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This deck is a reworked version of the deck that was originally made by Miguel Villaroya and Arturo Martínez-Insua, one of our first deck analyses for the Across the Galaxy meta (see the deck list below):Beckett deck listjpg
Not a lot has changed, but the few changes are quite important additions and we felt that it was worth updating the deck analysis to reflect those changes! The sections that have remained the same compared to our previous analysis have been directly copied, so be prepared for a bit of repeat if you've already gone through that one.

The current iteration of the deck was used by one of our patrons Jamie Davenport in some test games that we recorded for our patrons, and I really liked the "new" approach to the deck. Is this the final version? Most likely not. Also, I've seen this popularised in many different versions, but they all seem to gravitate around the same core!

The template of this deck is very similar to eTalzin/eVersio, which can run either Blockade, Profitable Connections or Armored Reinforcement for different strategic possibilities.

TOBIAS BECKETT'S Special works like this:
  1. Take 1 resource from an opponent.
  2. If (after having taken 1 resource from your opponent) that opponent has no resources, gain 1 resource.
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Beckett's Power Action is full of abusive possibilities, and the deck due to the combination of several cards and effects ramps much harder than you'd imagine!

Not much can be said about MOTHER TALZIN which has not already been said. She might only be 9 health, but she packs so much value. Even though your deck construction is limited, she is nuts when the deck is built right, and this one feels that way.

Talzin's ability to turn dice consistently (you play 2 even costed cards) is amazing, and enables plays that you'd normally have to work hard to get. Beckett is activated first, then Talzin to see which dice needs fixing.

This card has always been bonkers! Starting the game with 3 resources is bananas! It allows you to play your 3 cost upgrades, or a 1 cost upgrade and still have plenty of resources left for tricks. In this deck, with the right starting hand, it's even more broken!

Beckett Talzin1jpg
The ENERGY BOW is the "new" DH-17 and although lacking the 2 Ranged for 1 resource, it has a really strong die which can easily be fixed by Talzin if needed and has the potential to become a favorite for villain ranged decks, and generally looks strong in any version of Talzin/x decks.

MANDALORIAN VAMBRACES are an interesting choice in this spot, but provides one of the few 1cost upgrades that can be added. It has decent sides, no Blanks, while the action ability is not really relevant.

I'm pretty sure it's a mistake not to use Force Illusion in this deck and that one should probably be included for some proactive mitigation options.

FORCE THROW is obviously a meta call in a bid to counter eVader/Greedo, FAT Vehicles and Vader's Fist, while a different meta, i.e. one predominantly 3wide character teams might call for the inclusion of Force Wave instead. As it is now, the Force Throw looks like a solid choice and can put some massive pressure on your opponent's mitigation if you can get the die in the pool before your opponent gets to activate.Beckett Talzin2jpg
TOBIAS BECKETT'S RIFLE has INSANE value in this deck. You can play it round 1 due to Profitable Connections, and IF played as the first action of the game (or at least before your opponent spends 2 or more resources) it is effectively similar to having started the game with an additional plot: Blockade. It's pretty dope! On top of that, playing a Beckett's Rifle sets you up for some nasty Beckett Special abuse immediately! The rifle is one of your mulligan targets!


This deck tries to get a VADER'S FIST, alternatively a PIRATE SPEEDER TANK, out round 1. There are several ways to facilitate that play, one of which is DELVE:Beckett Talzin4jpg
If you start with the combo of Delve and either Vader's Fist or Pirate Speeder Tank, you can immediately get it out round 1 due to Profitable Connections. A round 1 Vader's Fist might just win you the game. That's how powerful it is.

Another option that also doesn't require any die rolls is: Play TRUCE and use the Ambush action to trigger Beckett's Power Action, next turn play Vader's Fist.Beckett Talzin5jpg
Your opponent will know what you're up to immediately, but playing Truce before using Beckett's Power Action doesn't leave you vulnerable to Friends in Low Places. Your opponent can still use Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder to discard the Fist, but at least you are not vulnerable to both with that sequencing. Also, just be aware that with this play you just gave your opponent 2 resources, which is also going to boost his own boardstate.

I'd like to see at least one other target for Delve, most likely a second copy of the Pirate Speeder Tank. The Delve combo is good, but no so good as to leave a Delve with no target sitting in your starting hand. If you don't draw the accompanying support, mulligan the Delve out and dig deeper for the Fist.

beckett talzin 7jpgYou run a large mitigation suite including some really big hitters. Affording all your mitigation as well as paysides on Tobias Beckett and the Vader's Fist means you'll need to plan your turns carefully as to have resources for all the shenanigans you want to do! You do no run any zero cost mitigation, but can also count on your Battlefield to help you out (and RIFT VALLEY really does shine in this deck)!Talzin Beckettjpg
Most of the 1cost mitigation are staple, but I think that FEEL YOUR ANGER is definitely a qualitative call. I've started getting annoyed with it and would probably prefer a 1:1 split between Feel Your Anger and TRIPLE THREAT and add 2 Force Illusions to the deck. (NOTE: You can reroll both yours and your opponent's dice with Triple Threat).

Depending on your own meta, you might want to keep both Feel Your Anger and do a 1:1 split with DEFLECT and Triple Threat.Beckett Talzin 8jpg
Both REVERSAL and IN THE CROSSHAIRS are pretty expensive, and while this deck is good at making resources, these are only really viable once you have your boardstate set up, but represents HUGE swings. Unfortunately Reversal actually "removes a die" rather than resolves a die (as opposed to a card like Double-Cross), which makes it less effective against Darth Vader and Fat Vehicles with Triple Laser Turrets.


Beckett Talzin 11jpgWITCH MAGICK ... well ... it's magic(k)! You consistently heal 2-3 damage with it.

TRUCE  as already talked about is pretty dope in this deck! Sure, you give your opponent a resource, but if you have a Beckett Special showing you can use the Ambush action to take that resource, then get another resource because your opponent now has no resources! Your Truce just netted you a total of 3 resources! If you also happen to have a Tobias Beckett's Rifle Special lying around, well ... then ...

And of course Truce is handy in the instances where you need to resolve the 3 Ranged damage on Beckett's die or the Rifle and is resource strapped.


HAND Beckett Talzin FIST ARTICLE2jpg
DO NOT go all in on the Delve/Vader's Fist combo, it's awesome if you get it, but it's unlikely. You need to prepare for the worst. Getting a Vader's Fist is more important than the combo itself. I'd actually always keep the Overconfidence if drawing into it in your initial draw since most players focus down Talzin first so getting the Spot blue cards out of your deck is good. I usually mulligan all other mitigation out of my hand - especially the 3cost!

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