eHan/eBiggs - Fat Falcon - Deck Analysis

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This deck took top8 at the Czech Nationals 2018, and you can find it on swdestinydb! I'm not entirely sure if the original poster was the pilot of the deck as there's no description to the deck. The deck is analysed as posted, although I do feel there's room for improvement.

This is probably one of the least tricky FAT Vehicle decks currently available. It's "simple", gravitates around an aggro-engine of pure ranged damage (with a splash of Indirect), feels very susceptible to removal, but when they hit, and they do more often than not, it HURTS! A LOT!Han Biggs2jpg
Your "plan" is SIMPLE! Use Theed Royal Palace to gain a resource and Armored Reinforcement to tutor for your Millennium Falcon, put mod upgrades on it and go to town. Secondary plan, if your Falcon gets blown up, hit with Handheld Cannon's + character dice ... it's going to be a slugfest, it's not going to be pretty, but we didn't exactly say it was a good plan either!

The worst for this deck is resource disruption and massive hand discards. The way to avoid this is to go fast, but going fast also means taking chances and be on the wrong side of chance means ... well .. it's not rocket science.

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Han Solo  BiggsjpgYou have 20hp worth of health across two characters, which in today's meta is next to NOTHING! You are S Q U I S H Y ... and in some games you are going to get annihilated in the space of a single round. I've been there!

On a positive note, and you do have some things going for you, you have decent character dice, three respectable damage sides on each character and an AMAZING ability on Biggs Darklighter, which might actually be enough to put pressure on your opponent's mitigation suite to cover over your weaknesses.

This is normally not the route I'd want to go with a FAT Vehicle deck where a beefy character line-up is considered your safeguard against the dark side of variance and a war of attrition normally benefiting you more than your opponent! This deck is almost the anti-thesis of a vehicle deck. It looks like and plays like an aggro deck. Your FAT Falcon is your third character, but has 0 health.

Han Solo's die is good and his Special incredible! Dealing two Indirect damage AND revealing a hero card to gain a resource ... HOT MAMA! If you don't start with your own Battlefield, activate Han first and if you hit either a Special or a Resource side, resolve and fetch your Millenium Falcon - Game On!

You have ONE VEHICLE ... It's the Millennium Falcon. That's your primary game plan! It's, honestly, your only game plan. Sure, we'll talk about the "guns a blazing" plan later, but in all sincerity. Go with the Falcon. If you put energy into getting it out - and you should - and you lose it, you are set to lose the game!Han Solo  Biggs explosion falconjpg
Which is why I'm pretty surprised not to see a Shield Generator in the deck. Having that extra protection feels good. People are starting to tech against vehicles, for good reasons, and it hurts losing your prized investment.

You also don't have any inherent Focus sides in the deck, so you have the re-roll on the support + mod upgrade dice from Biggs' ability and pitching cards to reroll. That leaves you very prone to bad rolls, but when you roll nuts, you can destroy anything! See where this is going?!Falcon with turretsjpg
You should be able to reliably play the Falcon round 1, using either the Battlefield Power Action, spotting a Neutral character to take an additional action to tutor you deck for the Millenium Falcon and play it immediately, OR (if playing on your opponent's Battlefield) activate Han Solo first and have (20/36) 55% of either hitting a Resource side or a Special, the latter also netting a resource if you have a Hero card in hand. Remember that Armored Reinforcement can pick up a card from your Discard Pile as well, so you can even use the Millenium Falcon to discard to reroll, if it's in your starting hand, to optimise your dice.

The Millenium Falcon should reliably be able to put out 6 damage per round, capping at 14 damage if armed with two Triple Laser Turrets and using a Dorsal Turret twice in a round (6 Ranged damage and 8 Indirect damage). That requires several major miracles, but isn't that what dreams are made of? You are likely to churn out significantly less, but add to this the damage sides on Han and Biggs, you should be able to finish a round with some 10+ damage dealt. Which is not bad all considered.


Han biggs10jpg
You need pretty reliable sources of resource generation in this deck because you have quite a few paysides, including the BIG 4 Indirect damage on the Falcon, the 3 Ranged on the Triple Laser Turret and one of two 3 Indirect damage sides on the Handheld L-S1 Cannon. You'd rather not have to start rerolls these, so finding a way to pay for it while also retaining resources for mitigation is far preferable.

The Battlefield, Theed Royal Palace, and Han Solo's Special are definitely your best resource generators in the deck. Han's Special allows you to deal damage and simultaneously gain resources as long as you have a Hero card in hand (you have 18 in your deck with 14 of them being events), while Theed Royal Palace can give you a resource and an additional action. Amazing synergy and Theed is easily becoming one of the most popular Battlefields in Across the Galaxy. Unfortunately you dice are pretty mediocre for the initiative roll-off.

You also need resources for your events, in particular HYPERSPACE JUMP and RETREAT. This is on one hand the most thematic include in the deck ... I mean, the Falcon hyperspace jumping out of trouble ... seen that anywhere before? While also being an extremely counter intuitive inclusion in a FAT vehicle deck.Hyperspace Retreatjpg
It's primarily because it's not really a vehicle deck. It just categorises well as a FAT Vehicle deck due to the Falcon, but fits strategically much better with Jyn2/Cassian HIT AND RUN "Guns a blazing" style decks.

You are a deceptively fast deck and can always activate both your characters and the Falcon in a single swift action, but gain Ambush with Hit and Run, resolve dice, then next turn Hyperspace or Retreat to end the round. ATTACK RUN kinda follows the same pattern, although you wouldn't be able to take advantage of Bigg's rerolls then. There might be an argument for adding Drop In over Attack Run just to take full advantage of Biggs.Han Biggs11jpg
It's definitely an interesting approach, and whether or not consistent for the competitive scene, I can see how it will pique an interest from aggressive players wanting to try out a deck where some of your guns are replaced by a big ass support.

Biggs  gunjpgBeing able to put guns on either of your characters offers flexibility. It makes your Falcon less vulnerable and your characters more dangerous! The HANDHELD L-S1 CANNON represents immense value and should go on Han Solo, even if he's the first target. It can be overwritten with a Second Chance when needed and adds a serious bite to his dice and synergise beautifully with both the Millenium Falcon and Biggs Darklighter.Han Solo with handheldjpg
Biggs Darklighter might be easier to kill, but his ability is quite valuable since it makes the Falcon much more reliable, and Han with a gun the size of a Rocket Launcher might just be too juicy to pass on. Fighting through a Second Chance though can be a mountain to climb!

It's the combination of the above that makes this deck tick-tock, and there's still plenty of room for failure. You cannot really afford to discard too many cards to reroll because it slows you down, and the slower you become the more vulnerable you'll be.

You run a diversified mitigation suite, with 8 removal cards including one of my favorites for this kind of deck: REBEL ASSAULT. Han biggs12jpg
The ability to remove any die sides apart from a die showing damage cannot be underestimated in the current meta. It's incredibly strong against a vast range of support characters and vehicles. AND it cost 0 resources!

DEFENSIVE POSITION looks good in a deck that tries to go fast while EASY PICKINGS is almost a must-include in a deck which is light on resources. If the deck had better resource generation, I'd be inclined to go with Entangle, because I feel players are getting too good at playing around Easy Pickings, but it's simply too expensive in this deck.Han biggs13jpg
The 1-1 split between PINNED DOWN and INDIFFERENT is an interesting one. I assume it's down to playtesting, but Pinned Down should be playable all the time in a deck with Armored Reinforcement and a 4cost Falcon, although not as the first action in the first round, whereas Indifferent can be played as the first action before you manage to get the Falcon in play, but is dead once/if Han Solo goes. I'm pretty confident I'd go two Pinned Down though.

If Han Solo wasn't such a juicy character that will most likely be targeted down first, I'd go 1-1 with FIELD MEDIC and First Aid, but the latter doesn't work on Han. As the meta is shifting towards a million damage being standard, and die sides getting BIGGER, Field Medic is steadily deteriorating in value.

Han Biggs2jpgTHEED ROYAL PALACE is ridiculously good with a neutral character and it stimulates your need for resources! Just take it if you win the initiative roll-off. Use it immediately to gain a resource, spot Han, take an additional action and bring the Falcon into play ... badabing!

HAND Biggs Han ARTICLEjpgYou are looking to get your board state improved as fast as possible and get your resource generation up and running. Maz's Vault is BONKERS in your starting hand and so is the Dorsal Turret. If you can reliably play the Falcon and slap a mod upgrade on it round 1 you are looking to take the lead in the game. Rebel Assault is my favorite mitigation in the first round. It takes care of a plethora of dice!

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