Cards That Got Better With Convergence!


As we approach the release of a new set and the rotation of old sets, I think it is important to consider how cards we already have will be affected. What characters/archetypes loose some of their key cards, and which ones don’t? What characters benefit most from new cards that are introduced, and which ones do not?

In today’s article, I’m going to look at 4 cards that benefit from some of the recent spoilers and from the rotation of old cards.

Of all the cards that have been spoiled so far, I am most excited about the new plot, Lightsaber Mastery. Bringing two Move events to the game is not only really sweet and thematic, it is also very strong (though we’ll have to see what suite of Move events we end up with). best cards3jpgAnd considering that arguably the best two hero blue characters, Aayla and Yoda, come in at 13 points, Luke3 is at the perfect point cost to use Lightsaber cards4jpg
Luke3 is also one of the characters who benefits most from the introduction of the Form - Soresu Mastery. Because of his Power Action, Luke Skywalker loves powerful force abilities, and Soresu Mastery fits the bill. (As an aside, I think people are overlooking how good the on play ability makes Soresu Mastery. Removing a die is generally considered worth 1 resource, meaning the die on Soresu Mastery functionally costs 2. That’s crazy value, and I suspect that this will be the first primarily defensive upgrade that sees significant play in damage based decks). All of these newly introduced Blue cards are great for Luke3, and because of this I expect him to go up in value with the release of Convergence.


Retribution is a fine plot, but it hasn’t seen a ton of play. The number of characters it can be played with is narrow, and the benefit is nice, but not game changing. Most of the decks that can include Retribution only have 3 character dice, limiting the value you can get out of the plot. Then in walks Captain Phasma - Stormtrooper Commander, a 20+ point character who brings not 2, but 4 character dice to the table (and yes, those FOST dice are considered character dice).best cards5jpg
Now you can run Retribution with 5 character dice, which is insane! And considering that most of those dice would only resolve for 1-2 damage, removing character dice in a Phasma/Retribution deck just feels bad. Mill in particular is really going to hate playing against these decks. I fully expect to see Phasma/Retribution decks in the meta mix when Convergence drops.

I kind of cheated with this one, including 2 cards, but I consider these both to be a part of the “Grievous effect”.best cards6jpg
The Super Battle Droid is a solid 9 cost non-unique, but 9 is an awkward point cost, and the SBD hasn’t seen much play. The new General Grievous lets you play these guys for 8, which brings them from solid to great! I haven’t decided yet how good the new Grievous and his cronies will be, but if he is good he will bring previous droid characters up with him, and Super Battle Droid is #1 on the list of droid characters who will benefit from cards7jpg
Similarly, Grievous Wheel Bike is an awkward, mediocre support - but the Power Action represents some crazy upside if Grievous is in play (free resets!). Our former General Grievous cards were, however, expensive and thoroughly mediocre, leaving the Wheel Bike without a home. But now we have a solid, cheap Grievous, paving the way for potential abuse of Wheel Bike resets. I, for one, am interested in seeing what I can do with Grievous/Armored Reinforcement Wheel Bike decks.

I cheated again and included two cards again, but these two characters benefit for the same cards10jpg
Doctor Aphra and Lando2 are characters that benefit, not from what’s been introduced, but from what they are losing: Nothing. While other characters and archetypes lose important cards like Force Speed, Hyperspace Jump, and Cienna Ree, Doctor Aphra loses, what, Interrogation Droid? And Lando loses, uh, Smuggling Freighter?best cards8jpg
Both of these characters are already good enough to be hovering around the Tier 1.5-2 range, and with other characters taking a hit with rotation, I expect to see these two rise. This is especially true if they get some love in Convergence. Doctor Aphra already received two solid droids in the new Starter Sets, and I'm definitely sold on Aphra taking a step forward with Convergence!

And one more yellow ship for Lando could be all he need to be pushed over the top. Now may be the time to invest in these two Scoundrels!

Rotation promises to be one of the biggest changes we’ve ever seen in the game of Star Wars Destiny, and we may see cards like Luke3 and Lando2 that have hovered around the meta may finally rise to the top. Other cards, like Retribution, that have just been waiting for the right partner may finally have their match!

Some cards will benefit from what others lose, as powerful cards rotate out of the meta, and I’m sure that cards we thought would never see much play will unexpectedly rise in value. I've covered a few of my top choices to trend upward with the big changes ahead. What do you think? Any cards I missed that you expect to rise in value? Let us know in the comments!