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Nothing looked more tailormade in Destiny than eHan3/eQi'Ra with a slightly sprinkled No Allegiance to top if off, well apart from eJyn2/eCassian ... but hey potato-potatoe. I guess that's why we never really did the deck analysis yet.

Manten from Arrow Brook Gaming took the pair to the Galactic Qualifier at Pax Unplugged and notes in his small write-up on swdestinydb: "Nothing too special. Its a solid tier 2 deck that is fun to play. Lots of removal to mess with Thrawn dice and can burst people down ..."

This was of course prior to the Balance of the Force and nerf to Snoke and timely demise of the gruesome duo of eThrawn/eSnoke, and times they are definitely a changin with more and more aggro decks doing reasonably well. Maybe it's time for the neutral cutie pies to finally shine! And the character pairing has in fact improved its performance throughout the Regional season going from strength to strength and recently saw two versions face off in the finals at the Gdynia Regionals in Poland.

This deck analysis is not going to be like the analyses you've become accustomed to at YOUR Destiny, but rather a run through of some of the choices that you have with the pairing. I'm going to use 3 different lists and point out some of the similarities and differences and make a few suggestions of my own.

Click each deck list to go straight to swdestinydb and see each authors own write-up.

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I'm fast falling in love with Han Solo's Special. It's pretty good dealing 2 Indirect damage and either forcing your opponent to lose a resource (reveal villain card) or gaining a resource (reveal hero card), but partnering up with Qi'Ra that Special just becomes OUTRAGEOUS! Doing all three things is just ... well ... you see my point.

For those of you who are regularly reading my deck analyses, you'll also know that I'm not a fan of paysides. QI'RA's 3 Ranged for 1 resource is such a nuisance. It means it's effectively a Blank if you play a 2cost upgrade unless you find a Special or a Resource side. Activate Han Solo first, see if you win the lottery, then go on to attaching an upgrade to Qi'Ra.

Normally, I'd be thrilled to see a +2 Modified Resource side, but it more often than not feels like a dead side (unless you sit around with a Bait and Switch). When you do find the base Resource side to go with it though, you're flush and it can really change the pace of the game!han qira18jpg
NO ALLEGIANCE adds 1 HP to each of your characters, and 24hp on two characters is pretty dope. I've seen a few lists cut back on mitigation hoping that the high health pool and Hyperspace Jumps are enough, and while 12hp on each character is a tall order, I'd not deplete my mitigation suite completely.

Due to the potential power of Han Solo's Special, it's worth investigating how much value is attributed to the various aspects of the Special by looking at the distribution of cards into Hero/Villain/Neutral.Statistics han qirajpg
The distribution is not surprisingly heavily leaning towards a majority of Neutral cards, while the distribution of the remaining cards into Hero/Villain span from 10% Villain (3 cards) to 37% Hero (11 cards).

The distribution can be qualified looking exclusively at the events, since they are the most likely to be sitting in your hand when resolving dice, which then gives the following distribution:Statistics han qira 2jpg
It does naturally reduce the total amount of Neutral cards, while giving a distribution of Hero/Villain cards from an almost even split 32-36% (only deck with a majority of Villain event) to 50%-18% (2.5 times Hero events compared to Villain events).

This is probably not surprising either as the Hero effect of gaining a resource seems far superior to the Villain effect of disrupting a resource. Also note that the Villain effect is only effective when there's a resource to lose, while you can always gain a resource.

Is it worth stacking your deck with Villain events to trigger both effects (while not taking their usability aside from the Han Solo trigger into consideration)? Probably not.han qira6jpg
It's also not really a surprise to see BAIT AND SWITCH as the one staple Villain card followed by HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU and TAKE FLIGHT. Bait And Switch is excellent with a character like Qi'Ra who has two resource sides, while the Han Resource side effectively become a 2 Indirect damage + 1 Resource side (turning it to a Special) as long as you have a Hero card in hand.

All decks basically agree on the upgrade suite, which for all decks consists of the three staple 2 cost guns: HOLDOUT BLASTER, HIDDEN BLASTER and X-8 NIGHT SNIPER.han poe3jpg
While two of the decks also include the BLACK SUN BLASTER PISTOL, which I'm not a big fan of, but I'd need more games in with it to see if the 3 resources is too heavy a cost even with Redeploy on both characters. There's of course not a lot of other options with the deck building restrictions you are facing.


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EASY PICKINGS and INDIFFERENT are staple choices for all three decks, and while players are getting much more adept at playing around Easy Pickings, Indifferent is by far the superior removal card with Han and Qi'Ra. Well ... it's basically made for them, and actually beats any other mitigation.han qira9jpg
Other solid options include ENTANGLE, ELECTROSHOCK and NEGOTIATE with the latter being a two-off in two of the three decks. Removing one of your character dice to have your opponent remove two of their dice can be extremely powerful! If you sequence your round right you can very much dictate what gets removed.

It's also interesting that most players choose a relatively cheap mitigation suite in a deck that has the potential of making lots of resources due to Han's Special and Qi'Ra's two resource sides. The resource cost curve is in fact incredible low in all the decks, from 0,89 in average to an even 1 for two decks. han qira11jpg
This is probably due to the fact that more expensive, but powerful cards like In The Crosshairs are Neutral, same with Entangle, and the preference for this deck is to keep mitigation as either Hero or Villain to synchronize with Han Solo. I am surprised not to see any Double-Cross in any of the decks, which right now seems so powerful with all the Darth Vaders running wild.han qira13jpg
And it's not entirely true as all decks naturally have included two HYPERSPACE JUMP, which is functionally mitigation.

Another notable absentee is Hasty Exit. This deck is not super slow, but with all the Force Speed augmented action chaining Yoda/Leia3's and Yoda/Han3's around, it's probably too much of a liability.

han qira 16jpgFRIENDS IN LOW PLACES and VANDALIZE are the only tech cards which has made their way into all three lists, and Vandalize also looks like the best defense against annoying supports and upgrades that are hurting you. They are good at removing Force Speeds and Chance Cubes, while you can put your entire round on standby and use it to remove all your character dice and a FAT Shadow Caster or Firespray-31. Friends in Low Places is good at flushing out unwanted mitigation or a Price of Failure.

SCRUFFY LOOKING NERF-HERDER also sneaks into two of the lists, possibly a defense against mod upgrades and/or mitigation.

QUICK DRAW also makes an appearance to secure some speed and unmitigatable damage in conjunction with your Ambush guns.


Dependent on how afraid you are of being bombarded by a FAT Vehicle, you have several options at hand. One of the lists went all in to secure its anti-vehicle strategy (in addition to Vandalize):han qira17jpg
Both the EMP GRENADES and HIJACK are viable options although not entirely reliable whereas my favorite is in fact Disable. Disable might not destroy a vehicle, but exhausting it once or twice should be enough for you to get the job done with Han and Qi'Ra.

It's a total nobrainer. Just play it! Even with 4 Blanks on Han Solo for the initiative roll-off you are in decent shape to win it courtesy of Qi'Ra's massive .... die sides. You thought I was going to say massive **** didn't you? Stop it!

You can watch eHan3/eQi'Ra in action at round 3 of the Copenhagen Regionals piloted by Nordic Champion Martin Nyberg!
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