eMace/ePadmé - Deck Analysis

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Mace Windu and Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator represent two of the most efficient midrange characters in the game. They both have consistent dice, high damage output, no pay sides, and abilities that add consistent value. But neither of them do anything inherently broken - together or alone - and thus we’ve seen them where these type of characters always seem to hover - around the Tier 1.5-2 range. They need either a partner who does broken things or a card package that does something broken - and since neither of them pair that great with the droids, we’re left trying to break them with cards. Thus, this deck is built entirely around trying to abuse Admiral.Mace Padme3jpg
The more I play with MACE WINDU the more I like him. His dice are very consistent with three 2 sides and a Resource side (especially when paired with Padmé, who turns his Focus side into another 2 damage side). His health appears low for his cost, but his Power Action makes him deceptively hard to kill - especially when paired with cards like Jedi Lightsaber, the shield wall he can put up is impressive. His Power Action also makes the Admiral play a lot more consistent - the 9 card reach and his ability to cycle through the deck vastly increase your odds of getting to your Admirals.mace padme2jpg
Turns out being able to resolve your dice as either Focus or Indirect damage is pretty good! PADMÉ AMIDALA is a known quantity at this point - low health for her cost, but the consistency her Focus provides combined with the ability to turn it around and use it for Indirect damage makes her a force to be reckoned with!

Mace padme5jpgThe heart of the upgrade package is the two cost upgrades with on-play effects. JEDI LIGHTSABER, TREASURED LIGHTSABER, QUICKSILVER BATON, and NIMAN MASTERY all have great on-play effects, and they can add a lot of value when pulled late in the round with Mace’s Power Action, even if both your characters are exhausted.Mace padme6jpg
This is one of the few advantages the saber package has right now, and I’m always trying to find room for as many of these as I can!

The next part of the upgrade package are the redeploy lightsabers. You may have looked at the deck list and thought there were a crazy amount of one-offs - turns out this is a little deceiving, as the four different redeploy weapons are essentially two sets of two redeploy weapons (three of them are unique, so I went for including four different upgrades rather than risk drawing into a second copy of a unique upgrade).mace padme7jpg
In any case, having enough redeploys is important, because resources need to be conserved for the Admiral plays. You just cannot afford to lose too many upgrade resources if a character dies, otherwise later Admiral plays will be unattainable or not impactful enough.

As has been stated, Admiral is the linchpin of this deck, providing the power play it needs to beat some of the other top tier decks. The opportunity for not one, but two resets means it can be the card that buries your opponent or the card that allows for a huge comeback. The key to playing this deck well is managing your resources and cards so that you are able to reset by round 3 at the latest.
hero droids set review THUMBNAILjpg

events mace padmejpgBecause saving resources for Admiral is so important, the removal package for this deck is heavy on 0 cost removal. HIDDEN MOTIVE, PACIFY and UPPER HAND are all just okay, but they give the deck options for slowing the opponent in the early game that don’t slow down your own game plan.mace padme8jpg
ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE also seems like a solid meta call right now, with R2-D2/C-3P0 and Aphra decks expected to be all over the place.
Mace padme9jpgAQUATA BREATHER and RIOT SHIELD are great in this deck, because they can be pulled with Mace’s Power Action (adding a shield when played on Mace). Aquata Breather adds a ton of value in the Aphra and Ewok matchups, and while Riot Shield is just okay, the ability to pull a defensive card from the top of your deck can be crucial for giving a character an extra round when they otherwise might have died. If either of these upgrades is pulled with Mace's Power Action they'll also be worth an additional Shield!mace padme11jpg
SUPPRESSIVE FIRE and JEDI MIND TRICK are one offs in this deck because of their huge upside in certain match-ups. Suppressive Fire isn’t amazing in the current meta, but it is huge against Vader and generally okay in other match-ups. Jedi Mind Trick is also not amazing right now (aggro droid lists never leave enough dice in the pool), but in certain moments it can be a complete game changer, and it has to be included if for no other reason than to make your opponent play around it.
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mace padme12jpgAdmiral is expensive, and part of being able to pull off the double reset play is generating enough resources. Red/Blue hero doesn’t have great options, but I’ve found LOGISTICS and CRACKDOWN to both be fairly good in this deck. YOU'RE IN COMMAND NOW is a great option for pulling the Admiral from your discard pile for cheaper, and I’ve thought about running two of these, but the threat of Separatist Embargo neutralizing four cards from my deck has made me hesitant.


amidala mace battlefieldjpgSALT FLATS is a great battlefield for a mid-range Leader decks like this one. It gives you the option to turn your Mace or Padmé dice to the sides you need, while also providing some defense if you need it. The only downside is that faster decks can turn it around on you, using it to Blank your dice in key moments. Theed Royal Palace is also a solid choice for this deck, as it can help you get the resources you need for Admiral.

You’re really looking for your resource generation cards (I’d keep up to two), so that you can get your ramp started quickly. Logistics is the best one, but it’s often pretty easy to trigger Crackdown’s condition round 1 as well.HAND Mace Padmejpg
You want at least one of your 0 cost removal options. The matchup dictates which option you most want to see in your opening hand and in addition to this also one of your 2 cost sabers to start the game. Jedi Lightsaber is my favorite for round 1, as it makes it tough for your opponent to target Mace and you can easily overwrite it with Mace’s Power Action if you want. But Treasured Lightsaber, Quicksilver Baton, and Niman Mastery are all great for round 1 as well!


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