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Built in the likeness of eYoda/eLeia and Millionaires (Yoda/Cassian/Anakin), and boasting a substantial 28-health, this original rainbow deck shines a light on Lor San Tekka and his potential to be the new go-to Mill support character of Convergence.

The original True Believer, alongside Leia and Anakin, complete this 3-wide Mill archetype and has remained undefeated as of writing this article at 13-0 in Sydney Australia, beating out the likes of Aphra/Grievous/Messenger, eLeia/eLando, and ePalp/eWatto, to name a few.

(Lor San Tekka)
"Oh the General? To me, she's Royalty!"


Lorsk 3wide 1jpgSince Convergence was spoiled and LOR SAN TEKKA came to light, everyone realised how he slotted perfectly into mill decks with his Discard and two Focus sides, and supplying an elite die for only 11 points! His Power Action, however, is what truly makes him shine. Returning any one of our mitigation cards (Pacify, Suppressive Fire, Hidden Motive, Easy Pickings – you name it!) means we have an opportunity to play additional mitigation that other decks have difficulty keeping up with. They might try and flood the pool with dice, but you'll just keep removing them!Lorsk 3wide 2jpg
In mirror-mill match-ups (against eLeia2/eLando - a popular mill deck these days), we can return key pieces of our game plan to our hand if we lose them to Discard from hand or deck.

LEIA ORGANA is a pivotal piece of the mill puzzle – she’s obviously good for our strategy, with a 2 Focus and a 2 Discard side. At one die, however, she isn’t as effective – but this hasn’t stopped most opponents targeting her first (probably due to the possible impact of her Power Action!).Lor San Tekka 3wide 6jpg
We want to use her Power Action often, especially on Lor San Tekka’s flexible 2 Focus when available (unless we need it to actually focus our other dice – it isn’t uncommon to use her Power Action on her own 2 Focus side)

ANAKIN SKYWALKER rounds out the team composition, introducing Yellow and access to Easy Pickings, as well as that sweet synergy with his Podracer – which is how we Discard from hand most games without the second Leia die.
Lor san tek 3wide 5jpgSTEALTHY & RIOT SHIELD
Living up to its name since it was introduced in Way of the Force, Stealthy went under the radar (it was honestly also pretty bad back then). In this deck, however, it replaces the Blue Hero staple: Force Meditation. Riot Shield also replaces the rotated-out Force Illusion to improve survivability. It isn’t hard to see the synergy when you put the two together: Stealthy’s Trooper subtype finally has a purpose!Lor san tek 3wide 7jpg
At first glance, Lore Hunter felt underwhelming – I want to discard my opponent's card; why would I give them more options in hand? Well, of the two cards you see, one could be a pivotal piece to their game plan (e.g. 0-0-0, BT-1 in an Aphra Droids deck or Entourage, Vader’s Fist, Megablaster Troopers in a 3wide Snoke), the other: a piece of removal that only targets damage, or a heal (think Crash Landing, or First Aid) – you give them a useless card, and throw away the other. You now also have partial hand knowledge. You can also use it on yourself if your opponent has no deck or very little cards remaining - remember you have Lor San Tekka's Power Action to try and sneak that card back into your hand.Lor San Tekka 3wide 8jpg
Aside from the single Discard side, Bartering plays two key roles:
  1. Provide an abundance of resources (it functionally has 3 Resource sides when adding the chance of hitting a base Resource side with Anakin), and
  2. Force your opponent to draw a card (to be discarded later).

Resistance Ring can also be a resource generator. Its ability to Discard a card when played is great, but its Special is where the MAGIC HAPPENS! Here's the best-case (and a very common) scenario:milling resistance ring no answerjpg
  1. Your opponent has 1 card left in hand, you play No Answer, discarding their last card and 3 more from their deck.
  2. Next action, chain Specials (possibly using the Lor San Tekka or Leia Focus sides) with Bartering and Resistance Ring to force them to draw a card.
  3. You gain a resource to then be spent on No Answer in your discard pile.
  4. You’ve now milled 8 cards in total. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Lor san tek 3wide 8jpgNothing really stands out here. You're using a very standard Blue/Yellow mitigation suite: EASY PICKINGS, HIDDEN MOTIVE, BEGUILE and PACIFY with SUPPRESSIVE FIRE thrown into the mix, providing plenty of options for dice removal.Lor san tek 3wide 9jpg
FIELD MEDIC completes the set and complements Resistance Ring well. Remember that with Lor San Tekka, any of these powerful removal tools can be used multiple times in a game. One card that didn’t quite make the cut is Entangle, which definitely has a place in this deck.Lor san tek 3wide 10jpg
Anakin Skywalker is squishy, and although he usually isn't the first target, it can feel bad to have 4 ‘Spot Yellowremoval cards that can't be used mid-to-late game and would all become invalid choices if selected with Lor San Tekka’s Power Action.

I don't really need to explain ANAKIN SKYWALKER'S PODRACER – it's been a staple in every mill deck since its release (it's a guaranteed discard from deck/hand as long as you resolve the die). Depending on the match-up, the Discard side isn't necessarily the only side you want: Disrupt against ramp, Shields for survivability against action-cheating or Indirect damage: Everything feels good to resolve. The fact that you can auto-focus is with Anakin means you always get what you need! There's an added START YOUR ENGINES to tutor for it and give you a third chance to find it early!Lor san tek 3wide 11jpg
SENATE CHAMBER is another powerful tool for mill! Its Power Action can force a reroll, stop a blowout, or guarantee Leia’s 2 Discard side. Its own die sides are definitely relevant, with Focus and a Discard to help finish the game when one of your characters are down.

This is still a point of contention – SALT FLATS is amazing first round to turn Leia's die to her 2 Discard. Otherwise it becomes soft mitigation against your opponent.Lor San Tekka battlefieldjpg
Against other slow decks (Aphra, Snoke, or other Support decks), there is a good chance you'll have the battlefield. Against aggressive/fast decks, it becomes a liability. There are some good points for the classic COMMAND CENTER as well as OCCUPIED CITY: If used against you, Lor San Tekka can reduce the effect. The choice is really yours.

To start, we need a 2-cost pieceStealthy, or preferably, Anakin Skywalker's Podracer (or Start Your Engines!). The earlier we get one of these in, the quicker the game will end.HAND Lor San Tekka ARTICLE2jpgA 1-cost upgrade is also important – Bartering is preferred, but Resistance Ring can assist with its Focus and Resource.

Grab yourself some 0-cost removal as well: Hidden Motive and Pacify. You can't go wrong with both in your starting hand. The last card depends on the match-up – Easy Pickings is a good choice if you’re unsure, as is Suppressive Fire. Otherise, Motivate against slower decks to increase your character Discard sides or grab an extra resource to set-up a board state for future turns.

This deck is my first original creation and I'm very proud of what it has accomplished thus far. I'm excited to see what it can do when the competitive season hits down under, but if you're in America/Europe, try it out and you won’t be disappointed.death star sydneyjpgShout out to the community in Sydney AustraliaDest Friends! A group of amazing players and awesome friends who regularly play test and speak their mind. I couldn't ask for a better group of Destiny players.

Special thank you to Claus and the team at YourDestiny.dk for reaching out – I thoroughly enjoy and use their resources to improve myself as a player, and to contributing with this article is an amazing opportunity.


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