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I was looking for inspiration for a QGJ2 deck and stumbled across Rebel Troopers list on swdestinydb, and while he himself has written a short deck analysis and explaining some of the card choices, I thought I'd run a few tests with it and maybe tweak it a bit. The above list is Rebel Troopers original list, and I'll be adding my list at the end of the deck analysis.

One of the first things you'll notice is the almost absolute absence of mitigation cards. Your shields are your mitigation. I'm not entirely sure this is the way you want to go, but the logic is sound, although it does put some pressure on the performance of your dice (looking at you Rey!)

You need to play pretty smart though! If you find yourself at the receiving end of some bad dice rolls, you will have a mountain to climb. The original version of the deck feels very much like a trick deck - and if your tricks don't succeed ... well ... then you don't really have much!


QGJ deck1jpg
I've been really torn concerning Qui-Gon Jinn2. I actually think his die is pretty weak for a 14/18e character, but his ability can potentially make it INCREDIBLY broken. If he has 2 Shields, his die is effectively turned into:
QGJ deck2jpg
While 3 Shields boost his upgrade dice as well. The damage sides are fine with the boost from his ability, but I actually find his Shield sides and potentially 2 Resource side mouthwatering. That's where the gold is - a ramp potential that can turn him into a midrange monster. Keeping Shields on him for long enough to take advantage of the boosting character and/or upgrade dice might be where it becomes tricky!

This is where Rey comes into play. During the Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion meta, Rey was the go-to character for almost any hero deck. Her die was rubbish, still is, but her ability unrivaled in pure utility and power for midrange upgrade-based decks.

Getting additional actions after playing upgrades and outpacing your opponent was really where you wanted to be in those metas, but as the game changed and started favoring decks with longevity and quality on every single die, Rey's stock understandably enough plummeted.

Somehow, it does seem like the time is yet again ripe for bringing out Rey. Her cost, 9/12e, fits well in a number of line-ups, while various Plots give wriggle room, she has decent health and her ability still comes in pretty handy. While her die still SUCKS you might be able to get the best out of it with the right upgrade package. At a glance she slots in nicely with Qui-Gon Jinn2 ... and she rotates out of the game soon (it's now or never ... or infinite!).

When we first "discovered" DESTINY (the card) before Worlds 2018, and brought it as the 'YOUR Destiny tech' for Mike Gemme's awesome Reyla pairing, it really came as a revelation. Prior to that everyone had been leaning on It Binds All Things to ensure the ramp for monoblue hero decks. But It Binds All Things just didn't look solid enough. Not when considering the incredible ramp that can be gained from Destiny.

There are very few blue hero characters in the game that lend themselves as readily to Destiny plays as QGJ2. The only ones are actually Kit Fisto, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
And realistically, you're probably not going to use Mace Windu's dice for Destiny shenanigans. Kit Fisto could be interesting though, but that's for another deck analysis.

But augmented by Qui-Gon's ability his dice cannot be matched. He can do some INSANE Destiny plays:QGJ5jpg
Being able to go into round 2 with 7 dice in the pool can be a tough challenge for any opponent. You could even play some powerful Close Quarter Assaults if that's your game - although, I'm not sure that's the route you are interested in going. Even with lousy dice, a tooled up Rey can be quite a mouthful! Your speed then becomes essential from round 2 where you can start putting loads of dice in the pool and coupled with either extra actions due to Vibroknife/Holdout Blaster (when played on Rey) or Force Speed Specials even bypass mitigation. This deck can put out surprising amounts of damage and even tank quite hard courtesy of those HUUUUUGE Shield sides from Qui-Gon.

This can potentially be a hit or miss in this deck. It's damage sides are not impressive, and you don't benefit from Shields in the same way as Awakenings Qui-Gon does, but the Special can be destructive because you already generate so many Shields so easily. The upside is that IF QGJ has 3 Shields on him the sides are absolutely MONSTROUS! Despite this I'm still strongly considering swapping this one for another Redeploy upgrade.

REY'S LIGHTSABER has everything you need! 3 BIG damage sides, Redeploy and giving 2 Shields to Rey if played on her! It remains THE best weapon on any Rey character.

DAGGER OF MORTIS is brilliant! The ability is a 'before ability' which means that if Qui-Gon has 2 Shields before resolving (and an opponent's blue character has a Shield), you can steal a Shield for QGJ and resolve the Dagger of Mortis at +1 Melee damage. AWESOME!! Makes the Dagger of Mortis one of the most fearsome weapons around!QGJ Saberjpg
Likely to be THE MOST TALKED ABOUT upgrade in the Across the Galaxy set! Mostly due to the fact that it became the cause for the first 'emergency errata' in Destiny. Due to a mistake in the wording of the card, missing out on the vital 'THEN', it could combo up with Awakenings QGJ and Luke's Protection to create an infinite loop. If you missed out on all the drama, then check out our article!

In this deck though it looks fairly ordinary, but is still a solid choice.
ANCIENT LIGHTSABER remains one of the best blue weapon upgrades and will go a long way to keep a relatively fragile character pairing alive. Even if it doesn't look so weak with all the Shield generation. I'm going to miss this card once it rotates out!

Being able to go war with a QGJ with double Shoto Lightsabers is pretty scary! It has some pretty immense damage sides if attached to Qui-Gon and he manages to retain 3 Shields. It does feel a bit weaker in this deck due to the 4 Grey weapons, but should still be able to pull some weight.QGJ9jpg
FORCE SPEED, VIBROKNIFE and HOLDOUT BLASTER are your 'speed cards'. They can all provide action cheat and are all perfect on Rey. I know that the Holdout Blaster somehow looks out of place, and at times it can feel like it, but those 2 actions gained when played on Rey can be exactly what you need to resolve dice and find lethal damage on an opponent's character. And if the Holdout Blaster gets redeployed it can always be overwritten into a stronger 'finisher' (it's there for the action cheat though - don't be fooled into believing anything else!). An early Force Speed on Rey can be amazing!

BEGUILE is your only true mitigation card. It's super efficient because it affects multiple dice. It's always going to compete with Mind Trick for the same spot in the deck.

Whether to go with Caution or Pacify is tricky. Caution is probably the wiser choice simply due to Rey's unreliable dice and at least you are set to gain something from it. QGJ's dice are too strong for Pacify because you want the shields on him - even if Pacify has the upside of also being able to mitigate your opponent's dice.QGJ11jpg
LOTH-WOLF BOND, MY ALLY IS THE FORCE and SYNCHRONICITY are all tech cards that can be extremely powerful!

Being able to play a Vibroknife and then Loth-Wolf Bond to activate both your characters can be an extremely powerful surprise play. You can ramp (because of the ability of QGJ), find Shields to tank, deal damage or go crazy with Destiny plays.

One of my favorite out-of-hand damage cards and so easy to get off in this deck, which is flush with Shield and Melee sides! Unblockable damage remains as powerful as ever (at least until Force Illusion goes bye-bye).QGJ12jpg
HEIGHTENED AWARENESS looks pretty solid in this deck. An unshielded Qui-Gon can do some pretty nasty surprising stuff when he suddenly manages to put 3 Shields on AND has Ambush. There are loads of awesome plays available.

You like Shields - and Obi-Wan's Hut gives you shields. What's not to like?! Since you defense consists of tanking, you'll need as many shields as possible. You are also a pretty fast deck and can, if you want to, claim out pretty fast!

QGJ Rey deck listjpgAfter having tested the other version, I started working on this list, which is following a bit of a different design template. It has fewer tricks, but feels somewhat more solid. It has more mitigation and is much more of a regular midrange deck, yet is capable of making a few surprise moves. The one-offs have to be tested more and the deck streamlined.

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