Covert Missions - Spoilers II


Written by CLAUS STAAL

Yes, the wait has been long for more news regarding the release of the upcoming ninth expansion set for Star Wars Destiny. Rumours has it that it will release on January 17, 2020, but I'm cautioning myself not to get my hopes up!

At least Fantasy Flight Games did manage to release a spoiler article revealing some blue cards from the set.

And also, FFG, PLEASE, let me write the next spoiler article for you.

2. LINK:
You can read Fantasy Flight Games' official announcement article of the set here:
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The link to the first spoiler article from FFG is here and the second spoiler article here, while there are several of your favourite content creators who have been given the privilege of spoiling cards as well. You can find a list of links below:

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I was wondering when they'd sneak KeyForge into Star Wars Destiny and I guess replacing the artwork is the first step. I have no idea who PONG KRELL is nor why he's a Jedi, but I'm assuming he's a Jedi Master turned to the dark side (I know, kind of self evident), but he seems pretty m'eh at best.

His die is not really comparative to any other blue character other than Mother Talzin, but has more in common with Kylo Ren - Bound By The Force, and while his ability to include four blue hero cards can be nice and works fine in conjunction with his after activation ability, it just doesn't seem to be enough to make him worth 12/15e.
Also, what hero cards would you want to include, preferably events to maximise off his ability, Pacify? Channel The Force?

When pitting him against hero decks, where you can reliably trigger the after ability, his value is definitely increased and might actually be interesting, but I don't imagine him used much outside of casual play. That seems to be the fate of many 15point characters these days.

PONG KRELL'S LIGHTSABER should immediately stimulate interest due to the Power Action. Any die that can be used multiple times deserves attention. Unfortunately, the die is bad and feels worthless unless you can spot Pong Krell, and while the Special can be fun against swarm decks, it's mediocre against 2wide and overcosted without Pong Krell on your team.
So, you were dreaming of a lightsaber wielding superhero Anakin Skywalker? Dream on baby ... ANAKIN SKYWALKER - DEDICATED MENTOR is not it. He's overpriced, and although his die is reminiscent of the powerful Darth Vader, that he will eventually become, it's anything but it.


Some players will be dying to try him out with Ahsoka Tano, which I guess is the thematic catch here, and that's probably the only viable character pairing - although he could pair up with either Chopper or Ezra Bridger2 - since it will give you maximum benefit of his after activation ability (as long as there are Shields to move around). The ability, especially if you can draw another card, is pretty good. There should also be some nifty Loth-Wolf Bond plays available here.

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Is Anakin Skywalker - Dedicated Mentor really better than Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master, who is the same points cost and has an ability that is pretty similar? eObi2/eR2-D2 over eAnakin4/eAhsoka2?

ANAKIN SKYWALKER'S LIGHTSABER though seems pretty good. Finally another 3cost blue upgrade with Redeploy and good die that might give your Dagger of Mortis a bit of rest (yes yes fanbois, I know you dreamed of a 2cost Ancient Lightsaber - ain't happening). Playing it will give an opponent's character 1 Shield and another character 2 Shields, which of course it made to work with Anakin Skywalker's ability, but should also be pretty sweet in a ReyLo deck where it simultaneously sets up Rey's Special and Kylo's Special.
Also, I've seen a few questions on whether or not you could overwrite Rey's Lightsaber with Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber and vice versa, given the condition mentioned on the latter. The rules are pretty clear here. It works both ways.
We already knew that we were going to see new versions of the remaining Spectre cell members (incl. a new version of Zeb Orrelios). And with the other spoiled Spectre cards, things could get spicy ... and they did!

KANAN JARRUS - JEDI EXILE could turn out really good. With the 1 character point discount when you include another Spectre character as well as access to the discount from SPECTRE CELL if you go all Spectre line-up, he'd be at just 7/10e, well below comparable characters like Aayla Secura (9/12e), which really feels like a bargain, but still a great deal at 8/11e, especially considering his soft mitigation after activation ability.
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I'd be tempted to try out eKanan2/Chopper/eKashyyk for some rainbow action even if the damage sides are pretty m'eh. In any case - I guess, we'll have to wait and see how good Zeb Orrelios turns out to be and whether or not adding the plot, Spectre Cell, and adding Hera Syndulla is a viable option.

Initially I liked KANAN JARRUS' LIGHTSABER, and now I'm not really sure why. It's obviously great with Kanan Jarrus ability or against an opponent using plenty of Focus sides, but outside of that it's overcosted and the modified Shield side is a pain.


I'm assuming here that we'll get more Subtype: Sith and Apprentice characters as the selection right now is pretty meager. With the requirements for RULE OF TWO, there are at the moment just a few viable options (but I'm sure it will change once we get the entire Covert Missions set revealed):

covert missions8jpg

covert missions10jpg

Both options seems pretty bad, especially Darth Vader - Victor Leader with Kylo Ren - Bound By The Force as both their best sides are Specials. I guess there's also a Darth Bane/eAnakin2 or ePalpatine2/Anakin2 deck hidden somewhere, but both sounds super bad.
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I'm assuming here that Luke Skywalker in one of the forms, either abusing the blue abilities as the Reluctant Instructor or receiving the extra die in the apprentice form of Red Five - Pilot is going to be good'ish. There's also the possibility of farmer boy Luke Skywalker - Unlikely Hero, who's 11/14e. The most interesting thing is that it doesn't appear as if there's a limitation to the amount of character dice a character can have. I guess 3 character dice is a real possibility here. Now, just find a way to put 3 Blue abilities on him before he dies. The reward though is pretty substantial.

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I guess BESTOW WISDOM is primarily made to support Jedi Trials and the cookie-cutter pairing of eAnakin4/eAhsoka, but it seems pretty bad. Mostly because it puts a severe limitation to your deck building, but appears at a glance to be better with heroes than villains.

INFUSE THE FORCE similar to cards like Strike Back, Attunement and Skullduggery is at its best when you can fulfill as many conditions as possible. You are likely to only be able to do two of the three, which seems extremely bad. Ever heard of any of the three cards I mentioned? No? Point made.

Multi-dice removal is amazing and QUAD SLAM has a pretty high ceiling. Higher than most 2cost mitigation cards, probably only eclipsed by Jedi Mind Trick and well Rout, but that's a 1cost removal card (although it would require you to have 15 dice in the pool). It's a severe drawback that it can only remove character dice, but dependent on how the meta develops, I could see it pop up in some decks, although I still think a card like Beguile is superior to it.
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