eJango/eDengar/AMN - Deck Analysis

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Hi, my name is Ben Sinnbeck and I'm the recent winner of Australia’s first Galactic Qualifier Trilogy event.  I’m generally a very competitive player placing 1st and 2nd in the last two Victorian Regional events but still always follow what I believe to be "the rule of cool".

I don’t know why but I’ve always had a strong need to play monocoloured and thematic(ish) decks even when guys at my local store think it’s fun to play Kylo2 just to get an advantage over me. Thankfully with the more recent sets that Fantasy Flight Games have released pushing for more monocoloured and thematic decks it is much easier to accomplish with better designed sets, thoughtfully costed characters, addition of subtype interaction, plots, etc.

One of my other self enforced restrictions was to only play villain decks and having one of each colour deck as my main decks. With two of my other main decks being Palpatine/Sly Moore and Phasma/Trooper, I spent quite a bit of time trying to build a mono yellow deck with characters like Enfys Nest, Dryden/Watto, etc. but besides being fun they were severely lacking something to give them a competitive edge.
dengar quotejpg

Once Jango Fett was spoiled I knew my yellow deck had to be Jango/Dengar (even though I was really keen to try him with Asajj Ventress and Fatal Blow). I have had a lot of success with Jango/Dengar locally and knew it was more than capable of taking down a big event, while I was also quite surprised I couldn’t find any similarly built decks on swdestinydb which I feel gave me an advantage at the Sydney GQ because nobody knew what to expect.

I like to think of the deck as pretty fair, it doesn’t have any blowout cards or sneaky tricks, but it does have damage and healing that is hard to calculate which adds up over time and also makes the deck super consistent.

Sydney GQjpg

This is a perfect example of a good Middle/Middle deck, where neither character seemed like an immediate threat and both were more than capable of finishing a game off by themselves with a couple of choice upgrades.jango dengar1jpg
DENGAR - RUTHLESS TRACKER was generally the first character to be targeted, his ability to deal 1 extra damage on activation initially seemed like more of a threat to many, even when some games would only last a few rounds.

Unfortunately for Dengar, he hasn’t seen much play and I feel like a lot of this is attributed to his dice sides seeming quite lacklustre, though when paired with ANY MEANS NECESSARY he can easily hit 5 damage per round quite consistently without any upgrades. People generally won’t waste events to remove his 2 damage dice while you still have a fully loaded Jango Fett waiting to be activated.
Jango analysis THUMBNAILjpg

JANGO FETT - ARMED TO THE TEETH is an absolute beast! Don’t be fooled by his mediocre dice and relatively low health, with two Bounty Hunter Masks, two Bacta Therapy and two Armour Plating (with the ability to recur Armour Plating with Enticing Reward if needed) he can have up to 31 health for an opponent to chew through. He also gains the same benefit from Any Means Necessary turning even a Blank character dice into 2 unblockable damage.

Jango’s ability to gain a resource the first time you play an equipment every round is also amazing, especially in a meta overrun by droids trying to C-3P0/R2-D2 Disrupt plays. It is extra useful when combined with the Downgrade - Bounties and his 2 Resource sides to help ramp some serious money. One of my favourite plays to take advantage of his ability is play Bounty Hunter Mask to gain a resource then play a Gauntlet Rockets before activating him.

Jango dengar3jpgThe hard thing about building a Bounty based deck is trying to find space for everything you want to run and creating the perfect balance of cards. For me including all 8 Bounties was super important as you really need 3 Bounties on an opponent's character to maximise the efficiency of other cards in the deck (including the plot). I tried including Bounty Board in my initial build but it just didn’t feel right and took up another card slot which is really important in a deck like this.jango dengar2jpg
While this deck can dish out a fair bit of “chip damage” and win games that way, the inclusion of GAUNTLET ROCKETS and PULSE CANNON really push its damage potential over the top. Gauntlet Rockets caught my opponent off guard quite a bit when they would use cards like Salt Flats to blank my die and I would just turn it back to the 3 Damage side with its effect. Pulse Cannon also won me a game after an opponent removed all my damage sides and I used its Power Action while it was showing a Disrupt side and proceed to hit 2 Ranged and 3 Ranged damage.jango dengar5jpg
ARMOR PLATING, BOUNTY HUNTER MASK and MANDALORIAN JETPACK all goes well together with Jango Fett's ability, as well as synergise with cards like Bacta Therapy. Having a Bounty Hunter Mask in your starting just feels good, gaining you a resource immediately and boosting Jango Fett's health.

The Mandalorian Jetpack Special is great at rerolling the Gauntlet Rocket die or it can serve as light mitigation on an opponent's die, while PROTECTIVE SUIT is good to remove unwanted downgrades like Mind Extraction and Target Acquired, etc. and can be played for free on Jango. In reality though, you could probably remove the Protective Suit altogether.jango dengar6jpg

This deck runs very light on mitigation for a few reasons, as mentioned earlier deck space is a premium and I felt the other cards included were much more important. Yellow mitigation for Trilogy format isn’t the best and I would generally get much more value out of BACTA THERAPHY early/mid game. Both ELECTROSHOCK and PREY UPON are pretty safe bets though, but since you have just 4 mitigation cards, you shouldn't just carelessly spend it.jango dengar7jpg
I was also expecting to run into some Ewok decks and I knew Droids were going to be more interested in resolving dice as resources or disrupts which I didn’t really mind.



jango dengar8jpgARMED TO THE TEETH is a hard pill to swallow, if you draw it early usually you have to try and hold onto it “just in case” which takes up a card in your hand each turn, otherwise you need to decide whether it is worth ditching upgrades early and miss out on their benefits. 90% of games I played Armed to the Teeth it was overkill, but it did save me in some games I would have otherwise lost.

The use of Unblockable damage from the Plot alongside the DX-2 Disruptor Blaster can make short work of low health characters relying on shields, Armour Plating and Riot Shields as well as Yoda based decks and ReyLo.

With two Bounty Hunters gracing your team Jabba's Palace can be an extremely disruptive Battlefield and help a bit with early resource gain. An alternative could be Nightsister Lair, which has the advantage of most likely only benefitting you.


There are many ways to play this deck and I don’t think there is really a wrong hand to keep, sometimes I started games with a 3 cost upgrade, Bounty Hunter Mask and just 1 Bounty for Dengar's after ability while other games I would keep 3 Bounties and draw into more (these were my favourite games as the look on your opponents face when you drop 4 Bounties round 1 and set up for the whole game is priceless.)


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