5 Things We've Learned From Convergence


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APRIL 3, 2019.



Written by CLAUS STAAL

After having completed the environmental catastrophe which was the opening of the Convergence displays, we can finally get down to business. It's been a LONG wait ... I know, it hasn't been any longer than the usual time between sets, but it has for some reason felt unusually long, and while there's still plenty of unknown things to be explored over the next couple of weeks, months even, there are some uncertainties we can now put to rest.

Today, I've picked "5 Things We've Learned from Convergence", looking at the state of the game, the things that were good and bad, and the winners and losers!

[EDIT: SO, the B I G  thing yesterday (Tuesday April 2, 2019 - effective from April 8, 2019) was the release of the new Holocrons for all three formats, Standard/Trilogy/Infinite, and we are going to do a full feature of that in a separate article!]

So, Mod Upgrades were the big thing in Across the Galaxy, much to the surprise of most of us here at YOUR Destiny, and the introduction of that category was a huge success and various versions of the FAT Vehicle deck archetype came to dominate parts of the Across the Galaxy meta.5 Thingsjpg
While 7 Mod Upgrades was released in Across the Galaxy, not a single new Mod Upgrade was introduced for Convergence, which in turn means that Trilogy format for the foreseeable future will not include that archetype at all and one can only hope that the eight expansion will include it.

While neither monored Hero or Villain teams are going to win a major tournament anytime soon (calm down Gungan lovers!), at least both Red Heroes and Villains received their FAIR share of love in Convergence!

A small indication of this can be found in our comprehensive Convergence Set Review where 64% of the cards that earned a 5-Star rating were either Red Hero or Red Villain cards, and while there are only a few standout characters of the set, most of those that look the strongest also look pretty red, Padmé Amidala and Tin Man, and the addition of powerful supports like STAP Droid and Megablaster Troopers are sure to keep the love flowing for a colour that has been severely overlooked in previous sets.5 Things we learnedjpg
Even the reprints looked as if they were favorable to Red. While Blue gained cards like Defensive Stance, Lightsaber and It Binds All Things, Red across factions received Field Medic, Probe and The Best Defense... The latter arguably being MUCH more powerful cards, that all look to remain staples (honestly, when did you see a Lightsaber being played the last time?).reprintsjpg
... AH and let's not forget that we also got the chance to continue using these awesome Spotgloss cards (they might miss a lot, but they look damn good while doing it):
5 Things we learned4jpg

With Palpatine - Galatic Emperor (Spirit of Rebellion) rotating out everyone were holding their breath when the new Palpatine - Unlimited Power was unveiled during Team Covenant's livestreamed game with lead game designer Jeremy Zwirn.5 Things we learned2jpg
Palpatine is definitely the marquee character of the set, and I expect him to remain one of the most expensive simply due to his popularity, but he seems nowhere near the power level that stalwart Imperialists might have dreamed of. If Darth Vader was the terror to behold in the Across the Galaxy meta, Palpatine is unlikely to reduplicate that feat!5 Things we Learned3jpg
When I did my initial review of the Sith Lord, I added the provision that his final rating would be dependent on his access to cheap force abilities. We now know that Malice was what we were all (apparently) waiting for and it definitely wasn't worth the wait ... gone are the days of the hallowed Sith Holocron (and thank God for that). Well ... Force Storm is pretty dope, but it's also 4 resources, which is VERY expensive - even if you get to roll it in twice with Palpatine.

I'm certain that Palpatine is going to be nuts in Infinite with access to absolutely ridiculous ability upgrades, including the aforementioned Sith Holocron, Force Illusion, etc., while he'll probably have to bide his time in Standard Format, if it will ever come. He's not quite as bad as Darth Sidious though, but few are!

Looking at today's prices according to the Chance Cube Price Watch, Palpatine does not disappoint (I know, it's stores, but still) ...Price watchjpg

The "Tribal Theme" covers the Design Team's push for making subtypes a viable design in Destiny by adding effects and synergies to the game which are dependent on a player being able to spot one or more subtypes. Examples of such cards and effects are:5 Things we learned7jpg
It spans from cumulative effects, i.e. Chance Encounter and Channel the Force to double spot requirements. We are accustomed to the single spot requirements for subtypes, but Convergence underlines the importance of this design by adding an even larger portion of cards that have subtype spot requirements or enhanced effects when spotting one or more subtype(s).

I thoroughly enjoy this change and think it will make deck construction both more challenging and entertaining. It certainly makes for a higher skill cap within deck construction and will require players to constantly play smart during a game to get the most out of their deck.5 Things we learned8jpg There's just a slight difference between the two, but it's there ... and it matters!

Of all the subtypes in Destiny, what probably had the most people excited were the Bounty Hunters. They have had a collective 2 minutes of fame in the various Star Wars Movies (like the REAL movies), but players are still drooling for them!no disintegrationjpg
Currently we have 6 Bounty Hunters (with the actual subtype) in Destiny, while I've been told that both IG-88 and Aurra Sing, who are now only playable in Infinite Format, are also thematically Bounty Hunters (they don't have the subtype printed on them though). 5 Things we Learned5jpg
Of those, Asajj Ventress is definitely the one that excites me the most, but I've been told that people love Dengar - Ruthless Tracker?! The design team does not share that love though, and the Bounty Hunters do not look like they are going to have much impact on the competitive meta apart from being fillers wherever needed!5 Things we learned6jpg
Not even the new bounties are going to make it worthwhile adding Bounty Hunters to your character team. Obviously players are going to try and make it happen, like Jon Magnuson from The Destiny Council who wanted to lure us into his giant snowball of hype for Dengar (You can check out his Deck Analysis on The Destiny Council website).Dengar listjpg
At least Jon makes a strong case for Armored Reinforcement being a busted card, but we kinda knew that already ... and well ... it has nothing to do with Bounty Hunters.

If anyone had hoped for the famed Bounty Hunters in a Galaxy Far Far Away to become anything but fringe, they will have to stay patient for a while. I guess the flavour text on Dengar sums it up pretty well: "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GETTING PAID FOR THIS!" ...