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Written by CLAUS STAAL

[EDIT: My first version of the article mistakenly said that Pinned Down was reprinted ... it's NOT ... BUHU] ... [Replace Pinned Down with 1 Unbreakable and 1 Mislead].

Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator has received a lot of attention since being spoiled as one of the last cards of Convergence. There were plenty of rumours regarding her though - and the rumours were mostly true.Padme yoda14jpg
I've been thoroughly conflicted regarding her and did at first play around with several 3wide decks, i.e. eTekka/Padme/L3-37, before deciding to go against my better judgement and try her out in a 2wide aggro construction. I've never really felt comfortable with 20hp aggro decks, and never played eYoda/eHondo (or eYoda/eLeia3) for that same reason, but the synergy between Amidala and the Royal Starship just looked juicy enough for me to try it out ... And well ... you know Armored Reinforcement has its own allure to it!rainbow lovejpg
The deck is obviously tested in an incomplete meta and while it has been fun to play, I've never felt completely comfortable playing it! Whether this is due to the deck itself or me moving out of my rainbow comfort zone is difficult to say.

*NOTE: The deck list says it's made for "Infinite", which is a lie, it's "Standard" constructed!


PADMÉ AMIDALA - RESOLUTE SENATOR is actually deceptively strong and her passive ability feels potentially broken. It effectively turns non-aggro dice into aggro dice, while at the same time protecting those dice against a plethora of removal cards that only affects dice showing damage! I find that last point to be pretty important.Padme yoda3jpg
It also effectively turns cards like SENATE CHAMBER and BB-8 into extremely versatile supports not to forget PADMÉ AMIDALA'S ROYAL SHIP, which suddenly makes its villain counterpart, Count Dooku's Solar Sailer, pale by comparison. We will return to the point of the Royal Starship in a minute.

Going full blown aggro with a character like Amidala is somewhat of a risk though, and most would probably have seen her the best suited for a 3wide character line-up, as I originally did myself, and while I'm definitely not dismissive of that approach, early testing seems to lend some merit to a 2wide aggro line-up using either CASSIAN ANDOR or YODA as a sidekick. Padmé really shouldn't play second fiddle to no one!
Padme yoda1jpg
There are obviously other characters that could pair up well with Padmé Amidala (with 16 points to spare), which could provide a much needed boost to the total health pool, but adding a plot just seems nice here, whether opting for Double Down, Armored Reinforcement or even Profitable Connection.

At the end of the day, the choice of partner for Amidala, for me at least, came down to the synergy between her and the Royal Starship. Putting Shields on Amidala (or any other Leader subtype) augments her effective health, which for a 2-3 round game, makes her a 12-13hp character, which in turn means getting the Royal Starship out ASAP is a priority!Padme yoda4jpg
We've already in plenty of articles lauded Armored Reinforcement as one of the strongest cards yet printed for Star Wars Destiny, nothing seems to slow it down, and in this deck it is as good as ever! It can bring Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship in play round 1, tutoring it from deck or discard pile, and immediately bumps your effective damage output significantly. With nothing but the Starship in play, you could potentially do a staggering 13 Indirect damage round 1!!amidala damagejpg
That's pretty outrageous for a deck with no "inherent" damage sides showing. The math is of course quite susceptible to change, and min-max freaks will be able to push the ceiling considerably ... and when Amidala dies you're reduced to a BIG FAT 0!

Getting the Starship out early also speeds up your rounds considerably, making claims much more likely, which is great if you play on Theed Royal Palace, as well as granting you access to several great mitigation cards.


Although the deck isn't a one-trick pony per se, it does have a lot invested in Padmé Amidala, feels and plays very much like putting all your eggs in one basket, and keeping her alive is definitely a priority here. On top of your extensive mitigation suite and possible Shield generation, I've also included both FIRST AID, MEND and PACIFY.Padme Yoda6jpg
First Aid makes it into the deck in place of Field Medic, and although only able to heal from a red character, potentially healing 4 damage in round 1 is just too good to miss out on. And Amidala is going to be the primary target anyways!

While Mend is expensive, the ability to heal 3 damage feels worth it. It can be a lifesaver midgame and the versatility of Pacify also means it makes it into the deck in place of Field Medic. Strong arguments could be made to go all in on the healing (adding another 2 copies of Field Medic), but pending more testing, this is probably where I want to be.

padme yoda7jpg
The deck needs upgrades that can deal damage independent of Amidala's passive ability and the HANDHELD L-S1 CANNON remains one of my favourite upgrades (even if the image is f*cked)! It hits like a truck and although the +3 Ranged damage side is a dead side unless you are lucky enough to combine it with one of your few base Ranged damage sides, it still offers enough power to be more than a good investment, while your deck has plenty of consistency to make it constantly threatening. The Handheld Cannon always goes on Yoda!

FORCE WAVE was included on a hunch. It's great against 3wide and can be just what you need to shift attention from Amidala to Yoda, although that's probably never going to happen. The Force Wave could also be replaced with another support, and I've considered including either an ARC-170 Starfighter (for the base damage sides to go with the Handheld Cannon) or even an A-Wing or Resistance Crait Speeder, both of which are cheap and offers strong synergies with the mod upgrades.Padme Yoda8jpg
The DORSAL TURRET doesn't look that strong in this deck, due to the severe lack of base damage sides, but it's a dirt cheap die and offers damage outside of Focus sides, which can be paramount to your ability to target down characters made soft by Indirect damage. It does become somewhat better from the fact that you are incredibly consistent.

TRIPLE LASER TURRET is just a monster. It protects your Royal Starship die, has two base damage sides and can put some work serious work in! It also works well in conjunction with a Handheld Cannon on Yoda.

I've been back and forth with the R2 ASTROMECH, but what really tipped it for me was the double Shield generation it offers when attached to the Royal Starship! Sure, it's 2 resources, but it gives you a terrific die (possibly also mod upgrade dice) in the pool twice and can make Amidala hard as nails.


Padme Yoda9jpg
I came to love BB-8 in the eYoda/HiredG/Gungan deck, and it looks pretty dope with Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship as well! I has 50% damage sides as long as Amidala is alive and resource sides to boot! You can resolve it twice one the round when it's played and it adds a great die with no Blanks to the pool! It also enables mitigation cards like Aerial Advantage and Outgun, both of which are outstanding!

I never thought SENATE CHAMBER would be any good, but the late dominance of eLeia2/eYoda taught me otherwise! It feels even better in this deck adding two pseudo damage sides as well as resource sides. The Power Action is great for turning your mod upgrade dice or finding the big Focus sides on either Amidala or her Starship.

SUPPRESSIVE FIRE is mitigation, but is listed here for ease of reference. It's stock has risen since rotation with many staple removal cards that would have been awesome in this deck, i.e. Force Illusion, Overconfidence and Defensive Position. You can always play it even if you don't have the resources to use it and it will never be dead in your hand!

You are running a huge event suite and most of it is mitigation, either healing as talked about earlier or removal. Your cost curve is a bit troublesome, and although Yoda as well as the Royal Starship, can generate quite a few bucks, you'd rather not be in a situation where you are forced to make those choices. cost curve padme yodajpg
It looks ok'ish at a glance, but it is deceptive because both Suppressive Fire and Outgun are denominated as 0 cost events, but Suppressive Fire is in reality a 1 cost removal card and Outgun between 1-3 resources, which then puts the curve (if Outgun is used to remove 3 dice) at an average of: 1.27 resources. Somewhat higher than I'd prefer it to be!

Mitigation does feel stronger with rotation though, as there's little action cheating, which means you'll more often than not have a chance to remove unwanted dice from the pool.

padme yoda11jpg
Both AERIAL ADVANTAGE and OUTGUN can be crazy good. I'm still in doubt whether Outgun is good enough to be a two-off with just 6 mod upgrades in the deck, but it breaks even on value as long as you spot 1 mod upgrade and is INCREDIBLE if you spot 3! Removing 3 dice often feels like functionally time walking your opponent!

I feel that Aerial Advantage is so good that there has to be one copy of it. You are not a super-fast deck, so you might have difficulty consistently claiming the battlefield, but with the Royal Starship in play you are not that far off the pace against most decks, and should at least be faster then 3wides!Padme Yoda12jpg
CHANNEL THE FORCE can potentially be amazing if you have both your characters alive, while it loses out to Beguile when either Amidala or Yoda is dead. I'm going to give it a chance though, and find some consolation in the fact that the Leader effect (Amidala) is weaker than the Jedi effect (Yoda) - AND it can be used on both your own and your opponent's dice!

I also included a single copy of PROPEL, and this finally feels like the right deck for it! It's superior to both Alter and Concentrate, if you can use all three effects, which you'll be able to most of the time, while it's basically equal in power level to the two aforementioned cards if you are only able to use two of three effects, which you should be able to do all the time! You can potentially hit 6 Indirect damage and 3 Ranged damage or 9 Indirect damage with this card (Amidala die, Royal Starship die and Triple Laser Turret/Handheld Cannon die) or use it combined for mitigation and damage!Padme yoda13jpg
HIDDEN MOTIVE and PACIFY are your 0cost mitigation cards, and while I'm not a fan of the odds given by Hidden Motive it still lowers your resource cost curve for mitigation cards, which is needed. I love the utility that Pacify offers and even considered including Unbreakable to take advantage of the potential Shield generation of the deck!

PINNED DOWN is unfortunately NOT reprinted, which I apparently in a moment of total insanity had led myself to believe!padme yoda15jpg
The last two mitigation cards should be 1 MISLEAD and 1 UNBREAKABLE. I'd love to include 2 Unbreakable, but don't dare to rely too heavily on the Shields staying on Amidala!


HAND padme yoda ARTICLE2jpgYou are looking for early cheap, preferably free, mitigation and a Mod Upgrade. I like to find BB-8 early, but it can also be a Dorsal Turret or even a Triple Laser Turret. I'd keep a First Aid in my hand in case Amidala takes some first round flak. Activate Yoda first to see what kind of money you'll be able to grab ... it can also be an option to take resources off the Royal Starship round 1.


I've been toying around with several lists ... and although the main bulk of the deck remains the same, the deck list presented in the beginning is far from done! I expect to try out several versions in the coming weeks! This deck list adds an ARC-170 Starfighter and a Laser Cannon, but plays a dangerous game with just one copy of Padmé Amidala's Royal Starfighter ... live life dangerously!Padme Yoda deck list2jpg

amidala yoda battlefieldjpg
As long as Theed Royal Palace remains broken I'll play it any day, but since it'll most like be fixed, yet to be seen how, I'd also consider Bendu's Lair, which actually has dope sides for this deck, while Obi-Wan's Hut can work out well although only Yoda can benefit from it (for free).


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