eKylo2/eDooku3 - Deck Analysis

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Those that know me will also know that I exclusively play mono-blue. After a bunch of unsuccessful hero decks I settled on these two villains for some hard-hitting, consistent sticks.Bluesjpg In this 3wide support-heavy meta you either need to have a lot of health or end the game before your opponent ramps. This deck goes for the latter: It kills you before you get your engine going.

KYLO REN, hated character in the Way of the Force meta, gives us 12 health and 50% damage sides. You probably won't be hitting with his ability more than once or twice a game, but those 2-4 extra damage really help. And the games where you are playing against another mono-color deck can net out 6-8 additional damage!kylo dooku1jpg
COUNT DOOKU is sneakily the star in this deck. His Power Action forces your opponent to remove a card from their hand. If played at the right time this can be devastating to support-heavy decks that rely on playing a lot of supports each turn. It also forces them to make a very hard decision each turn: keep removal or keep my supports?

The Disrupt and Discard sides are also great in the current meta, even if they are secondary sides, but IF you can disrupt your opponent's last resource they can't Power Action with Watto. If you can remove an opponent's last card from hand you have free rein to re-roll to lethal.

The upgrade suite here is fairly standard blue villain with the addition of COUNT DOOKU'S LIGHTSABER.kylo dooku2jpg
You should always be making your opponent discard one additional card unless you can snipe a character with the one damage. Combining this with his Power Action means getting them down to three cards in hand. Playing this turn 1 can be devastating!
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I didn't end up playing DARK COUNSEL the entire weekend. In the future I would either cut it or replace it with another copy of HEIRLOOM LIGHTSABER and/or DAGGER OF MORTIS. Speaking of, those two cards are primarily there for redeploy. Their sides aren't that much better than the 2 cost upgrades. And often times its better to save the additional resource for removal or to save up for a big No Mercy play.


kylo dooku4jpgDEFLECTING SLASH, DOUBT, and HIDDEN MOTIVE round out a pretty expected removal suite for blue villain.kylo dooku5jpg
DODGE was thrown in against the Captain Phasma matchup and the times I played it helped swing the game in my favor. I could see adding a second copy in the future if she continues to be so prominent in the meta.kylod dooku5jpg
A TALE OF TRAGEDY can turn a bad Kylo Ren roll into 4 damage for 1 resource. Don't forget that it can be used on your opponent's character dice! More than once I played that to blank both of Watto's die, often times after my opponent focused or re-rolled them.

This deck runs 27 blue cards so NO MERCY fits in quite nicely. It's almost always worth playing this to snipe a character before they resolve their die. It does pretty much end your turn though, so it has to be sequenced correctly.kylo dooku6jpg
Also, if you have it in hand going into the next round make sure you also have a resource to spare. There's nothing worse than Kylo Ren hitting his pay side and you only have two resources!


IT BINDS ALL THINGS helps with your ramp and rounds out the relatively expensive cards and upgrades.kylo dooku7jpg
STIFLE is a tricky card. It can completely shut down an opponent's turn when played correctly, but often times you will end up losing a resource (and the card) if your opponent can play a 0 cost event to get rid of it. Stifle is best played right before activating a character or after you've seen their hand. If they only have one piece of mitigation you are essentially paying one resource to remove it! Then you can roll out and do some damage without worrying about the die being taken off the board.

FLAMES OF THE PAST was easily the MVP of this deck. I would definitely recommend adding a second copy. Twice it got rid of BT-1 which helped swing a bad matchup against Doctor Aphra in my favor. And another time I took a Megablaster Troopers off the table at the beginning of round 2. You end up discarding your opponent's cards a lot between Dooku's ability, his Lightsaber, and a few Discard sides. This helps enable Flames of the Past for some really big, and unexpected, plays.kylo dooku8jpg
AS I HAVE FORSEEN helped Kylo get his activation ability off against the rainbow decks. More importantly, it allowed me to see if my opponent was running mitigation. If they weren't I was free to discard to re-roll until lethal on one or more of their characters.

There aren't many shields in the current meta but INTIMIDATE did some work this weekend. I would always try to mulligan for it and then choose my battlefield if I won the roll-off. Most players will drop both shields on their main character and I would remove them on my first action.


SALT FLATS enables some late-turn aggression by flipping Dooku's die to 2 Melee damage. It also enables some last-resort mitigation against die that can't be removed, like Watto. Just remember that Vader's Fist doesn't have a blank!

This deck plays faster than all of the 3wide decks currently out there so you are in control of the Battlefield more often than not.

My mulligan, in order of preference is: Count Dooku's Lightsaber (or another 2 cost upgrade), It Binds All Things, Intimidate, Doubt or Hidden Motive.HAND kylo dooku ARTICLE2jpg
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