5 Things You Should Do When Demo'ing Destiny!


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In today's column we are looking at "5 Things You Should Do When Demo'ing Destiny" ... Perfect time to start getting new players into the game! Perfect time to get your demo games right!

FEBRUARY 27, 2019.




The base to attract more people is having people see the game. Ask your Local Game Store or Gaming Club to put the event in their calendar, get hold of a buddy to help you out and 2 Starter Decks. Start playing Destiny and just be "loud and clear" about what you are doing.

Put up a Facebook event and schedule 2-3 brief learn-to-play events whenever is the most convenient. When somebody gets close to the table where you're tossing dice and exchanging cards, ask them to play and be your sparring partner! Intensify your presence and showcase the game!

The best way to attract potential players is to engage with them and appeal to them visually!
Bring your "loudest and most flamboyant" play mats, rock those fancy Vader and Chewie mats on the table. Use your Daddy Vader Power Action Tokens from YOUR Destiny to mark used abilities!

In my experience, the two-player play mats are the best! They look cool, are large enough to contain all your stuff and look awesome and thematic on the table. They just ooze Star Wars!hot1jpg
Also, be smart and use various aids to engage passing people: Maybe ask the store if you can use one of their TV's, screens, computer/laptops (maybe even bring your own) to project some Destiny content whether it is YouTube videos, streams or maybe THE NEW FFG LIVECASTS AVAILABLE ON TWITCH FOR CONVERGENCE! Even when you are occupied explaining rules or certain mechanics in the game to a potential new player, the screen will keep people entertained and get them hooked until you are ready to play with them!
It doesn't have to be big and fancy! Even a tablet with a slideshow of card images, some Star Wars playlist from Spotify or the FFG demo reel for Destiny will be enough to make your learn-how-to-play session easier and your table much more appealing!

Depending on your available time budget, you could also think about building your own "professional" Destiny table, as the one used by YOUR Destiny in their live streams! You will find all the instructions and how-to-build-it-yourself in these articles by Jan Drangmeister.

How To Build Your Gaming Table 1
How To Build Your Gaming Table 2

Regarding the demo game itself - seriously - HAVE A PLAN!

In addition to your "stage" you also need a good script to deliver a good learn-how-to-play event.
Prepare a little "speech" introducing the game explaining in order:
  1. Scope of the game
  2. How to win the game
  3. Different types of cards (print the rules reference scheme!)
  4. Core actions and dice mechanics
  5. Battlefields, Plots, Point Cost of Characters and the basics of deck building.
Do not pretend to be able to explain EVERYTHING in turn 1.
  • Use turn 1 to explain how activation, dice resolution, claiming and battlefields work.
  • In turn 2, explain how to PLAY cards starting from events, and what different type of cards are.
  • Have them repeat the steps from turn 1 (activation, dice resolution, claim) and go to turn 3.
  • In turn 3, suggest to play upgrades, supports and so on.

Feel free to provide pre-shuffled decks with THE FIRST 10 CARDS RIGGED TO PLAY PERFECT LEARNING TURNS! The only variable will be dice :)hot4jpg
It's all about interest, interest, interest.

Show people some cards in your collection, explain how those cards are tied to respective themes. But don't just throw random stuff at them, it can easily feel overwhelming.

Remember to visually engage people: rather than having the cards in order, get a SINGLE card binder page and pull from one of your old decks:
  • The characters
  • Maybe a plot
  • The Battlefields and
  • 3-4 core key cards of the deck.
hot5jpgPut them together all facing the same way to have a handy graphic reference while illustrating to explain the possibilities of deck building and the potential of the game.

Repeat this for two or three different archetypes of decks, and you'll be able to describe the full game of Destiny in no time!

This is particularly useful also with RETURNING players. They obviously know the basic game mechanics and pace, but they might not know the latest tricks or new super cool pairings they might wanna use in their next deck!

To me it's very important to specify that a DEMO or LEARN TO PLAY it's not a substitute for giving a good read to the manual. Illustrate to all participants not only WHAT the Learn to Play and Rules Reference documents are, but also HOW to use them, and why they are so important.

Illustrate them (if actually interested in the game) the retail model of destiny, with the objective of LOWERING THE POSSIBLE CONCERNS OF DIVING INTO A COLLECTABLE GAME

Make them aware that any doubt they could have in the beginning, they will be backed not only by you but also from the documents and the Official Rules Clarification threads on the FFG forums. The more they know, the better!

In general, you should have the following printouts:
hot6jpgIn addition to this, I suggest:
  • A few printouts of decks buildable from Starter Sets
  • One or two "budget decks articles" printed from the YOUR Destiny website
  • A short list of resources available: Websites, Blogs, YouTube channels. Add your contacts or the Destiny group contacts to always be reachable for a new player!
  • A printout of a selection of pages from YOUR Destiny's "resources" section, the rotation graphics in particular
  • A small "contact collection" form to gather players contacts: email, phone number, social media handles will be enough.
YOUR Destiny Standard Format GRAPHICSjpgI highly suggest using one of the many default forms found around the internet (be sure they are compliant to the latest regulations on privacy if you are inside a store!!)

Share a copy of these contacts - with the players' due authorization - with the store/club, so they can also play their part in keeping people in the loop about new products, offers, etc.

I usually insist on having hard copies of this material (even in our increasingly paperless world!) because walking out with some physical reminder of game resources is often more effective than (e.g.) sending a message/email with links afterwards. You'll have the chance to show immediately some quality content!hot7jpg
Star Wars is one of the strongest brands on the market, and it should show on your table. Bring extra theme decks in addition to the starters, lay them out on the table and have people go wild.

You shouldn't care too much about them getting every single interaction correct: Challenge them to an "Obi/Anakin vs. 5 Droids" game. Show them the potential of the game under the light of theme and fun.hot8jpg
Always remember that people want to have fun. Especially if you'll find yourself playing with FAMILIES (I suggest that - it's a tough, but very rewarding task), you can allow both yourself and them to slack a little bit on rules and interactions (or characters cost...) to promote FUN!

Recently, I had the opportunity to demonstrate the game to Luca and his elder son Marco, two customers of Comic Café that were just hanging out in the afternoon. After breaking the ice, they were immediately hooked! You cannot imagine how happy I was not only when they decided to purchase the Two-Player Set, but also when they told me that the whole family is now playing Destiny and can't wait to attend THEIR FIRST REGIONAL TOURNAMENT with their home brewed decks.

Be warned! I've seen a very nasty Kylo2/Phasma2/FOST/Bitter Rivalry deck out there... Be ready for my padawans!hot9jpg

Anyways, the 5 points we're suggesting are as always guidelines! Feel free to tweak them as needed and tailor them to your specific audience. In my experience, the ones suggested are kinda foolproof to *suscitate interest in the game*.

That's the key: Remember to feed their interest in Destiny, not simply the desire to just buy stuff.

That's everything for today. I hope these 5 "hot things to do" will be useful and feel free to shoot me an email at info@starfightersitalia.com or message me on Facebook to let me know what would you like us to address next on Community Building.

One of our next steps will be a full fledged Q&A: If you have questions or doubts about community building or maintenance, send me an email. We're gonna try to answer your questions in our next article!

When planning your demo events, always remember to check our previous article "Community Building 101" and use is as a checklist to grow and maintain your gaming group!

Keep on rollin' those dice HOT!