eIden/eGideon - Deck Analysis

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Written by CLAUS STAAL

Iden Versio is one of these pretty good characters that haven't really seen too much competitive play right up until the very end of the Convergence meta when she started appearing alongside Tobias Beckett in a support based deck taking advantage of Tobias Beckett's great resource harvesting abilities. Mark Lockett, resident writer here at www.yourdestiny.dk took that pairing to top16 at the UK Grand Championship 2019 and wrote a deck analysis here.
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There's a weird irony to the fact that Iden Versio came as an answer to action cheating when that wasn't really much of a thing anymore and for the longest time felt like an aggro character caught up in a world dominated by either mill, supports or FAT Vehicles. She never really had her time to shine. And while the eIden/eBeckett deck is probably still alive, somewhere despite the ever present fear of Desperate Measure (which we still don't know the full impact of), her natural environment does feel alongside her Imperial Inferno Squad compatriot Gideon Hask.inferno squad hask idenjpg
Generally this deck is trying to find a fine balance between its tricks providing for potential burst damage and mitigation that will keep the characters alive. This deck cannot afford to lose a character too early, and a round 1 kill on Gideon Hask is a real risk so keep tab of your resources and never leave home without a piece of mitigation. Destiny is definitely not a guns a blazin' kind of game anymore and although defeating your opponent's characters is the best kind of mitigation around, a blind aggro strategy is probably going to lose you more games than you'll win.

I'm confident in saying that this is not a tier 1 deck, but it does have enough bite to battle it out with the best of the best. 

Like any other premade character pairing IDEN VERSIO and GIDEON HASK is an annoyingly perfect fit and go nicely together with Advanced Training for a sweet aggro character team. The have no paysides between them, and in fact there are just five paysides in the entire deck, shared between 14 dice. Adding Advanced Training into that equation and you are looking at a deck that should be able to consistently resolve all its dice all the time. I've seen some decks replace Advanced Training for Taking Ground to consolidate your bid for the Battlefield roll-off. I'm not entirely sure which is the mathematically correct choice. I've felt good with Advanced Training in my testing of the deck.
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Iden Versio brings along some nice damage output consistency with her two 2 Ranged damage sides, while the 2 Focus sides all but ensures that although you are not going to break any damage ceilings, you should be able to slowly grind down the opposition with the added ability to potentially burst out damage in at least one out of three or four rounds - which is probably still considered the maximum rounds a game will last.

Gideon Hask on the other hand, while being a bit weak on health, 9hp really isn't a lot, can potentially bring in 3 dice - if you control the battlefield - which can either set up early resource gain or fuel the damage engine. Gideon Hask's Power Action can in some way be seen as possible

Either way, the philosophy behind the deck is reminiscent of the ePhasma/Trooper/AT, and although the deck rarely hammers the opposition into submission it does feel incredibly consistent. It does have a few tricks up the sleeve, but mostly IT JUST DOES ITS THANG! Not exactly the sexiest deck around, but it keeps grinding ... True imperial style!

The deck runs very few upgrades and while there are good arguments for adding more in a time with lots of support hate around and the deck wanting to be relatively fast, the upgrades available comparatively to the supports seems unattractive. The only upgrade I've been mulling over is the Handheld L-S1 Cannon, which is NUTS, but it doesn't have Redeploy, and you can't afford to lose your investment due to losing the attached character.Iden hask3jpgA-300 BLASTER
The choice between the A-300 Blaster and the E-11 Blaster is a difficult one. The two 1 Disrupt sides on the A-300 are appalling, while the 50% Ranged damage sides plays well into your plan with the deck. Conversely, the damage sides on the E-11 Blaster are less enticing, although Advanced Training helps balancing it out somewhat, but both the Shield and the Resource side are a massive improvement over the A-300 Blaster. Both have Redeploy.Iden hask4jpg
At the end of the day it basically comes down to the event package and the choice between Pulverize and Focused Fire. If you decide to run Pulverize, I'd probably opt for the E-11 Blaster to accompany it, while Focused Fire only works on Ranged damage sides and therefore pushes towards the A-300 Blaster.

This is a no-brainer in a deck playing two trooper characters. It blocks 3 damage and it makes it a great piece of mitigation against most decks. The Riot Shield is also great together with The Best Defense... removing two dice and blocking all the damage sustained from it.

Although decks entirely based on supports is anticipated to not be as present in the meta as previously, there's absolutely no reason to discard them completely. Supports are still by far and large some of the best value for money investments in the game. Finding the right supports is a bit trickier. Generally, the following considerations could be made (yes, it's NOT rocket science):
  1. How difficult are they to set up?
  2. How easy are they to remove?
  3. How big an impact can they make in the shortest span of time?
With this in mind, 1cost supports with a die are considered the best, i.e. Fickle Mercenaries and Conscript Squads, because they are easy to facilitate and have a relatively high impact (providing a die that can usually be resolved the round they are played), which offsets the ease by which they can be removed, while 3cost supports are probably the worst, because they are both difficult to set up (you'll need to accumulate resources first) and do not require an insurmountable amount of work to remove, i.e. Desperate Measures and Vandalize.

Or simply put:
Only play supports you can afford to lose.
Iden hask5jpg
Probably one of my favourite supports in the game. It's cheap, doesn't slow you down as long as you have a Leader in play, and has a rock hard die in combination with Advanced Training. If you are playing on Military Camp an early Conscript Squad lets you consistently flood the pool with dice, which is just another reason why I want to see this card in my starting hand.

This deck is brimming with Trooper dice. In fact, all but the A-300 Blaster and Imperial Officer dice are Subtype - Trooper, which means that the modified sides on the AT-RT should always be live lest your opponent removes ALL your other dice. Yet again, Advanced Training, helps out by making all the Blank Trooper dice resolvable with the AT-RT die.Iden hask6jpg
The Imperial Officer feels like a good addition to the deck because it lets you fix your other Trooper dice and provides a bit of consistency with the two Focus sides, while also giving you a bit of extra bite with an expensive 2 Ranged damage side. I'm still not entirely convinced it should go in the deck and would even consider swapping both the Imperial Officer and the Megablaster Troopers for two Fickle Mercenaries. IF you include the Imperial Officer it does give you another Leader to boost the Megablaster Troopers and trigger the Conscript Squad in case Iden Versio dies.

This is a BIG question mark! The Megablaster Troopers can be absolutely BONKERS, but it hurts A LOT losing them. It's a potential 7 damage, but the investment required to facilitate them can really set you back if a well-timed support hate card is lying in wait. So far, I've been mostly using it as a late game card. Sit back with it until the end of round 2 or 3, give your opponent plenty of opportunities to use the anti support cards on other targets, maybe even letting him claim, or use your Probes to protect it, then get it into play and make sure you have the possibility of maxing out on damage on the round you play it.


The deck runs several tricks that all work well in unison or as singular events.Iden hask7jpgBoth FRESH SUPPLIES and LOGISTICS helps you set up your boardstate. You have very few dice that are paysides, so most of your resources will be directly converted into supports/upgrades or setting up your combos. Fresh Supplies works well with Seizing Territory, if you don't already control the Battlefield, and will often be available, while you should be able to have enough dice in the pool to be able to play Logistics consistently. It allows you to consolidate your boardstate round 1 possibly playing two supports.Iden hask8jpgTACTICAL MASTERY is picked over Seize The Day because you'll always be able to spot a Red character, and although Seize The Day works with SEIZING TERRITORY, it would be yet another combo that would have to be set up. Some would prefer to run both of the above, which then makes your deck more of a speedy trick deck, but likely less potent defensively. I prefer the more conservative approach.

Sometimes, all that's needed to present lethal to an opponent's character can be a Tactical Mastery focusing an Iden Versio 2 Focus into 4 or more damage. It's really that simple! Well ... sometimes.
Iden hask9jpg
Most of your action cheating should lead to burst damage and both REACH THE STARS and FOCUSED FIRE are great at facilitating this. The combo is expensive if you run all three cards: Tactical Mastery into Reach The Stars into Focused Fire, but normally only two are required, which can be set up using nothing but the starting resources. IF you play on your own Battlefield, Military Camp, AND you control it, then any parts of that combo should in most instances lead to something being annihilated. Simply due to the danger of the combo sitting in your hand, your opponent cannot allow himself any complacency. He will have to remove dice proactively. There's a cute little game within the game at stake here.

Probably one of the best Red Villain cards in the game. It excels at protecting your dice and now also at protecting your supports. Don't get overzealous with your Probe. Keep it back until your opponent has played one or more cards from their hand. Probing into a full hand is often the worst possible strategy. Keep an eye out for your opponent's discard pile to check how many events there are left.

Iden hask10jpgA SINISTER PEACE is great at removing high value die sides, and although there are plenty of good Specials around that you can't remove, it still has excellent value. Sacrificing a card in hand to avoid a huge hit or curb your opponent's ramp is more often than not a relatively cheap price to pay.

It's really a double-edged sword. I still lean towards it because it's free and can get you out of nasty spots. You'll normally be using it on an opponent's best die, which means that at least it's likely to get worse, and it's great at splitting base damage sides from modified damage sides.

MEASURE FOR MEASURE is fast becoming a stable removal card for Red decks. Trading your worst die for an opponent's best die is really good. It can easily be set up if you have access to Gideon Hask's Power Action. Get a Trooper die in the pool immediately and you are ready for business.Iden hask11jpg NEAR MISS is brilliant as long as both characters are alive, dead any time after the defeat of one.

Removing two dice is great. Taking a hit of 3 damage not so great. It's great at removing attention from a focused down character, but you'll need to be careful about which dice to remove. Needless to say, but nonetheless, don't just carelessly throw it around removing whatever dice gets in the pool first.

As we are seeing a continued focus on and support of subtypes in Star Wars Destiny, MILITARY CAMP is fast becoming many players' favourite Battlefield. It allows for some indomitable starts where you flood the pool with dice, which puts your opponent on the defensive, possibly forcing him into spending resources on mitigation rather than upgrades/supports or risk taking a heavy beating to one of his characters!BF hask iden1jpgAdmittedly, Military Camp is by far the most efficient Battlefield for this deck and probably the one that 99% of Iden/Hask decks will be playing, but if you want to change up the pace of the deck and go heavy support, I mean HEAVY DUTY SUPPORT, like Superlaser Siege Cannon heavy, you might want to consider Theed Royal Palace. It's great with Gideon Hask's Power Action and allows you to ramp hard round 1. Chalmun's Cantina could be another bid for a Battlefield that would fit this deck well ... but you'll probably want to go with Military Camp. Yes. Take Military Camp.


HAND Hask iden ARTICLE2jpgYou want one piece of mitigation in your opening hand and preferably a 0cost. If you only draw a 1cost mitigation keep it nonetheless. You cannot afford to go into round 1 without any mitigation and you do not have any means to draw more cards. You'll also want to see one or two supports/upgrades. Conscript Squad and AT-RT are your preferred, but you can settle for an A300 Blaster. Ditch the Megablaster Troopers unless it is accompanied by a Logistics, the latter is good no matter what. I also like to keep hold of Probe to be able to maximise on my first round.

There are plenty of cards that you might want to consider running in this deck, but these are some that I'd recommend you looking at and deciding what style of deck you want to run and what feels the best for you.Iden hask12jpgIf you decide to go heavier on the supports it might be worth considering adding SEPARATIST EMBARGO to protect against Desperate Measures while in games where that card is not tucked away in your opponent's deck you can target other key cards.

SNIPER TEAM is definitely worth considering, although I find the 4 Ranged damage side unpayable, but it's cheap and is another Trooper die, which can potentially be rolled in twice with Gideon Hask's Power Action. It could replace the Imperial Officer if you want to be a tad more aggressive. You will need to find a way to finance it though.

VIGILANCE should always be considered, especially as the game is heavily featuring characters with multiple Focus sides. This can seriously put a dent into even the most well laid plans and can all but end an opponent's turn if played alongside a Probe to deplete your opponent's hand for cards that can be discarded to reroll his unresolvable dice.Hask 15jpg
You can choose to either supplement or replace your Probes with one or two COUNTERINTELLIGENCE. I personally prefer Probe, but Counterintelligence provides a more assured solution, even if only temporary. It's a dead card in your hand if Iden Versio dies unless you also play the Imperial Officer.

If the meta moves towards heavy upgrade decks, i.e. Jango, Mace Windu, etc. then DROP 'EM is a fantastic tech card. Unfortunately it only hits weapons, but it can really damage decks that rely on those to push damage through.


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