week the 8th season started and recently the YOUR Destiny patreon member Adam Länsberg aka NightBring3r and myself made it to the last round, so we have a full YOUR Destiny finals.

Sticking with your own ideas and strategies without being distracted by the flow of the competitive meta is an impressive feat. Some would call it stubborn or obstinate, but I like it when people start to personalize their decks and playstyle and just go with it.droidjpg
Talking of sticking to your guns, I had the pleasure to play the great Eric Wainwright at the Top 4 in the Artificery League recently and he played his legendary Awakenings BB-8. For me that felt somehow like back in the old days when Yugi played his Kuriboh in a desperate moment.

We had a great time in Paris for French Nationals 2018, don’t get me wrong, but going into a tournament with the mindset on winning isn’t healthy for a mediocre player like me. When I lost in the semi finals my dreams of flying to Worlds 2019 were crushed by the cold harsh reality. At least, the kind folks from our group picked me up with nice words (offline and online), some shoulder padding and a few beers!hot and not jan4jpg
And in retrospect I’m pretty proud of making Top 4 in such a high level tournament!

Failing to win a seat in France and still not having a Worlds date is demotivating. For me personally, the question is if it’s even possible to go right now as a flight booked on short notice from Europe might just be too expensive. And don’t get me started on time off from work.... Let's just hope FFG steps up their game and announce a date soon so players can start planning their trips.

Otherwise it will basically be a US only Worlds event, but hey, that’s kind of their thing, right? In my opinion Fantasy Flight Games needs to improve when it comes to Organized Play and maybe the freshly promoted Alex Watkins, who's now the Global Director of Organized Play and has done marvelous work for Organized Play in Europe, can do something about it.ffg bikejpg
On the basis of difficulties in delivery, German stores were asked to wait with their Regionals announcements. For us who want to grind as many events as possible that really sucks because of work, family and all the other real life stuff that needs planing and time as well.

We all prefer live games over TTS games, I guess. But in a community where you have 2-4 consistent local players it can be dreary to play the same people and decks over and over again. It affects your whole game plan and progress is much harder if you are not confronted with different ideas and approaches to the game. Some sad folks here in Germany have no local players at all, so they either need to travel a lot or be happy with games in the virtual world. That's a big fat NOT!time zonejpg
I know it's complaining about immutable things, but it can still be tiring to get up early for league games (did I mention the Artificery league already?). But to be fair, so far, all players I had the pleasure to play against were very accommodating, be it in the Artificery or the YOUR Destiny League. So it might be NOT, but not much to do about it ...

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