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Written by CLAUS STAAL

This is the deck that Mads Utzon brought for Worlds 2019 and managed to squeeze into the top32 at the tournament (eventually losing to an Aphra Droids deck) that delved a Vader's Fist out round 1, two games in a row ... yeah ... we all know that story! Nonetheless, we felt the deck was strong enough to earn a spot in the YOUR Destiny Gauntlet, and while it has plenty of weaknesses (we'll look into those in this article), it still feels incredibly strong against most decks.

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The deck is very reminiscent of the Satine Droids deck piloted by Mads to the top4 at the European Championship 2019, and although the arrival of the new(est) Holocron required a bit of tweaking, the shell is very much the same, while the basic philosophy hasn't changed a bit: Harvest resources early and overpower your opponent with dice! Easy-Peasy!

... Well ... losing the broken combo of R2-D2, C-3P0 and Fateful Companion does modify that story quite a bit - and it isn't as easy-peasy as it sounds ... but you kinda guessed that already, right?!

NOTE: This deck analysis has several parts copied straight from the original Satine Droids article.

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At just 8/10e points Satine is really a bargain. She comes with a soft focus courtesy of her ability, while boasting double Focus sides and double Resource sides, and if locked in a damage race her 2 Indirect damage side can come in quite handy as well. These things combined actually makes Satine a quite decent finisher with okay'ish health and she can easily with nothing but a Handheld L-S1 Cannon or a Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle end a game by her own lonesome self ... obviously a few powerful supports helps tremendously.

LOR SAN TEKKA has always felt like an underappreciated character ... I mean, I was pretty dismissive of him at first, and while he might be an acquired taste, he does look to fit nicely into a number of decks and his Power Action is a powerful tool to keep your deck as consistent as possible. You can either pick up mitigation to boost your defensive capabilities, ramp cards to overpower your opponent with an endless amount of dice or simply pick up a card to discard-to-reroll. Getting used to utilising his Power Action to the fullest does take some practice, but once you hit the stride, you'll love him ... guaranteed.

Collectively, between Satine and Lor San Tekka, you have EIGHT Focus sides on FOUR dice, which means that with just a single reroll you should be never have trouble finding the sides you need!

The GUNGAN WARRIOR completes that sweet rainbow feeling, while his die can be crucial for the first rounds to give an extra resource using either Theed Royal Palace or just focusing into the Resource side, while his two damage sides can come in pretty handy as well. The Gungan is also perfect to set up the Into The Garbage Chute to prevent getting a character spiked early, and his 6 health can be used to soak up Indirect damage if you are in for a brawl.

Back when ARMORED REINFORCEMENT was first introduced to the game and gave birth to terrifying FAT Vehicle decks, we wrote almost weekly articles both praising and/or cursing the power of the card. And while not much has changed about the card itself the meta just didn't developed favourably for FAT Vehicle decks and the 3 points for the plot became difficult to justify as strong character pairings as well as powerful supports that weren't vehicles, i.e. the Scoundrel package (and the Unholy Trinity for villains), gained popularity.

In a vacuum though it remains one of the best cards in the game, if not THE best as it combines a powerful tutor with a discount to whatever you are tutoring for AND on top of that lets you play it immediately from either hand OR discard pile! CRAZY!
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Armored Reinforcement has several targets in the deck dependent on the match-up. When playing against decks that doesn't include DESPERATE MEASURES, which then is any non-yellow villain deck, you'll want to harvest resources to pull the MILLENNIUM FALCON and add the ESCAPE CRAFT, while you'll probably want to get a RESISTANCE CRAIT SPEEDER if your opponent has access to Desperate Measures.

Alright, let's address the BIG FAT UGLY elephant in the room: DESPERATE MEASURES!

Whenever there's a Desperate Measures (DM) around you are facing a serious challenge ... and as easy as those of your match-ups that does not involve an opponent blowing up your precious supports can be, just as hard they'll be when you have to start playing around it.
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Losing an investment, whether it's as significant as the Falcon or as small as a Crait Resistance Speeder, can set you back enough to force you to fight from behind. Some hero support decks have opted to include Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder to try and a snuff out those DM's, but many of the decks that utilise DM also includes Counterintelligence as well as Probe making the Scruffys way less reliable and the better option might simply be to:
  1. Spike the yellow character that enables the DM, fast!
  2. Play around the DM by baiting your opponent with smaller supports.
  3. Go dirty with your upgrades.
None of these strategies are optimal, but if you want to play this deck, you'll need to master more than your main strategy.

Satine11jpgCHEWBACCA'S BLASTER RIFLE and HANDHELD L-S1 CANNON are both some of the best weapons in the game. They are safe from Desperate Measures and both represent incredible value! Plenty of damage sides on both weapons and they allow you to spike damage on an opponent's characters early. If you hit you resource sides or ramp cards early, you could even threaten to take down a character as early as round 1, and while unlikely, it's definitely a secondary strategy that could be considered when you are barred from your main strategy of tutoring an early Millennium Falcon.

Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle didn't receive a lot of love when it was initially spoiled, but it sure does now. Being able to resolve the Blaster die twice, and with plenty of Focus sides in the deck, it can blast holes the size of a Siege Cannon, making the initial 3 resource cost seem almost ridiculous.

While villains have access to the indomitable Unholy Trinity, the purer Scoundrel Package although clearly a step down in quality, adds its own intriguing subgame within the game itself.Satine droids2jpg
It starts with ENTOURAGE, most likely the most versatile and powerful support currently available across factions. It boasts three damage sides, a 2 Resource side and well ... a 2 Disrupt side, which I honestly have never seen anyone use unless left with no other option even though I wouldn't dismiss it entirely if used to hold your opponent's ramp dice captive. The tutor effect of Entourage is what really makes it shine though (and makes it an option against DM, although it's still going to hurt - a lot - losing it before getting to resolve the die)! Being able to find any Scoundrel card in your deck after you play Entourage does not only replace it, but also ensures that you can stack scoundrel supports. Even if you start the round with nothing but a single Entourage it can totally spiral out of control and escalate your board state. Two Entourage and a FICKLE MERCENARIES or HIRED MUSCLE is a start that few opponents will be able to recover from.

The Entourage Special can be worth as much as 5 damage in your deck, although you'll likely have to settle for less, unless your opponent also brings Fickle Mercenaries to the board.Satine droids2 deckjpg
The FICKLE MERCENARIES game is such an amazing add to Star Wars Destiny. The race to ensure that you'll manage to keep control of the Fickle Mercenaries throughout a round, not only protecting your investment, but also benefiting from its potent die, is easily one of the most skill intensive parts of this game. Eternal shame on the player who plays a Fickle Mercenaries just to have it stolen by his opponent and gets hammered by it in return!

If you are better at harvesting resources than your opponent, or able to hamstringing theirs, it is often better to leave your Fickle Mercenaries ready and use it later. If your opponent buys it, simply buy it back! The MOST IMPORTANT THING is to be the player who gets to resolve the die. As long as your opponent does not activate the Fickle Mercenaries there's no harm in letting them take control of it! If your opponent spends all his resources on buying your Fickles then he's not doing much else that round anyways! Just be sure to play the Fickle Mercenaries when you are ahead on resources to ensure you'll win the FICKLE GAME!
Skill Intesivejpg

was for a long time the litter of the runt in the Scoundrel Package, and while that's probably still true, it really shines in this deck! Even if all the sides are paysides, which hurts, it is still just 1 resource and can go a long way in enabling you to spike enough damage to take down a character round 1 and it helps boost the Entourage Special! Another bonus is that the die is extremely difficult to remove with Hidden Motive and even Forsaken has 50% chance of being useless against it.

There was a time when the RESISTANCE CRAIT SPEEDER was one of the finest supports you could put in your deck and while it's being outshone by other fancier toys it is still pretty damn good! The ability to add a damage token, albeit just once unless you play Rose, makes it easily recoup the original investment. Hitting the Resource side on the round you play it is just pure gold, while putting 3 Ranged damage into a character round 1 can easily add up to lethal damage! With 50% damage sides it is one of my favourite hero vehicles and two of those, add in a couple of Handheld Cannons, can be the simple foundation you need to build a win!

Satine Supports4jpg
The MILLENNIUM FALCON in beautiful synergy with the ESCAPE CRAFT is potentially one of the most broken vehicles in the game. While we used to praise Entourage for being so powerful because it can almost pay for itself (and on top of that replace itself), the Millennium Falcon does EXACTLY that! You can in fact make a net profit of 2 resources from it ... which isn't that hard to do in a deck rife with Focus sides. Your initial investment of 5 resources (if played using Armored Reinforcement) can avalanche into a sick boardstate of a Falcon w/Escape Craft, two Entourage and a Fickle Mercenary or Hired Muscle ... and it isn't that complicated ... you just need a single Entourage in hand and the ability to reach 5 resources!

In any game where you are not at risk of losing the Falcon, you should aim to get it into play as early as possible. Once it hits the table you are immediately putting yourself in a dominant position to take home that game.
Satine Supports5jpg

R2-D2 can seem like an odd include, but in a deck where you often increase your hand size from the discard pile courtesy of Lor San Tekka's Power Action, being able to dig deeper into the deck can be incredibly potent. The auto focus from the Special is nice to have, but that extra card from the deck is just amazing!

The N-1 STARFIGHTER serves a dual role as a defense against FAT Vehicles, potentially tipping the mirror-match (or near mirror) in your favour while also being able to reset your own Falcon for some absolutely massive rounds of efficiency.


Satine Supports3jpg
The original Satine Droids deck used Renewed Purpose to give that sweet OP Ancestral Recall feeling to the deck, but due to you not spotting a plot once you use the Armored Reinforcement, STRONG INTUITION is the next best thing, and the sacrifice is actually minimal as Lor San Tekka can potentially bring back the card you discarded and as a minimum ensure you retain the increased hand size. It doesn't feel as necessary to have the extra card draw due to Armored Reinforcement giving you more options to off-set bad draws, but can be powerful in games where you are forced to play around Desperate Measures giving you the possibility of digging deep into your deck for more (cheaper) supports.

Satine droids6jpgELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE is definitely a meta call, but should be a pretty safe bet as the top tier decks are rife with Droid dice. It's a strong 0cost mitigation card that will almost always pay off to have in your hand.

HIDDEN MOTIVE should almost always have 33% chance of removing a die and higher to soft mitigate, but, and I'm aware that some disagree, I do prefer PACIFY for its versatility and as heroes are not spoiled for choices when it comes to 0cost mitigation, this feels like it is as good as it gets. Also note, that this deck doesn't run any healing cards, which can make the ability to shield up your own characters pretty clutch at times.
Satine Supports6jpg

is currently in a weird spot! On one hand it is easily one of the best mitigation cards in the game, but it also feels like lots of decks have ways to play around Easy Pickings. Maybe the fear of an Easy Pickings is in fact the best kind of mitigation ... forcing your opponent into suboptimal plays to avoid it.

Because you are running a Gungan Warrior, you also have a cheap target for INTO THE GARBAGE CHUTE, and that card can be massive at times. It can be multi-die removal or simply remove one powerful damage side.

Satine Supports7jpg
This deck has to work harder for its resources than was the case with the original Satine Droids deck, which in turn has necessitated the inclusion of several ramp cards to make sure that you can put maximum pressure on your opponent in the first rounds. You are aiming for 5-7 resources round 1, enabling you to play minimum two supports/upgrades as well as at least one mitigation card.

While LOGISTICS require you to spot a Red character, it's rarely a problem though as few opponents will be going after the Gungan, which in turn means that WELL-CONNECTED is a bit more tricky as Satine Kryze is often the first target for your opponent. The decision to do a 2:1 between these cards reflects this.

MOBILIZE is great in your starting hand as you'll almost always be guaranteed to be able to play it.

There are really no other realistic Battlefield choice than THEED ROYAL PALACE. It converts bad dice into resources and that's the commodity you chase in the first round. You have a pretty decent shot at winning the Battlefield roll-off against most decks, even with double Blanks on the Gungan. I guess that there could be some arguments for using SALT FLATS with Satine being a leader, but that'd be a long shot.satine battlefieldjpg


HAND Satine Supports ARTICLE2jpgYour ideal starting hand really depends very much on the match-up, but generally, you'll want to see an early ramp card, preferably Mobilize or Logistics, while a Strong Intuition can be great a great start as well.

There are several good mitigation cards to hit, but 0cost mitigation is always great, while finding an Easy Pickings in some match-ups, i.e. against ReyLo, 4-LOM Supports, etc., can be pretty crucial.

I like to have an Entourage and a Handheld L-S1 Cannon just to give me options if I'm not digging for the Falcon (due to facing down a Desperate Measures), but the benefit of running Armored Reinforcement is that it gives you both a deck AND mulligan advantage. While you normally look for key cards in your starting hand, whether it's upgrades, mitigation or supports, AR always gives you options, even when your mulligan has been a b*tch. You'll never be immune to bad draws, but the ability to pull a vehicle from your deck obviously has a huge impact on your early game.

If you want to stay with the original Satine Droids pairings, but like the list and addition of Armored Reinforcement, I'd recommend that you go with Joe Colon aka HonestlySarcastc's list that he took to the top64 at Worlds 2019. He did a write-up of the list on The Hyperloops' website!
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