5 Things You Should Know About Mill!


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Today, we'll be looking at "5 Things You Should Know About Mill", examining all the secrets to being a successful mill player!

MAY 29, 2019.



Are you an avid mill player and like to take the gamble of letting your opponent keep all his character dice for the entire game? Or are you a player that hates the idea of the mill win condition even existing? Whichever side of the fence that you sit on, mill decks will be here to stay so let’s have a look at 5 things you should know About Mill!cardart_ANT_Millstonejpg
The game mechanics actively supports the mill win condition. Simply by playing the game and using your cards you are already creeping towards a mill loss. Let’s not forget there is also the mechanic that you can discard a card to re-roll as many of your dice as you like. Having the mill win condition makes every card precious and makes the decision to play or discard to re-roll a little more intriguing. When you really think about it, even the character dice themselves generally have less than 50% damage sides putting the odds in favour of the mill player right from the get go.melting clocksjpg
I’m always asked if I worry that my mill games will go to time. As the mill player it is your responsibility to make sure they don’t as if they do then you would have lost that game as it’s very likely the first tiebreaker of doing the most damage won’t be in your favour.

mill decksjpgThere are quite a few different types of mill decks. I see eLeia2/eLando2 as an aggressive mill deck that needs to get the job done before they lose a character or there is the slower more grinding mill deck with the 6dice eLor San Tekka, eJar Jar Binks and eSatine Kryze that just tries to frustrate and remove as many options from you as it can. Be it through permanent dice removal like Dismantle and Vandalize or temporary removal like Pacify and Entangle.mitigation mill decksjpg
The characters like any deck are paramount to your strategy and you aren’t going to win if you can’t take cards from their hand or their deck. Characters with Discard sides are crucial like Jyn Erso or Wullf Yularen or Discard from deck abilities or Specials like Yoda or my personal favourite the Jedha Partisan.characters mill decksjpgAll of my mill decks however have one thing in common that the character dice must have a bare minimum of 4 Discard sides across them all and be on every single character dice I have, because they are more important than taking cards from the deck. Discard sides affect the here and now and take away your opponent’s ability to re-roll to sides they want. They also speed up your win condition and put your opponent in the impossible condition of "if they use an action to remove it then they’ve lost a card anyway and maybe spent money to do it", if they do remove one then you know there is something in that hand they may really want to protect.


I’ve just stressed the importance of the characters but there are those 30 precious so important cards to go into your deck as well. Your goal is to stay alive and discard their cards from hand and deck as fast as you can which means you’ll probably want as much removal or dice manipulation cards as possible.removaljpg
They could be upgrades liked Skilled Tracker, Roguish Charm or Force Jump which are so much better then events as you could have them every single turn. removal mill decksjpg
You generally want your events to affect as many dice as possible such as Into the Garbage Chute, Beguile, Easy Pickings or Repulse.

The other option is to make yourself as hard to kill as possible which is much more likely to be found in a hero mill deck sporting Field Medics, First Aids or Dex’s Diner.mill decks2jpg This can be very frustrating for the opponent when they thought they had got closer to their win condition and you then heal the damage they’ve just done. Then you have the cards that speed up the mill win condition. The upgrades and supports seem to again lean towards Hero decks over the villains with cards like Lore Hunter, Force Meditation, Resistance Ring and Anakin Skywalker’s Pod Racer all being staples in hero deck lists.removal mill decks2jpg
The events are more balanced but with both sides having access to the incredibly powerful, No Answer for 1 resource which no other mill card can compare to. You now have to worry about discarding or playing down to one card in hand because No Answer can then hit you for that card and then a further 3 cards off the deck.removal6jpg


Every card you see milled over or discarded can give you incredible knowledge especially later into a game as it is quite likely that in your opponent's deck most cards are played at the full complement of 2. This allows you to see potential threats and make the correct decisions at the right times. There is also the overall game knowledge of knowing the decks being played and what is likely to be in your opponent’s deck or the deck’s tactic from the beginning. It helps you to decide what are the more important dice sides to target for removal.OPRAHjpg
However, for a mill deck there is never a bad time to remove a Focus side. You force your opponent to discard to reroll to get the sides they want and not just turn dice to the sides they want.

If they are going to beat you MAKE THEM EARN IT!

Finally, never ever forget the rule that if both players decks are milled at the end of a turn then the winner will be the owner of the battlefield and NOT the usual tiebreakers that occur when time is called on a game. mill rules2jpgThis could feasibly happen even if you aren’t both playing mill decks so it is relevant to all decks and not just mill players.
You may have hoped that in this article I can let you know how to beat them. I wish I knew. All I can say is resolve your damage quickly, resolve discard and disrupt as you are likely to stop them from manipulating or removing your dice that way and May The Force Be With You.


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