Convergence Set Review - Blue Hero


The card ratings are mostly created in a vacuum and for Standard Format exclusively. Some cards are much better in Trilogy or Infinite Format, and notes are sometimes made of this, but the set is reviewed from the point of view of Standard Format play.

It is always going to be difficult to adequately rate a card, and all the ratings are obviously going to be subjective, although we have tried to proximate an objective rating. The rating system is 0/1-5, with 0 being absolutely useless, 1 being the rating of a card that will rarely see play and 5 a card that will become a staple in many decks and will most likely feature heavily in competitive play.

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Written by CLAUS STAAL

It's really weird with blue heroes in Convergence. On one hand they've received cards that are really good, including a long awaited update to a very beloved character, and should make us all super excited and at the same time this feels like a funeral.

Blue hero middle/middle decks were for a long time the bread and butter of Destiny, and the fall back whenever you didn't know what to bring for a competitive event. But the loss of great events like Guard, Destiny and Synchronicity (all blue hero cards) as well as Overconfidence and Close Quarters Assault (neutral), top that off with Force Speed, Ancient Lightsaber and Shoto Lightsaber rotating out, we are looking at blue heroes seemingly decimated in strength and no longer near the power level that used to make them the gatekeepers of Destiny (although the decline has been going on for a few sets).

Star Wars fans will be rejoicing that they finally got an Ahsoka Tano which is not only playable, but looks pretty strong! She's one of the most beloved characters from the animated shows (I've been told) and is definitely feeling the love in her new shape and form.

Her ability is AWESOME, and although a bit weak on health, 8hp really isn't a lot, she's cheap and allows for some great 3wide character line-ups. Her die is pretty strong and interesting (doesn't it just make your heart ache for Close Quarters Assault), and although weak on base damage sides, could make her become an interesting sidekick in an aggro eAshoka2/eObi2 deck somewhat reminiscent of the eObi2/eMaz (blue/yellow) that did reasonably well in the Way of the Force meta. Her health is probably just too low to do consistently well in a 2wide deck, but other alluring partners would include QGJ2, Mace Windu2 and Obi-Wan3, all of whom are Jedis with strong dice and the ability to close games.

The real question is if Ahsoka Tano will end up being the unsuspected innocent bystander of the obvious power level decline of blue hero melee decks, and will perish together with those would be power characters that would have made for such great partners.spoilers4jpg
Try and compare Lor San Tekka with Mon Mothma (who’s rotating out)... Yeah, I know, it's hilarious! I've actually never seen Mon Mothma played. Like, ever! Lor San Tekka on the other hand could be viable. With 10 health and 9/11e, he could be a great addition to a 3wide mill deck or even be a great enabler in a vehicle deck. Normally that role, in both archetypes, would be reserved for Yoda, but Lor San Tekka is cheap - VERY CHEAP and it could just be what is needed to pave way for him in a deck. eRose/Yoda/Lor San Tekka could be a possiblity for a vehicle deck, while he actually fits nicely in a number of other character line-ups.

His Power Action is good, but doesn't look broken and will allow for some strong hands in the mid- and endgame by sifting through your discard pile, which seems particularly strong with mitigation cards, while the provision of setting 2 cards aside every time the Power Action is used hopefully will close the backdoor on too much abuse, although players will try ... obviously!blue10jpg
I'm surprised to see Mace Windu's second die evaluated at 4points when Kit Fisto, who has a very similar die is 13/16e. It is a massive strength though not to have any paysides, which has been the bane of many good aggro characters, and I think his Power Action can potentially be very good, giving you a pseudo tutor ability similar to that of the Rebel Engineer. There's no loss of speed using the Power Action IF you find an upgrade, and the risk of stacking your mitigation at the bottom of the deck can to some extent be remedied by adding Lightsaber Mastery to your deck. Its worth remembering that eYoda/eLuke3 did reasonably well in the Across the Galaxy meta and the damage output from that pairing is basically the same as you would get from eYoda/eMace2 (Luke's dice though were protected against mitigation targeting damage sides, which might be a problem for Mace2). It could also be interesting to see what eMace2/eAayla could do.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is in a situation similar to Mace Windu2 with his second die feeling overcosted, 14/18e. At a glance his die sides looks improved from Obi-Wan2 with the addition of a 2 Focus side and a 2 Shield side, and should synergise well with Barriss Offee or Ahsoka Tano2, or could even be played with Yoda and a negative plot for some monoblue hero action, although that's probably not where you want to go. His Power Action is ok. Because it works on any die side, but is limited to a die showing a value of 2 or higher, it feels like a Snoke Power Action but is still nowhere nearly as good. His main problem is his cost, and although I like him, it's honestly questionable whether or not he'll be able to force himself into line-ups consistently.

So, Vigilant is our replacement for the Padawan that rotates out. BUUUUUH ... well .. to be fair, the Vigilant Jedi is a mash-up between the Padawan and the Temple Guard, and while the Special is pretty cool and should be decent with Yoda as a sidekick, the 2 Melee payside is a real pain in the ass and the die or the ability doesn't come close to replacing the consistency of the Padawan, even if you get an additional health.

blue11jpgA FRIEND LOST (2/5)
Only being able to play this card when you have one or more defeated characters is not a problem in 3wide decks and its application is probably the best in vehicle decks, and although its limited to damage sides on your own dice, it can potentially be strong in decks that does not have Focus sides floating around, but will still struggle to push out cards like Concentrate or Alter, both of which are more flexible, but is stronger than Lightsaber Training. None of the above cards have seen much play though, and then only as one-off tech cards. I guess A Friend Lost will suffer a similar fate.

Similar to a card like Aerial Advantage, Channel the Force has a really high ceiling and the potential to be a blow-out card. Unfortunately is currently only Mace Windu2 who can fulfill all the requirements unless you are spotting several characters. It could actually be pretty strong in Yoda/Leia2 (jedi/leader), but the questions beckons, why not just play Beguile? Beguile does the same thing without all the restrictions, although only targeting an oppenent's dice, and it being then-then, and Channel the Force being may-may.

Reprint from Awakenings. Defensive Stance hasn't seen a whole lot of play since so many blue characters are good at Shield generation, i.e. Obi-Wan3, QGJ2, Yoda, etc., and will most likely not be the staple card the reprinting suggests it is. Rotation, of course, changes some things, and with Caution disappearing from Standard, maybe cheap'ish Shield generation cards will receive more love.blue14jpg
Well ... if you play a Jedi this is pretty decent removal and just edges out cards like Way of the Light for a spot in Jedi decks.Blue13jpg
Knowing how much heartache the previous "draw" events has caused, I think it's brave (read silly) for the design team to go this route again. Sure, Strong Intuition is not as strong (pun intended) as Ancient Wisdom or Renewed Purpose, but it's close. Are we looking at another possible meltdown? Like most draw cards previously printed though, they will probably mostly be analysed and utilised by players seeking to exploit and break the system. I'm sure Mads Utzon will find a way to make the card broken.

Free mitigation is good, but Upper Hand, only being able to remove Blanks and Specials is one of the weakest. If Hidden Motive, Pacify and Doubt are the benchmarks for free mitigation, then Upper Hand firmly places itself at the bottom of that list. It will still see play though as our mitigation suites just got smaller with rotation, but will have players curse when looking at the number of popular supports and upgrades that are not having any Blanks or die sides with a value of 0! The rating should be lower looking only at power level, but is pushed a bit because it's free.

The Obi-Wan Kenobi's Interceptor is a massive improvement from Plo-Koon's Starfighter, which has never seen play, and can potentially compete with the ARC-170 or Fang Fighter for one of the 3cost vehicles in a 3wide rainbow deck. Two good damage sides and the 3 Ranged payside being decent when you absolutely need to push through damage. This vehicle will NEVER see play with Obi-Wan (in any current iteration), which makes its after ability totally redundant, and definitely affects its overall rating, which actually could have been higher. We're kinda accustomed to blue vehicles being pretty sh*t though, so not really any surprise here.blue17jpg
Yeah ... that was a huge blunder from FFG! The card will immediately be errata'ed to include a THEN between the first and second paragraph. Otherwise you'll be able to draw your entire deck the moment you get the Uneti Force Tree into play. After the errata it's going to be worthless.

Somewhat reminiscent of the Hush-98 Comlink, which was pretty horrible, but with an interesting Special Ability. I don't think Yoda's Spirit is dead on arrival, but had the ability been an "Action: ability" instead it would have been in a totally different category. NOT being able to play it alongside Yoda definitely limits the support because it's exactly with Yoda it would have been the most powerful. Not sure what character line-up l would use Yoda's Spirit in, but keeping my fingers crossed for an event that will be able to tutor it out of the deck over and over again!

Blue18jpgJEDI HOLOCRON (2/5)
So, this is what a fair Holocron looks like. The Jedi Holocron has all the qualities of the Sith Holocron, which is likely to be one of the most broken cards designed for the game, but is almost too fair! The Special is ok'ish by allowing you to basically replace it (overwrite) with a Blue ability from your hand and giving you a triple card draw advantage. If there's a way to tutor the Jedi Holocron back from the bottom of your deck, it'll be incredibly good, but I'm sure they won't make that mistake.

This will definitely make some mill players happy. I'm not sure it is as strong as it looks, although if eYoda/eLeia2 sticks around they'll love it. You need to be able to get cards out of an opponent's hand, but that really doesn't seem to be any problem for the strongest mill decks these days, and in the latter part of the Across the Galaxy meta both 3wide mill and 2wide mill looked like very strong contenders. Best thing about Lore Hunter is that it is not restricted to blue characters and doesn't even have a spot requirement.

It can even be used to increase your own hand size if you have rounds without mitigation or didn't find the clutch upgrades you were looking for.Blue19jpg
Mace Windu's Lightsaber looks pretty decent for a 3cost upgrade even if it doesn't have Redeploy, but we are accustomed to that for unique upgrades (with a few rare exceptions). The Power Action does allow you to utilise it twice the round it is played, which can be pretty broken if you can find the right shell for it.

The Mace Windu's Lightsaber Special is currently "just" 3 unblockable damage, which is pretty good, but the wording could indicate that we are going to see other effects that can support it (and similar cards). Maybe a character pairing with Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor (who unfortunately cannot be played elite with Mace Windu2 without a negative plot) and using cards like Steadfast as well as both Lightsabers and Force Abilities could be in the books. Seems like a lot of work for limited output, but rotation might force us to reset our minds a bit to get the most out of blue heroes.

This is like a Jedi Robes sown together with a Survival Gear, which I suspect is exactly what the design team envisioned with the Republic Jedi Armor. The +1 Health bonus and added Shield when playing it feels like a band aid for making Obi-Wan Kenobi3 so weak on health, and is probably what will make the upgrade viable. The problem is that this is an upgrade slot that you'll need to replace in the late game and that might just defeat your character ... What kind of shitty armor is that!