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The deck we are presenting today is part of a new deck analysis series at YOUR Destiny where we build, test and refine fun and inexpensive decks made to be played in INFINITE FORMAT events and in Community-centered events. Infinite is the format that in our opinion fits best community events (read our article here on why Infinite is the best format for new players) and we want to support it offering some fun, thematic and possibly inexpensive decks to build, try and offer to newer players for the event. These decks could also form a sort of "Resident Gauntlet" at your store/club, so that even prospecting players at their first event after a demo can have a deck to test their might.

In addition, some of these decks could be ideal as demo decks, as they offer a more complete play experience than the 20-cards starter decks.

Please bear in mind that these decks do not aim to be competitive but channel the theme and flavour of the game. Nevertheless, you could start from the presented "Tier Zero" list to build an inspired version that reveals to be very strong. We have also decided to include some noteworthy card options you might want to consider: every local meta is slightly different, so you might want to tailor your deck according to what your group is playing at the moment.

Build, Play, Test, Refine and WIN! Become a Tier Hero with our Infinite Deck Analysis Series: If you manage to win with this jank deck, then you are a HERO, dude!

Kabba bib1jpgJabba the Hutt is possibly one of the most iconic villains in the Star Wars universe. Many pages have been dedicated to Jabba and his scum cartel, revealing how important his persona was in the underground crime scene. Bib Fortuna - Jabba's butler - is possibly the most infamous Twi'lek ever presented to the fandom: Loyal and cold, he was the perfect hand of the Crime Lord!Jaba Bib2jpg
Jabba at the time of writing has had 3 incarnations in Star Wars Destiny. We are going to focus on JABBA THE HUT - RENOWNED GANGSTER, the second version of the Hutt cartel lord, paired with BIB FORTUNA - MAJORDOMO. Both characters are Yellow and have no direct damage sides, therefore we'll have to rely on some nasty tricks, upgrades and damage from hand to fulfill our winning condition.

The winning condition for this deck which we have aptly named: Special Delivery is  to eliminate your opponent's characters dealing as much Indirect damage as possible. This deck starts as a "thousand cuts" deck, steadily generating an avalanche of Indirect damage. While preparing your board state, the deck will inflict small but constant amounts of damage.Jabba bib3jpg
Then, using Jabba's inherent ability will deliver loads of Indirect damage to the opponent, using the insane amount of dice sides showing Special available to you. An initial version of this deck was presented to us by our good friend Ruben, a player known in the playgroup for thinking outside the box and proposing interesting deck ideas.

jabba bib deck listjpg

The synergy between JABBA2 and BIB FORTUNA is pretty obvious: they both rely on Specials to trigger their abilities. Jabba2 inflicts Indirect damage equal to the number of your Specials in the pool, while Bib allows you to roll one of Jabba's dice back into the pool for a possible third resolution.jabba bib4jpg
What you want to do is have as many Specials as possible in the pool to use with Jabba2's ability. Therefore, you need to keep him alive as long as possible! Closing the game with Bib alone will be difficult, really difficult - this is why your damage dealing abilities and weapons should go on him. In addition to dealing damage, this will obviously help removing some  unwanted attention from Jabba2.jabba bib5jpg
DOUBLE DOWN is fundamental for your plan: you can use it to have an additional copy of a particular upgrade with many special faces and/or pump your removal suite. After some testing, I've found that Electroshock, Cunning, V-1 Detonators, Take Flight, XS Light Freighter and On the Hunt are all suitable candidates for the third copy.

Having a look at the upgrade suite, you'll notice that the main common trait are the dice: all of them have a Special side, if not two! Rolling and rerolling dice is the main engine of your deck:
  1. Flood the board with dice,
  2. get Specials,
  3. Resolve with Jabba2 to deal damage.
Your plan at first glance can seem a little fragile, since most of your damage comes from a single source, but you should not underestimate the power of the secondary damage-dealing engine composed of: HUNTER INSTINCT, THERMAL DETONATORS and CUNNING.jabba bib7jpg
Originally i also thought about including Sonic Detonators from Convergence to the lot, but since this deck has to run pretty heavy on removal, the 3cost seems a bit prohibitive.jabba bib8jpg
You might want to consider adding a second copy of UNSCRUPULUOUS due to its 50% Specials, maybe removing 1 Cunning and 1 On the hunt, but this really depends on the deck tempo you find yourself more comfortable with. Crime Lord was one of the initial options considered for this deck - to have as much flavour as possible - but it proved to be not worth the investment. Our resource engine works pretty well with 3 XS Stock Light Freighter.

The XS STOCK LIGHT FREIGHTER is a fantastic underdog in this deck, fulfilling three roles:
  1. Fuel for the Jabba Engine with its 3 Special sides (making it a candidate for the third copy with Double Down).
  2. Damage dealer, with two Damage sides
  3. Action cheating and Resource engine, given the Ambush keyword and its special ability.
Using its Special allows you not only to load/take resources with this card, but also to cheat in your next play. Most of the times with the resources you've just obtained from it!jabba bib9jpg
Improvised Defense is pretty situational and its inclusion is considered mostly to deal with intense focusing decks. You could also consider having more than one copy of it, possibly sacrificing a 2cost upgrade. This really depends on your play style and the meta. Against aggro decks, too many upgrades will be hard to play once one of your characters goes down.

The events suite rotates around 2 main categories:
  1. Removal and
  2. Damage out of hand.
Because your deck is a bit slow and takes time to set up, you'll need as much mitigation as possible. Many of your removal cards have specific conditions to trigger the removal effect, but most of the conditions are worth to remove a black or high-value damage die.jabba bib10jpg
In Infinite Format the event suite is not rocket science, as the options across the many expansions offer a good array of useful events.jabba bib11jpg
Still, we've decided to focus on maximum variety of events rather than pure efficiency. The deck (like the others in this series) is built with fun and flexibility in mind. Extreme Hubris is in the deck as well for some additional flavour!jabba bib12jpgJabba Bib 13jpg

The Tech Cards of this deck are as already pointed out the XS Stock Light Freighter, Cunning and all the Ambush cards in general, allowing you to keep the pace of faster decks and letting you control the tempo of dice rolling and resolution to max out on the effects of the Specials.

Cunning in particular is the swiss knife of your deck, as it can be resolved as either Jabba's Special, Bib's Special or any damage-dealing Special in your deck. This is why the Detonators are particularly important! Cunning is an obvious consideration for a third copy (with Double Down), maybe sacrificing one Hunter Instinct or one Take Flight. Remember to test a few variations of this deck to understand what cards offer you the most consistency.

bib jabba battlefieldjpgThis deck originally was born with Emperor's Throne Room in mind for the obvious synergy with the Special sides of our dice. After some testing, we've realized that the main issue with Throne Room is that it has a claim ability. Therefore, we decided to switch to a battlefield that is criminally underplayed at the moment of writing: Chalmun's Cantina. With the tribal synergies introduced in the Legacies cycle and also supported in the new Convergence cycle, rerolling some extra dice could be handy.

HAND jabba bib ARTICLE2jpgWhat you want to see in the beginning is an upgrade - possibly Hunter Instinct or Cunning to be played on Bib to move the attention from Jabba and some low cost mitigation: He doesn't like You or Electroshock. To start your resource engine, an XS Stock Light Freighter should definitely be in your hand, with the objective of playing it late turn 1 or early turn 2.

The plan for the deck is pretty straightforward:
  • Play an upgrade (turn 1),
  • Resolve any resource sides and
  • Possibly inflict some damage (low priority though).
From round 2 - if not the end of round 1 - what you want to do is have an XS Stock Light Freighter on the table to ramp up your resource generation. First, roll out your characters to lure the opponent's removal on your dice, saving resources for supports and events. If you manage to start round 2 with 3+ resources and the option to play 1-2 XS Stock Light Freighters, your pace is bound to change: Your rounds are going to slow down, with Jabba and Bib activated at the least convenient time. Have the opponent waste removal on your supports and then avalanche them with 5+ damage every turn! Bib should always be rolled in close sequence to Jabba, so to use his Special in the same sequence, and resolve it follows - obviously, in an ideal game state and turn:
  • Resolve Jabba Special
  • Resolve Bib special to roll Jabba's die back into the pool
  • (Remember) that although you are allowed to resolve any number of Specials in the same action, you can only resolve the same die once in an action, so if you roll another Special, it cannot be resolved until next turn.
jabba bib14jpg

This deck list is also part of the ongoing "Budget Decks" series at YOUR Destiny where we are taking a look at decks built keeping also the wallet in mind! General criteria is to have a playable Infinite deck with interesting or quirky mechanics, built keeping the expense at minimum in terms of singles purchases.
Budget decksjpg

For a budget deck we generally consider Common and Uncommon cards evaluated as 0$ and we base our price estimate on the Chance Cube Price Watch Average Price. We also evaluate cards found in the current Starter Set(s) and Rivals Draft Set(s) as relatively inexpensive, although they might have a fairly high price when purchased as singles, i.e. Hidden Motive. This is simply due to the fact that we consider all of those sets as MUST HAVES (no matter your level or commitment of investment). The maximum cost of a deck that we consider a Budget Deck is 50$.

For those players looking into a relatively inexpensive, yet competitive Infinite Format deck for your Community Events and GQ preparation, this article might be a good starting point.

We do know that there are varying opinions on what is "inexpensive", "budget" or even "competitive", and while we acknowledge that the interest, possibility of purchase or ambition is different from player to player, we feel that the upper cap of 50$ is both adequate for being able to construct a competitive deck AND a relatively small investment to attend your events.


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