Belgian Nationals 2018 - Tournament Report

Yeah, well ... we know, Belgium is crazy! One of the smallest countries in the world and yet they get to host two Nationals (while the US with its 30 times bigger population and significantly larger player base hosted just 1). It has to do with several distributors in several languages ... and then unicorns. There are always unicorns involved in weird things happening in Belgium! Other than that: It's complicated!Belgium languagesjpg
(click the image for a short video that'll explain 'everything')


This weekend the two last Nationals in the Way of the Force meta took place. Australian Nationals 2018 and Belgian Nationals 2018 (ver.2). While people were unboxing their Across the Galaxy boxes at a draft in the background, the YOUR Destiny crew were streaming the top cut of the 2nd Belgian Nationals 2018. As expected attendance was relatively low, only 30 people were participating, most likely because the general interest in the Way of the Force meta is quite low at the moment. But the competitive level was still high, because the tournament grinders were there to try and secure their reserved seats for Worlds 2019.

The YOUR Destiny group were there represented by Christine Hölz, David Levi and Tobias Winter all there to make sure that the Belgian Nationals trophy found a home in Germany as well as securing a Worlds seat for Christine. This mission was accomplished as Christine and Tobias shared the spoils between them in a clean German finals.

Big shout out to David Levi who managed to both participate in the tournament AND gather all the information from the tourney, as well as set up and run the stream AND being computer illiterate. We apologize for the low quality of the stream ... we'll make up some good excuses later!


Not that it is representative for the end of this meta, but it was quite surprising not to see a single mill player at the tournament:Belgian Nationals datajpg
37% of the field was made up of 4 decks, but with not duplicate characters across the 4 different character teams:
  • 3 x Snoke / Thrawn
  • 3 x Aphra / DJ / Battle Droid
  • 3 x Talzin / 2 Mandalorians
  • 2 x Yoda / Ezra / Rey
While representation of Heroes vs. Villains were (approx.) 33% to 66%. There was a single Solo Sabine deck representing the only 1 character team and the rest split as evenly as possible between 2 character and 3 character teams. It could seem as if the early stranglehold that 3wide teams had on the meta in the early parts of the Way of the Force meta finally evened out.Belgian Nationals data2jpg
The rest of the character teams were:
  • Snoke / Cad Bane
  • Kylo / Snoke
  • Talzin / Dooku
  • Cad Bane / Pryce
  • Snoke / Bazine / First Order Trooper
  • Gungans!
  • Solo Sabine
  • Talzin / Greedo / Snoke
  • Yoda / Ezra / Wookie
  • Rey / Luke
  • Dooku / Executioner 
  • FN / Talzin
  • Thrawn / Talzin
  • Yoda / Luke
  • Kylo / Pryce
  • Yoda / Ezra / Rookie
  • Maul / Bib Fortuna


Belgian Nationals top8 cad banejpgBelgian Nationals top8 Kylo snokejpgBelgian Nationals top8 Luke ReyjpgBelgian Nationals top8 Luke Yodajpg
Belgian Nationals top8 Talzin greedo snokejpgBelgian Nationals top4 Thrawn Talzinjpg


Belgian Nationals topfinalsjpg

Belgian Nationals topfinalsjpg
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