Destiny Newsreel - Week 23


A while back The Hyperloops started the weekly newsreel (originally called "Star Wars Destiny News Round Up") to make sure that all the various content from the week were easily accessible for anyone who did not have the time to go through all the pages of the internet to dig them out for themselves ... life is busy and sometimes a bit too busy. After The Hyperloops' decided to not run this feature regularly anymore, we made an agreement with them to take over the service. That's now The Destiny Newsreel ...

We aim at including all of the news from the previous 7 days, and although we try and stay on top of what's being released, we might be missing out on stuff, do let us know in the comments on Facebook if we missed your news and we'll add it continuously!

Also, please let us know in advance if you are planning to run a livestream, then we'll try and advertise it here!

June 1 - June 7, 2019.

newsreel6jpgOn the YOUR Destiny website we've released an avalanche of articles including the UK Grand Championship Tournament Report, our in-depth analysis of the changes in new Rules Reference 2.0,  as well as an introduction to many of the new cards spoiled from Spark of Hope and a community building article on why you should embrace Infinite Format! Busy week!

Our friends at The Hyperloops have kept churning out plenty of competitive content, as they've done regularly for the last two years, including an article on why Order 66 and Executive Order 66 are absolutely broken!

Fantasy Flight Games and Destiny lead designer Jeremy Zwirn released this article explaining the changes to the Rules Reference 2.0.

The Artificery released an article discussing the new Balance of the Force as well as

Team Covenant released yet another exclusive teaser article for Spark of Hope, eighth expansion for Star Wars Destiny, spoiling some new undead characters including the necromancer Old Daka.

Cloud City Rollers released a deck analysis of eLor San Tekka/Leia2/Ani!

The Chance Cube have gotten back into written content with an avalanche of great articles on their new website!

The Golden Dice Podcast released their 49th Episode talking about all the Balance of the Force changes.

The Hyperloops released a podcast episode discussing all the implications of all the changes in the Balance of the Force.

Arrow Brook Gaming released their weekly podcast discussing the Balance of the Force and the new spoilers in the latest FFG Livestream.

The Chance Cube released an episode discussing spoilers, Worlds 2019 and the new Balance of the Force.

Good old Knights of Ren released an episode discussing spoilers as well as all the information on Worlds 2019.

The Artificery released an episode discussing the new Balance of the Force!

Dice of Failure released a podcast episode recapping their experiences at the GQ in Redmond (WA).

The Scruffy Looking Dice Rollers is a new podcast and they released their second episode this past week talking about UK Nationals!

The Garbage Will Do - A Star Wars Destiny Podcast released their 37th episode discussing the UK Grand Championship 2019!

The Dice Commando will be released their weekly Friday "Commando Cast" later today.

Roll On - A Star Wars Destiny Podcast released their 32nd Episode of their podcast discussing all the stuff that has happened this past week in the world of Destiny.

The Jackalmen Games released a podcast video discussing all the changes to in the Balance of the Force as well as a podcast on the newest Spark of Hope spoilers joined by our very own Lake Quitt.

newsreel7jpgThe YOUR Destiny team is continuously releasing loads of recordings of games from the YOUR Destiny League. We've now reached the top8 of this season!

Arrow Brook Gaming as always released plenty of great YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure!

Dice Commando keep releasing a constant slew of great quality liveplay videos!

Monk's Gaming Battlefield as always released the weekly stream!

The Brothers Dimm released a couple of great videos on their YouTube Channel.

YOUR Destiny Podcast will be streaming the Galactic Qualifier in Bologna (Italy) on our Twitch Channel.

newsreel ffg newsjpgAlso, the official FFG Calendar doesn't mention this, but there's a Galactic Qualifier taking place in N├╝rnberg (Germany) on July and also another one rumoured to happen in Paris late July!


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