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It has not been Christmas without some kind of miracle. That miracle in Destiny happened on December 8, when Mike Hill piloting eKylo2/eWullf took down the Ohio Regional 2018, to the surprise and, I guess, jubilation of players getting fed up with the domination of Thrawn/Snoke.kylo wullf2jpg
I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being pretty surprised myself. We have deliberately taken a step back from writing articles covering the Regionals Season, because we'd honestly be repeating ourselves ... A LOT! The dynamic duo of Thrawn/Snoke has already taken down 9 Regionals in the US as well as 2 Nationals in Europe (France and Czech Republic) after Across the Galaxy became tournament legal. Now, in the meantime the Holocron did arrive and shook up the competitive scene somewhat ... does it make this deck inherently better? Hmm ... not sure.

You can find Mike Hill aka Articero's own write up on swdestinydb as well as his match-ups for the day. Would it surprise you to hear that he went 3-1 against 4 Thrawn/Snoke decks (prior to the Holocron update) in a 47-man Regional event?! No? Okay ... it did surprise me!


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KYLO REN was one of my favourite characters in Destiny for quite some time. I also paired him with Snoke to take runner-up spot at the recent Nordics 2018, but he has felt somewhat out-of-place in the Across the Galaxy meta and although there has been attempts at making him work with Savage Opress, I'm not sure where he fits in once Snoke takes a nerf in the upcoming Holocron.

I'm still surprised at the character pairing with WULLF YULAREN, whom I by the way had no idea who was until googling him. I mean, it literally doesn't fit. Apart from the fact that the points fit, nothing else really does. And honestly, it looks like a horrible character pairing.

BUT ... the ability to remove mitigation from your opponent's hand, and the Wullf Power Action becomes increasingly stronger as the game progresses, reminiscent of Thrawn, can make for some turns with massive damage output from Kylo.

This is what Regional Champion Mike Hill wrote in his description of the deck on swdestinydb: quotejpg
Well ... the cat is out of the bag now, and we'll have to see how demanding the changes will be - and if it will stand the test of time - once the meta shifts and FAT Vehicles take over where Thrawn/Snoke left.

Kylo Ren certainly does have his work cut out for him since he will do most of the heavy lifting in this deck. He's your main damage dealer, well ONLY damage dealer, and needs Wullf to be as cooperative as possible to maximise his dice and keep your opponent honest by constantly disrupting his hand. If you can get that engine up and running, and it needs to run effortlessly in a game which looks to get shorter and shorter in terms of rounds played, you might just be able to edge out an opponent. The advantage of hand disruption is that you can actually force the game into more rounds by restricting your opponent's possibilities every round. Longer games, with less damage each round, benefits you because it makes Kylo's ability stronger (you get to use it more times). This is obviously only true if you also manage to reduce your opponent's damage output.

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Staple in blue Melee based decks and absolutely necessary in a deck with just 22hp across two characters.

CROSSGUARD LIGHTSABER is one of my favourite upgrades with Kylo Ren, the 1 damage dealt from playing it is great and you can live with the fact that it has just two Melee damage sides, although it does hurt at times with Lightsaber Throw. The Special can really come in handy if you get it in your opening hand and won the initiative roll off, in which case you basically took away the Shield advantage from your opponent!

LIGHTSABER PULL is basically a third Ancient Lightsaber or Crossguard Lightsaber. It allows you to either pull whichever saber you need or retrieve an Ancient Lightsaber used to heal! I'm often surprised not to see it included in more decks due to its versatility.Kylo Wullf8jpg
This is a difficult one right here. Choosing the Z6 Riot Control Baton over blue Redeploy staples such as Heirloom Lightsaber and Dagger of Mortis. You get a higher chance of hitting a damage side with the Riot Baton, but have a payside to deal with on top of the 2 Melee for 1 on Kylo as well as the 2 Discard for 1 on Wullf. You also can't target the Riot Baton with the Lightsaber Pull, while it has Redeploy on Wullf (as opposed to the Heirloom), although that shouldn't really matter as Kylo is certain to be the first target of your opponent. At the end of the day I guess it's down to a gut feeling as the numbers are so close.Kylo Wullf 9jpg
FORCE SPEEDS might have lost a bit of power due to a meta that has slowed down considerably, but can still be incredible to push through damage when needed.

It's so interesting to see how different players have different takes on various cards! Mike Hill, who skillfully piloted this deck to the top spot at a large Regionals writes in his own deck analysis:Kylo Wullf 10jpg
It's particularly interesting because I actually felt that Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid looked pretty sweet in the deck. And while I've been confused about a lot of stuff in the deck, this was one spot I could agree on. Vigilance on the other hand would be a fairly poor choice I think.

The real strength of the Seeker Droid is its cheap cost and ability to remove ANY card, so whatever you find to be the biggest threat, you can remove, whether mitigation, Hyperspace Jumps or heavy supports. It can also put considerable pressure on your opponent's mitigation forcing him into using it on the Seeker Droid die, or risk losing it, instead of your precious Kylo dice.

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DARK PRESENCE is an interesting card as it allows a 55% chance of removal (on a die your opponent choses), which is a higher probability that Hidden Motive on most dice, as long as Wullf Yularen is alive. It does look quite good here, although it can mess up your sequencing a bit as you'd probably want to activate Wullf first to disrupt your opponent's hand, while you need to hold him back to get the most out of his Discard sides in conjunction with Dark Presence. It does work on rerolls though. You will definitely want this in your starting hand.

The best roll on a Wullf activation will then be a Discard side AND a Focus side, which you have 22% chance of hitting outright, one Discard AND one Focus, allowing you to trigger the Dark Presence and maximise your dice afterwards!

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DOUBT is strong in any meta with Snoke decks lurking around! The ability to remove his sidekicks dice is important. That your opponent gets to resolve the die, unless it rolls a Blank, is irrelevant. The reverse is then true for metas full of Darth Vaders, and we will get there at some point, so be prepared to swap your mitigation around to accommodate for any given meta.

Hidden Motive is horrible against a wide range of decks, but is good against a few key cards. Ironically, it is really good against Kylo Ren - because of his dice overflowing with Melee sides - as well as Vader, but less good against dice with just two of the same symbol, like Snoke, Thrawn, Yoda, etc. On the other hand, you are not exactly spoiled for choices since you are running a pretty resource tight deck, so any 0 cost mitigation is welcome.

SOUND THE ALARM might become good again. It used to be one of the most used mitigation cards when 5dice villains were roaming freely, but has sort of fallen out of favor as decks have become reliant on Focuses to maximise dice. If you have the nerves to sit back and hope that your opponent falls into your trap and spends all his Focuses in one go, then it can be a massive blowout card. I do think that we are seeing quite a few quality dice around, i.e. Shadow Caster, Vader's Fist, Hailfire Droid Tank, etc. that don't mind taking a hit with a Sound the Alarm.Kylo Wullf4jpg
Apart from it being Spot Blue, it's a solid choice. It's a dead card when Kylo goes down, but it's likely that you'll be the same at that point, so I guess, why not.

None of your characters are expendable, but Wullf is the least valuable. I can see why this is a one-off. You can't afford to lose Wullf too early, but on the other hand it's great early game to shut your opponent down, whether to mitigate damage or stop resource ramping.

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I like the aggressive attitude of the deck and both CONFLICTED and LIGHTSABER THROW fits the bill nicely. Both are great with Kylo Ren and can put a lot of early pressure on your opponent. You can really maximise on your early game damage output. Conflicted deserves a lot more attention than it's getting these days.Kylo Wullf6jpg
QUESTIONED LOYALTY is obviously a card which is tailor made for Wullf Yularen. It's almost worthless without hand knowledge, but if all the pieces fit together it's pretty awesome, and works with the ID10 Seeker Droids as well. The fact that it's NOT restricted to a specific card type and costs 0 works in favor of it.

PROBE is great! In a deck where you have knowledge of your opponent's hand it's AMAZING! It can really annihilate a hand completely. Sequencing is important. Make sure you optimise your chances of getting the events out of your opponent's hand.

Theed bfjpgTHEED ROYAL PALACE is becoming a lot of players favourite Battlefield, including mine, it's incredibly strong, and the resource generation can be golden for decks that are struggling to find the right balance. It's superior to Moisture Farm and Dry Fields because it gives you resource during the round and not at the end of it.

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