5 Things We've Learned From EUROS 2019!

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AUGUST 28, 2019.



Written by CLAUS STAAL

161 players had made the journey to compete for the European Championship 2019 and while we already have talked a bit about the drop in attendance, I still felt that the event was everything we had hoped for!eurosjpgThe venue Krakow EXPO was an incredible setting for the largest event in Europe and the atmosphere was tense and full of a friendly, but competitive spirit all four days!

I'd also like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came by and said hi as well as everyone who made this an event to remember! One particular joy was to see all the youngsters playing and I'd like to make a HUGE SHOUT OUT for Mikolaj Sikorski, who took down a GQ 6-0 and made it into the Top32 and didn't flinch an inch when pitted against Mads Utzon during the main event, and Tomasz Domagalski, who made Top8, and I'm certain that both will be a solid foundation for competitive Destiny in Europe! I definitely hope to see the both of you again at other events across Europe!


When I was invited on The Garbage Will Do Podcast Episode 48 to give predictions on European Championship 2019, I said that the choice between what I believe are currently the two best decks in the format, Satine Droids and Jabba 3wide Supports is essentially a choice between the best characters in the game or the best cards in the game! I stand by that basic analysis and it has even been reinforced throughout this weekend's events.droids eurosjpg
I don't think anyone can doubt that the combination of Satine Kryze, R2-D2, C-3P0 and Fateful Companion is absolutely broken. It's in the words of both Joe Colon and Mads Utzon an effective 8dice start: 5 character dice, double auto-focus and/or increasing value on resolve, and rerolling a die. NUTS! It's effectivity gone through the roof. Is the pairing so strong that it needs nerfing, even if it eventually did not conquer Europe? Yes. I think so. The best solution, and I think most are in agreement here, would be to restrict C-3P0's ability to work only on his own dice. This needs to be addressed after NOVA 2019, the US Grand Championship, to be held the upcoming weekend. It's urgent - ESPECIALLY if we don't get Covert Missions before Worlds 2019 in October.
EUROS DAY 2 top cutjpg
Droids in various guises were literally EVERYWHERE, and the top tables were completely dominated by them and Jabbas. Looking specifically at Day 2 of the European Championship 2019 the aforementioned decks made up 72% of the field, while 48% of the field were in fact Droids. The numbers really speak their own language and it's not particularly encouraging.

With Tony Franco conquering the European title with his Jabba 3wide Supports, it is underscored that while the quality of the preferred villain character line-up: eJabba The Hutt, Wat Tambor and Sentinel Messenger is lower than that of the Droid decks, the supreme quality of the cards available to rainbow villains is undeniable!trinity eurosjpg
THE UNHOLY TRINITY of Entourage, Megablaster Troopers and Vader's Fist is as strong as ever and still represents crazy value, and while the initial fear of support hate cards like Convergence, Vandalize, Desperate Measures and Separatist Embargo might have kept some from relying too hard on supports, EUROS 2019 more than proved that they've stood the test of time. Sure, you are probably going to lose one or two, but you'll live through it.

Same thing essentially goes for mitigation, and while hero mitigation has almost throughout the entirety of the existence of the game been superior to its villain counterparts, pound for pound,  that seems to no longer be the case. Even Mads Utzon chose to cut Easy Pickings, arguably one of the best hero mitigation cards, to just one copy in the deck.
Mads Utzonjpg
The staple rainbow villain mitigation is just really outstanding and it was proven throughout the tournament that great cards can bridge the gap between the quality of the hero and villain characters.mitigation eurosjpg


The Fickle Mercenaries subgame is probably one of the most skill intensive parts of the game at the moment. The ability to take over your opponent's cheap, but powerful Fickle Mercenaries is as entertaining as it is a difficult strategy to master. When do you buy the Fickle Mercenaries, exhausted/ready, to prevent damage or more obviously to prevent the 2 Disrupt?fickle eurosjpg
It's become one of the most common catch phrases on stream and in commentary: "Buy the Fickle", "Why isn't he buying the Fickle?", "Buying the Fickle will win him the game!" ... it's exhilarating and I'm super excited about it every time it happens.

At EUROS 2019 there were plenty of examples of why you need to get your practice in with this particular aspect of the game - it will win and/or lose you some over the course of a tournament.

mads euros downjpgIt was tough watching my friend and team mate Mads Utzon being dethroned as European Champion as he lost his top 4 game against eventual winner Tony Franco, who on the other hand had played like a true champion all weekend! CONGRATULATIONS to him for his amazing win!

Mads is still, in my book at least, one of the absolute best players out there! As he told me when we went outside for a small break following his defeat: "We need to train harder for Worlds" ... that's the beautiful mindset of a truly competitive player! Mads, I salute you!

It's been an absolute joy and privilege to Marshal the last two European Championships in Star Wars Destiny, but EUROS 2019 was my last event at the helm of the microphone. The Judge teams that I've been blessed with have been absolutely amazing and while I'm going to miss their craziness and the great talks and laughs, I also felt - and maybe more so this year than previously - that I missed out on a lot of stuff.

I didn't manage to go to the Star Wars Destiny Meet and Greet in Krakow, which I really wanted to, and didn't get to spend time with our many YOUR Destiny patrons present at the event, and there were plenty of people I'd have wanted to hang out with, but just couldn't find the time for. This year was also incredibly tough with me trying to both run the stream, marshal, talk to all the players, greet them and sending them off ... umphff ... my feet were killing me at the end!packing euros downjpg
So, although it's kind of sad leaving the community responsibility of Marshaling behind, because that is really what it is, I know that more than able hands will take over and I get to fight it out with the best of the best for the bragging rights of Europe next year! I'll still be doing the occasional marshaling at Galactic Qualifiers and whatnot, if asked, but EUROS 2020 will be for someone else to safeguard!


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