5 Things We Learned From GQ Nordics!


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Today, we'll be looking at "5 Things That We Learned From The GQ", examining different things that popped into the mind of Claus as he walked around the tables marshaling the event in Malmö (Sweden).

MAY 22, 2019.



Written by CLAUS STAAL

I love the challenge of Star Wars Destiny games, the complexity of them and the myriad of choices they normally offer, but man ... Trilogy games are just not there. The extremely limited card pool makes for no to little challenge and in particular because what is likely one of the strongest decks in that format is a monocoloured deck, namely ePhasma/FO/Advanced Training. This is the version of the deck which Keir Sweeney went 5-1 with in the Trilogy event at the GQ Nordics. nordics gq list keirjpgThe limitations of the card pool becomes very apparent when looking at monocoloured decks, which in the case of the above listed deck means that the deck utilize an overall of 32% of the entire available card pool, which separated into types look like this (excluding battlefields):
statsjpgThis includes red and grey cards and even cards that would be utterly useless and no-picks in a deck of a certain type, i.e. No Answer in an Aggro Deck, and cards that are just bad, i.e. Domination.PHASMAjpg
Add to the limitation of deckbuilding the pretty non-challenging nature of the deck itself and you'll probably agree that if this is the best deck in the format, that format is dead (for now). As a final note 35% of all Trilogy decks at the GQ Nordics were ePhasma/FO/Advanced Training.

I get it ... everyone hates Snoke ... which is understandable. I mean, he's such a good facilitator and enabler and has probably seen more competitive play than any other character since his release, and he is - as some have already stated - limiting to how we design decks. Recently though Snoke has had a HUGE target on his back, and while managing to dodge quite a few bullets already, including one powered by FFG Nerf-powder, this one might be what will bring him down.5 thingsjpg
Arrow Brook Gaming already released a podcast talking about DECOY as one of the strongest weapons in the arsenal against Snoke-based decks. It stops the Snoke ramp dead in its tracks by absorbing the damage that triggers the Snoke Power Action! BINGO!

Same goes for cards like MIND EXTRACTION and to a lesser extent SHADOWED that both either stops the Snoke Power Action or make it come at a pretty hefty price tag. Both cards are also functional against other characters, i.e. Palpatine, Phasma, etc. while the Decoy trick also stops cards like The Best Defense... We will have to see for the next couple of weeks if these tech-cards will have an actual impact on the popularity of 3wide support decks.

I had expected a lot more 6dice Lor San Tekka decks at the Galactic Qualifier in Malmö and it was in fact one of the decks I myself would have sleeved up if I had registered for the Standard event.Billionaires2jpg
I think Lor San Tekka is incredibly good and his Power Action ridiculously powerful if you can set up your rounds properly. Managing to always have mitigation in your hand offsets the fact that this is a relatively slow mill deck. It's built for the long haul, but will suffer against faster 2wide mill. Your dice are stupidly cheap yet they make for an effective cocktail when combined.

I'm nonetheless surprised that the deck didn't pick up more popularity with just 5 versions of it registered for the first Standard event and 4 for the second.

Support characters are really becoming the focal points of Star Wars Destiny. Few decks at the GQ used "BIGS", with Palpatine being the rare exception, relatively few went middle/middle, while the clear tendency was 3wide with support-like characters partnering up to combine powerful abilities and health. Some of the best decks in the format in fact just consist of support characters.5 things2jpg
It's worth noting that quite a few 2wide decks included either Padmé or Yoda, both being superb support characters offering incredible consistency.

This is also due to the fact that many support characters are now endowed with abilities far surpassing their pay grade: Watto's ability AND Power Action just being one example of this, while the Sentinel Messenger is fast becoming one of my go-to villain support characters. The game definitely needs to change design direction if middle/middle or big/little are going to be viable competitive options again.

5. PLOTS ARE ...
Not long ago the only plot worth bringing was Profitable Connections (well ... there weren't too many choices either), and even that came at a pretty hefty cost, while today plots are everywhere. The plots both fill out the points spaces and bind characters together, while they also bring extremely powerful and unique effects into the game. Some of them maybe too powerful, i.e. Armored Reinforcement.5 things3jpgOne of the most interesting developments to follow within Star Wars Destiny will be whether the design team will be able to stay within the restricting design space of 30points for character teams while using the plots to fill out the gaps or if it becomes too restrictive. While I think the plots are a subtle solution to the problem, there are indications that it will turn out too problematic.


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