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The budget list is a new ongoing series at YOUR Destiny where we are taking a look at decks which we believe to be competitive, but limited to:
Max. value pr. single: 20$
Max. total value of deck: 50$

(Common and Uncommon card are generally evaluated as 0$ and we base our price estimate on the Chance Cube Price Watch Average Price. We also evaluate cards found in the current Starter Set(s) and Rivals Draft Set as relatively inexpensive, although they might have a fairly high price when purchased as singles, i.e. Hidden Motive. This is simply due to the fact that we consider all of those sets as MUST HAVES - no matter your level or commitment of investment).

As we are moving towards the first rotation of all the cards in the first cycle (the Awakenings Cycle) in Star Wars Destiny, a lot of players might be reluctant to commit too much money into buying cards that will cycle out of Standard and Trilogy Format come early 2019. For those players looking into an relatively inexpensive, yet competitive Standard Format deck might be a good starting point.

We do know that there are varying opinions on what is "inexpensive", "budget" or even "competitive", and while we acknowledge that the interest, possibility of purchase or ambition is different from player to player, we feel that the upper cap of 50$ is both adequate for being able to construct a competitive deck AND a relatively small investment.

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Back in the Empire at War meta, just when the 2player Starter Set had been released the 5dice Villain deck ruled supreme side-by-side with Rey2/Poe2 aka R2P2. Back then, 5die villains had all the best tools at it's disposal to run wild in the meta. It had the best weapons, offered decent protection for its main character, Bala-Tik, and had ridiculous burst damage potential. While it has retained all of these characteristics the meta is more punishing towards a deck with

The deck was later replaced by another 5dice villain version with eBala/eTalzin/FO which was piloted by Jonathan Magnuson to a 17th place at Worlds 2018. That version is a powerful deck in its own right, and could easily have been in the Budget Deck Series as well. A version of the eBala/eTalzin/FO also made it into top4 at Nordics 2018, and you might want to check that one out as well!

The decks, although gravitating around the same principle, are very different decks though and offer different strengths and weaknesses.

The main strength of this version: eBala/eCiena/Nightsister, is its ability to take down characters fast, especially low health characters, and while not as reliable as later versions, it does look like it can benefit from some of the shifts that has taken place in the Way of the Force meta.

One of the upgrades which has been omitted from the list is the X-8 NIGHT SNIPER! The card is still somewhat pricey and you might not want to put too much money into an upgrade that's going to be obsolete in Standard and Trilogy Format when rotation hits.Nightsniper Hidden Blasterjpg
The price at the time of writing this deck analysis (Mid-October 2018) is close to 20$/card, and we decided to add the Hidden Blaster as an alternative. If you already own the X-8 Night Sniper, put it in the deck - it's good!

Same goes for FORCE ILLUSION, which has been added to the deck list, but can be replaced by Armor Plating in case you don't own the Force Illusions and are wary to out too much money into an Uncommon card.

5die Villainjpg

5die Villain 2jpg
The main problem of this deck is to find black damage sides, which is another argument for including the X-8 Night Sniper over the Hidden Blaster, but once you get around this problem, you'll come to appreciate the absolutely destructive burst potential of the deck. On the positive side, it's rainbow and gives you access to all the best cards in the game, and it can go toe-to-toe against most decks in the format - even if it does not look as strong as back when it dominated the competitive Destiny scene.

Any deck that can present 10 Ranged damage on character dice alone is a deck to be feared, but it requires work and meticulous planning, which does make the 5die villain deck a very difficult deck to play.Dice side 5die villainjpg
BALA-TIK is truly the gang leader! He's the focal point of the deck and can just make opposition characters go BOOOOOM! You need to protect him at all costs even if Ciena Ree or Nightsister with a couple of guns can close games, Bala-Tik is the key to your deck. In most match-ups you'll never choose your own battlefield, if given the choice, but rather put the 2 Shields on Bala.

Finding the cracks in your opponent's strategy that can secure the Bala-Tik reactivation is what makes this deck difficult to play. Very often you need to durdle around, lulling your opponent into a premature claim allowing you free reign to re-roll into the damage that you need to finish off a character and go all over again with Bala.

CIENA REE is actually deceptively good! All her die sides are pretty dope in this deck, and while the Disrupt side used to be her worst side - well, it still is - and basically considered another Blank, it has become better due to the meta and you might actually want to resolve it more often than not. It is her double Resource sides which makes her amazing though. An early Logistics or just resolving two Resource sides can really push you ahead in any game. Being able to drop two round 1 weapons is incredibly strong!

At 9 health Ciena Ree is also an excellent The Best Defense... target. Even if you drop two The Best Defense... on her it still requires an effort to kill her. And she's still considered expendable! If the choice is between losing her or Bala-Tik ... well ... Sayonara Ciena!

I love the NIGHTSISTER! Her die sides are pretty great, and you need her two base Ranged damage to make the whole puzzle come together. And her special ability is just amazing and can be used defensively to mitigate your opponent's dice or offensively to find the damage sides you need!

5die villain 1jpgDH-17 BLASTER PISTOL is your favorite gun and you want one in your starting hand. It has great damage sides, including two base damage sides, and although it does have a pretty low floor with its two Blanks, this can easily be remedied using either Bala-Tik's Focus side or a re-roll.

E-11 BLASTER has been included because it adds another Redeploy weapon and has decent damage sides. The 2 Indirect damage is not optimal in the deck, but since you are not the fastest deck in the format either, you have time to resolve all the sides you need.5die Villain 3jpg
HIDDEN BLASTER as said previously replaces the X-8 Night Sniper due to the prohibitive price tag on the latter, but it still represents great value. It is a downside that you only get 1 base damage side, so you are required to work a bit harder for everything to add up, but you should be fine.

HOLDOUT BLASTER and LL-30 BLASTER PISTOL are your four basic Redeploy weapons. I prefer the LL-30 because it has 2 base damage sides and none of them are paysides and offer the possibility of using the Special to automatically turn another die to whatever Ranged damage result you need. The fact that it doesn't have a Resource side is definitely a major downside (as opposed to the Holdout Blaster), but it is nonetheless is a great investment.

All three guns have Ambush, and it can be nice in a pinch, but overall doesn't really matter a great deal to the overall strategy of the deck.5die Villain 4jpg
FORCE ILLUSION (which can be Armor Plating to reduce cost further) is probably the BEST mitigation card in the game right now, and can be used either proactively as a deterrent for your opponent to focus down a character, i.e. Bala-Tik, or reactive to keep a character alive.

ON THE HUNT only has a single damage side, but replaces Intimidate/Frighten as a permanent means to strip opposing characters of shields and if you have the resources to mitigate. If you need to, or are low on resources, it can be replaced by another upgrade.5die villain 5jpg
A long time favorite of yellow villains. 3 damage for 1 resource is nothing to scoff at. The strongest Backup Muscle plays are often to keep it back in your hand until your opponent has allocated damage or shields to their characters, sniping off characters that are left exposed.

You are not likely to choke your opponents resources with Salvage Stand, but you can force your opponent into suboptimal plays by the mere danger posed by it. Salvage Stand is excellent with Ciena Ree who's likely to hit at least one Resource side on her two character dice.

This deck can at times struggle a bit for resources because you need to put an upgrade down every turn. If you don't draw into your Logistics or variance cuts you short on resource sides on your character dice.5die villain 6jpg
FEEL YOUR ANGER is definitely one of my favorite removal cards. Incredibly high ceiling and even with it being a dead card in your hand at times, it still feels worth the risk. Don't be afraid to use the Feel Your Anger to remove 1 die if that can relieve pressure off your characters.

Best kind of basic removal for 3 wide and 4 wide decks. You are trading 1 resource and a card for 1 die, which can feel somewhat bad, but you get to pick and choose which die! Don't like that Planetary Bombardment 7 Indirect damage? Remove it!

HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU is great for those bad die sides that you won't be able to resolve and removing a Blank for one of your opponent's best dice is just excellent value.
5die villain 7jpg
HIDDEN MOTIVE might not be the best removal card at the moment, although it can work wonders against some cards, but it's 0 cost, and resource management is - as previously mentioned - an issue in this deck!

This is probably one of the best decks for THE BEST DEFENSE... because Ciena Ree can take a beating and still be around to provide you resources and +2 Ranged damage sides. Removing two of your opponent's best dice early on can be absolutely monstrous, and can be just the head start you need to seal games early!

5die villain 8jpg
FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES and PROBE fulfills the same role in the deck, making sure to secure your dice on the table. Sniffing out your opponent's mitigation - or even Hyperspace Jumps - is amazing in a deck that relies on so many small elements to come together, but once they do you can blow almost any character off the board!

VANDALIZE is great to take care of Chance Cubes, Sith Holocrons, Force Illusions (which can be annoying against this deck because most of your damage comes in huge chunks) and even supports like 0-0-0 or Anakin Skywalker's Podracer. You have 5 character dice, so should be in a strong position to remove almost anything, but the biggest supports.5die villain 9jpg
LOGISTICS is added for two reasons. It's EASY to play with elite Ciena Ree and should net you 2 resources whenever you draw it. Additionally, you need the ramp because you need to secure your boardstate by round 2. Playing two upgrades round 1 is almost always your strategy. Mitigating only when absolutely needed. ALWAYS keep Logistics in your starting hand!

Battlefield choicesjpg
We've chosen EWOK VILLAGE as the Battlefield for this deck, but it could as easily be B'OMARR MONASTERY. You are not likely to go for your own battlefield though. In most games you'll chose your opponent's battlefield! Put the Shields on Bala-Tik.

HAND 5ie villain budgetjpg
In an ideal world you'll see both DH-17 Blaster Pistol in your starting hand, but as that's not likely you can do with any of the 2cost upgrades. Keep at least one 2cost gun before mulliganing and any of the other cards listed above, and then redraw.

This hand will put pressure on your opponent while at the same time take control of the game, both allowing you to ramp and limit your opponent's ramp.

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