6dice Lor San Tekka Mill - Deck Analysis



WELCOME! Welcome to a new era where everyone will hate you !

I’ve been a mill player since I started playing Destiny and I just took a little mill hiatus playing the Yolando deck in the late Across the Galaxy meta. Mill has always been a very particular style of playing (as well as playing against) and a lot of players still can't handle that particular archetype. The amount of players who will curse you to the other end of the Galaxy when you mill them out of their last card are just countless!

As I was nostalgic of this time, I decided to come back to my first love and found a pretty decent deck that was called at first "Rian Johnson" (the infamous director of "The Last Jedi") by one of my sparing partner because it destroys all that you love.rian jojpg
Finally, I decided to name this deck "Billionaires" in a tribute to the old "Millionares" deck, but also partly because it, in my opinion, surpasses the old eYoda/Anakin/Cassian deck.

Billionaires2jpgLOR SAN TEKKA
As Claus Staal wrote it in a recent article, this guy is amazing and should definitely find his way into several top tier decks. For a mill deck he has everything you could ever want: Focus sides for consistency, Discard, Resource, Shield and top it off with 10 hp for only 11 points elite. Now, add his Power Action allowing you to bring back cards from your discard pile and you gotta admit that Lor San Tekka is simply NUTS! Billionaires6jpgJust take a look at your opponent's face every single time you Power Action cards back into you hand ... yeah, not a lot of opponent's like that!

At a glance she doesn't look to much for a mill deck! I mean, generating resource is fine, but the rest of her die sides and ability is actually better in a "damage deck". I did opt for Satine in the end because she still enables the deck in quite a great many ways:
  • First, she is only 10 points elite, so with Lor San Tekka (also elite) you will still have 9points leftover for a third character.
  • Secondly, she has 9 hp which is a lot considering her low cost.
  • Thirdly, she is a Yellow character giving you access to what is arguably the best removal cards in the game.
Now with the 9 points there are many single die characters possible, but I decided to go with JAR JAR BINKS. Adding him to the character team allows for a ridiculous 6dice start: One of the best sensations since I started playing Destiny.

Jar Jar Binks adds another yellow character to the line-up, allowing you to go heavy on "spot yellow" events without fearing them to be dead cards in your deck and his die is pretty decent, with only the Indirect damage side and the Blank being outright bad. And finally, I think his ability is strongly underestimated. The ability to reroll your opponent's GOD ROLL is so strong and when you consider that quite a few players tend to forget about it, it can be devastating. Your opponent can still activate him as his first action, but then you gain tempo which is also pretty good.JAR JARjpg
So now you have a pairing with a decent 26 hp and incredible 6dice start. You have an average of 6 value for the battlefield roll that leads to a great chance to win it every game. And with those 6 dice you can take the advantage on your enemy, even more because they are little value die and your opponent won’t control any of them.

Billionaires4jpgA99 AQUATA BREATHER
As the meta is leaning towards more and more Indirect damage (and has been since Legacies,  but more prevalent after rotation) this little upgrade has just become really good! Indirect damage tends to swarm you with damage but now you can reduce it by 1 every turn and for 0 resources, what else do you want?

I’ve always loved Bartering! You gain a good die for 1 resource. It can give you resources, a nifty Discard side, another Focus as well as a cool Special that adds more cards to your opponent's hand and functionally speeds up your mill process!

This card is potentially a broken card, I mean, every die that is just rerolled and not removed after resolution should be looked at as a potentially broken thing (just look at Force Storm). Blanking a die is good, but what about blanking 2 dice in the same round, maybe 3 or even more! The ceiling is the sky here! If your opponent starts rerolling to desperately try and fix those Blanks, well ... checkmate. Remember that because the Special is NOT a "then", you can reroll the Force Jump die even if there's no damage side to be turned. You can keep rerolling it until you find either a Shield side or a Blank!Billionaires5jpg
The only apparent weakness of the deck is not having a mill effect from deck directly represented in your characters pairing (as you find with Leia Organa and Yoda) so you need to look elsewhere! Force Meditation is a great upgrade for any mill player, although it has to be played before Lor San Tekka dies, but it does what you want pretty decently.

As Convergence began to get spoiled I despaired for the future of mill. A lot of cards were going to rotate out and it didn't look like new mill toys were coming. But then they spoiled Lor San Tekka followed by Lore Hunter. You really don't realise how strong this upgrade is until you've played it (or against it)! It costs just 1 resource and doesn’t need any die roll to be effective. Basically you will mill the strongest card out of the 2 you are looking at and then give a useless one to your opponent. Your opponent draws more - allowing you to mill more!

You need more mill power with this character team and Anakin's Podracer is one of the best at the job! It has a pretty good die, and mills from deck every time the die is resolved, and even though you don't have Anakin on board to turn the die to any side, you are still endowed with enough focuses to almost always get what you are looking for! Perfect!

As you will generate a lot of resources thanks to Satine's dice then playing Dex’s diner functionally turns Satine’s die into automatic heal! Healing characters buys you extra rounds, giving you more time to mill your opponent which is always good as this deck is not the fastest mill deck in the format, especially if you do NOT draw into the upgrades you need!

First of all you, keep in mind that every single event you play can potentially be played one more time due to Lor San Tekka ability. So adding as many of the best events as possible is key, then your opponent will have a hard time choosing every time your use Lor San Tekka's Power Action! It will very often be the lesser of two evils for them!Billionaires7jpg
BEGUILE is one of the best blue events affecting multiple dice, even if it only removes one, but Blanking another die is almost equally important for a mill deck! It also allows you not to get overwhelmed by dice in a round.

I think there is no need to introduce this card, crazy good, can break a game when played round 1.

I usually play ENTANGLE as a one off in many decks as it requires you to spot a yellow character, but with 2 yellow characters in your lineup you can run 2 copies. It's powerful mitigation that allows you to remove 2 dice in one action which is very important.Billionaires8jpg
0cost removal cards are always needed and this one is great as we all know, and if you are not removing it then your opponent will need to reroll which helps you in your goal to mill him.

Definitely THE best removal for mill decks, 0 resources to remove a character die and what do you care about giving your opponent Shields!

I chose to play both Jar Jar and Satine because I knew I could play Clandestine Operations. It is pretty strong due to all the dice you have with this pairing. Only 1 Resource to mill 4 cards while resolving 4 dice and not losing any tempo is really strong.

These days, almost every deck is playing some kind of supports and as you will generate lots of resources you won't have any difficulty to play it. Discarding cards from play does not only weaken your opponent's board state by effectively being "permanent removal", it also takes pressure off your mitigation in hand in future turns and thereby enables you by strengthening your removal suite!Billionaires11jpg
FLAMES OF THE PAST has a great potential when playing mill, but as the deck is not milling fast I run only one copy. It is still great to take care of those supports that keep coming back even after you've milled or discarded the other copy from play.

SCRUFFY LOOKING NERF-HERDER is great against decks that are looking for a specific card or a combination to win them the game, i.e. Aphra Droids or Yoda/Padmé. When your opponent is stacking resources to play a Vader’s Fist then you can get rid of it easily letting then with nothing to play. In late game it can also give you the 1 Discard you need to close a game down and your opponent won't see it coming.

You have an impressive 6 character dice start which means that you can Vandalize any single card in the game. Nothing is safe from being vandalized! Be it a Planetary Bombardment, Millennium Falcon or a Vader's Fist! Sacrificing poor dice to permanently remove one of your opponent’s strongest threats is just about as great as it gets!

I know that people want to play an active mill battlefield BUT as a mill player I've always advised other players not to do it! As you are often playing defensively, removing your opponent's dice will slow your tempo down and will add tempo to your opponent's game since he has fewer dice to resolve. This will often lead to mill players losing the claim.Lor San Tekka battlefieldjpg
It would then seems as if the best Battlefields to play will be those that are useless to your opponent! Before rotation I always used Otah Gunga for mill decks, but now it seems that only Obi Wan’s Hut is left to fit the bill.


Getting 3 good events can be key in a good starting hand with Lor San Tekka as you will be able to get one back in your hand immediately! You also want one of your mill upgrades or supports to get the process started of milling your opponent's deck!HAND Lor San Tekka ARTICLEjpg

As Claus Staal wrote in a recent article, sequencing is key in Destiny and it is of the utmost importance when playing a mill deck. You need to constantly assess the possible outcomes that your opponent can generate and never let yourself be overwhelmed by it.

Keeping Jar Jar back for a reroll is often the good choice! Let your opponent activate him, if they remember it, or make as much use of him as possible!

Be patient as it can be punishing not to have the resources you needed for the removal you have in hand. You'd rather have a character survive than play an extra upgrade - if that's your choice!


Check out some games on our YouTube Channel to see the character setup in action. There are three games vs a 2 character mill deck and two games vs an Entourage deck to find in this playlist:
YOutube Preview Kopiepng


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