Covert Missions - Spoilers I


Written by CLAUS STAAL

Following the drama that was the article that was supposed to come out, but then it wasn't supposed to after all, but then we were informed that it was supposed to be released, although not now, but at a later stage closer to the release date, we finally, Thursday evening, received 3 new spoilers for COVERT MISSIONS ...
covert missionsjpg

While I'm not going to entertain the discussion - AGAIN - on the delay of Covert Missions, let me just in passing say: "I AIN'T CONVINCED!" ... a band aid does not heal the injury.

You can read Fantasy Flight Games' official announcement article here:Covert Missions set review THUMBNAILjpg
We also did a review when the original set announcement came in July 2019. We discuss the new win conditions, etc. You can find that article here:
covert missions review THUMBNAILjpg

previews spoilersjpg
REBEL HANGAR feels like the new and vastly improved Launch Bay, the latter only really seeing play in a now forgotten "Launch Bay OTK Deck", and definitely has potential to be really broken! Luckily, or unfortunately depending on what side of the fence you are standing, it can only search your deck for vehicles and NOT supports, so no-go on the Entourages and Fickle Mercenaries, which btw. would have been absolutely insane.preview spoilers2jpg
That in itself though can be pretty busted if solely looking at the vehicles we currently have at our disposal and with the announced focus of Covert Missions, I'd expect more top grade vehicles, i.e an updated Y-Wing, to be introduced as more spoilers drop. We've already previously seen LUKE SKYWALKER'S X-WING which looks pretty decent and now also got the revamped GHOST, add to this the existing Crait Resistance Speeder, Modified HWK-290 and Resistance Bomber (if there's a way to get Rose into the character line-up) as well as possibly the Escape Craft for some nice ramp round 1! Just imagine the fleet of vehicles you could have at your bidding in round 1!previews spoilers3jpg
And all of this is just from the top of my head, there's still plenty of broken stuff out there to be uncovered by minds more twisted than mine, whether it's playing several vehicles with Ambush for some action cheating shenanigans or setting up a killer round 1 board state with Hangar Bay, a couple of vehicles, an Entourage and a couple of Fickle Mercenaries! It's not THAT unlikely!

The GHOST looks pretty enticing as well and is likely to make Rebels fan boy drool all over themselves. 50% damage sides, no Blanks and a 2 Disrupt to boot. Just to add injury to insult it also comes with Ambush and allows you to activate a Spectre AND give a Shield to each of your characters piloting the craft. I'm assuming here that we'll be seeing a reworked Zeb Orrelios and Hera Syndulla?!!
covert missions2jpg


I had to google Darth Bane, but I knew from some of the manic giggles and swooning around me that he had to be an important dude ... and apparently he's a big thing in Star Wars lore. They definitely managed to capture his importance in the design of the character and he feels like he'll be able to rival the power of the Terror To Behold, Darth Vader himself.
preview spoilers4jpg
His die is weaker than Darth Vader's, but his ability definitely offers possibilities, potentially turning his Special into a 4 Indirect damage as early as round 1 (provided we don't get a 5+ cost upgrade in Covert Missions). He's not a Leader so no Admiral plays without a You Are In Command Now, but that combo would be possible to play round 1, while a powerful line of play would be to get two 2 cost upgrades on him round and follow up with Palpatine's Lightsaber next round!

His mixed damage sides are a bit problematic for blue weapon upgrades that usually has modified Melee sides, but it should be possible to play around it! I'm also happy to see that they resisted the temptation of giving him a 2 Resource side!

Spoiler preview6jpg
As with any BIG character, here defined as a character with 21+ elite cost, finding partners is always the challenge. Currently, he can only partner up with sidekicks for a 3dice start, but that could possibly be enough if you can find enough quality upgrades early in a game! There could even be an interesting support deck to fit Darth Bane into.


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