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This deck is built on a similar pretense as Aphra/Executioners, a deck which succeeded in large part because Aphra excels against 2-wides while Executioners excel against 3-wides, giving it good match-ups across the board. In this deck, we have Padmé, whose high Indirect damage output can really wreck 2-wide decks, and Leia Organa - Boushh, whose Special provides serious wide damage and punishes 3-wide decks. This is the mother-daughter team we’ve all been waiting for!


PADMÉ AMIDALA - RESOLUTE SENATOR is the new hotness, and boy does she live up to the hype! Her die packs a serious punch at 14 points, with both a 2 Focus and a 3 Focus side. These sides help guarantee that you see your best sides (including those juicy Boushh Specials), and the fact that you can resolve them as Indirect damage as well means she can deal some serious damage herself. The flexibility of her Focus sides means she is not only one of the best 1st round characters in the game, but also one of the best closers in the game. She is also deadly with action cheating cards.

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LEIA ORGANA - BOUSHH, meanwhile, is one of those characters whose die isn’t the most consistent, but a super powerful die side gives her a high upside. And that Special is powerful! Doing wide damage consistently can really put a ton of pressure on wide decks (a 6 damage side is no joke!), and once you get a Villain card down it can be tough to pay her off. Because she only has 1 Special side, she really needs a sidekick with some Focus - and boy does Padmé come through BIG TIME in that regard!

padme leia12jpgThe deck has a couple of really hard hitting upgrades that you love to see early in the game: MOXIE and HANDHELD L-S1 CANNON. Moxie gives you another opportunity at a Leia Special, which can put an insane amount of pressure your opponent (especially 3-wides). Handheld Cannon, of course, is one of the best upgrades in the game, and is consistently resolved as 3 Indirect damage due to all the Focuses in this deck.

Failing either of those, you are looking for an early Villain card, making it more difficult for your opponent to pay off Leia, and while the Villain yellow upgrades that are available aren’t great, I still feel pretty comfortable with what I’ve chosen.padme leia4jpg
DONDERBUS BLASTER PISTOL is a nice two drop that helps speed up your round, which can be important. Because of all the focus in the deck, we aren’t really concerned about the +2 Ranged side, as the die will almost always end up being focused to the 2 Indirect or 1 Resource side. The downside is that you can’t play it on Padmé late - but Padmé really should be the target and is such a good closer on her own that this isn’t a huge deal.

UNDERHANDED TACTICS isn’t a great die, but has a really unique interaction in this deck. If you can resolve the Special side, you can use it to resolve Padme’s Focus into more Special sides - which you can then resolve. It’s sort of like a mini Impulsive play, and you can really catch your opponents with their pants down if they aren’t paying attention!

padme leia15jpg
GRIEVANCE STRIKER and REX'S BLASTER PISTOL round out the upgrade suite. Grievance Striker gives you a solid Redeploy option, while Rex’s Pistol gives you an opportunity for some spicy Seize the Day into Impulsive/Underhanded Tactics plays, and also just helps to maintain your speed, which is important because of the powerful battlefield this deck runs. If I had one complaint with the current list, it’s that there may be too many upgrades/supports - these two are the first on the chopping block, and can easily be cut if you want to go elsewhere.


is of course amazing with Padmé, and is a MUST include in any of her decks! While you can’t often play this round 1, it can be a great play in round 2-3, especially if your opponent pays off those Leia Specials early.

padme leia7jpgEASY PICKINGS
This one is a no brainer, one of the best removal cards in the game! The rise of Megablaster Troopers is actually great for Easy Pickings, as it means there are going to be a lot of dice with similar sides hitting the table.

One of the best removal cards in the game if your deck is fast. The downside is real, as it makes timing so important - there are some situations in which you just cannot play this card. This deck is fast though, and should be able to get away with using this. It becomes a no brainer when you consider Mean Streets, which eliminates the downside of this card.padme leia8jpg

In a deck with such low health pool, 20hp across two characters, the ability to heal your characters can make a huge difference. While First Aid can only be used on Padmé, she is definitely the more threatening finisher and thus really should be your opponents first target - in which case First Aid can be absolutely insane! These 3 cards are also great cards to use with Mean Streets.

This is a card we haven’t seen much of, but this is the perfect deck for it. For 2 resources it removes all of your opponent's dice showing damage, which would be really powerful if it didn’t also remove your own dice showing damage! In this deck, however, most of your powerful die sides aren’t actually showing damage, which really helps mitigate the downside of this card. Additionally, it is an amazing card with Mean Streets, since you take control of the battlefield before resolving the claim ability, meaning this card is always online if Mean Streets is the battlefield!padme leia9jpg
This card is just a solid piece of of 1 cost removal, as almost every deck will have at least 1 important card that isn’t Hero. And if Villain supports are as common as I think they could be, this card is always online to remove any of your opponents dice!

HASTY EXIT is just a solid piece of 0 cost mitigation in a fast deck (like this one)!


padme leia19jpgSEIZE THE DAY is just incredible in a deck with so many Focus sides, allowing you to Focus into bigger Focus into even BIGGER damage that can be resolved with the extra action. It also just helps to keep you ahead of your opponent, which is important in this deck.

IMPULSIVE has always been good with 2 Focus sides - it is INCREDIBLE with 3 Focus sides! It can help get around your opponent's removal, and push through damage before your opponent is ready.

padme leia17jpg
ACT OF CRUELTY is the final of the 5 villain cards included in this deck, this is just a solid add in any deck that deals indirect. 1 for 3 damage is no joke, and the discarding of cards can also be huge late in a game. If you’re looking for some resource generation, No Good to Me Dead is another great option in this slot.padme leia13jpg
I want to note here that both On the Mark and Target Acquired are great potential options in this deck, allowing you to focus Padmé’s damage. They just missed the cut for me, for a couple of reasons. The first is that, while focusing down a character is certainly good, it actually decreases Leia’s damage output, a downside in a deck that is seeking damage overload more than early kills. Additionally, because I wanted to abuse Mean Streets as much as possible, I slotted in extra removal events in slots that might otherwise have been taken by these cards.

If you want to add these cards to the deck, I would probably take out some combination of Rex’s Blaster Pistol, Grievance Striker and/or 1 of Padmé Amidala’s Royal Starship.

With the errata to Theed Royal Palace (and your character dice are worth WAY too much to sacrifice for a resource), we’re looking to see what battlefield takes over the mantel of most powerful: MEAN STREETS might be it!padme leia14jpg
If you have a Scoundrel, it can represent an insane amount of value, allowing you to save 1, 2, or even 3 resources late in the game. This is especially important in this deck, as you don’t have many dice you want to resolve for resources, leaving you with little left for mitigation. This battlefield can help you play powerful cards like First Aid and Flee the Scene without taking Resources round 1.

Snuff Out and Mend are both cards that can be very valuable late in the game if you are able to claim with a couple of tokens on Mean Streets. There is so much potential value provided by this Battlefield, that unless you are really worried about the opponent being faster than you I would always take this battlefield if you win the roll off.

HAND padme leia ARTICLE2jpgYou are looking for at least 1 upgrade in your starting hand, preferably Moxie, Handheld L-S1 Cannon, or one of the Villain Upgrades. Impulsive is a great card to have in your opening hand, and you want at least 1 removal option, preferable a couple: Flee the Scene is particularly great round 1 if you start on Mean Streets.


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